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Can Love Be Perfect. Episode 3

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I walked into the company with high class trending and all the workers bowed for me
“Morning ma’am Vanessa”they all greeted me

I just waved at them and moved straight to the CEO office
“Is the bald man inside?”I asked as I jerked the door to his office opened

He hissed without looking up at me
“And what is Mrs Fighter doing here?”he asked me

I laughed sarcastically
“I’m here for your dry bone,mister Baldwin”I said and kicked off the chair he’s sitting on as it crumbled to the floor

He screamed
“Hey Vanessa”he said with scaring eyes

I folded my hands
“I was your model for good thirteen years and I’ve always been faithful even rejected all other offer from all modelling company but just because I said NO to the offer of dating your ugly pumpkin son,you dare fire me?”I asked so flaring up

He stood up
“And so f**king what,Vanessa?”he asked me

I nodded
“Oh yeah right”I said smiling

I tore the letter concerning my firing from the company and flapped it to his eyes
“Go To Hell,Bald Win”I said

He hissed
“You’re fired,Vanessa Cyrus”he said

I pushed him to the floor
“No Bald man”I said and

Held his tie collar’s
“I QUIT”I said and stormed away from the office

He smiled evilly
“You won’t reach the top without me,Vanessa”he said

I smiled in my mind as I walked away so high
“You don’t know you’ve reach the bottom by sacking me,Baldwin”I said laughing evilly

Immediately I reached outside,I dialed some numbers connecting them all
”I’ve been sacked from Baldwin Model Company so will you sponsor me at home on Verney’s City?”I asked all the supporters that was in the company cause of ME

They chuckled
”We’ll for sure cos it you rocking all way”they said together as if they practised the words

I inhaled deeply
”Thanks so wait for the best in Verney’s City, Miss Vanessa Cyrus”they said and hanged up the call

I smiled happily
“Time to go back home,Vanessa Cyrus”I said and moved to the road flagging down a taxi

When I heard a voice calling me desperately
“Don’t go,Vanessa!”I turned seeing Mr Baldwin sweating profusely as he ran towards me

But it too late as I entered the taxi and he drove me straight to my mansion

I packed everything that I needed and sighed deeply
“Bye to everything here in Tokyo”I said sighing sadly

I moved out of the house and entered the taxi back
“To Tokyo’s airport”I said to him

Soon,I was sleeping soundly in the airplane as it took flight and soon,was so high up in the sky

I looked out of the airplane
“Welcome ME home,dad and mom with brother”I said smiling to myself in the mirror

I didn’t knew when I slept off when someone tapped me
“You’re home,ma’am”I opened my eyes and smiled

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At the stewardess
“Thanks beauty”I said and stood up

I looked out and saw that…
“It late in the evening”I said looking round

I sat on a long stairs as people walked up and down,to and fro on the steps and moved on different directions

I put my hands on the stairs and looked up to the shinning stars
“Am home again,Stars”I said blinking my eyes

I stood up and pulled my suitcase along when a car parked at a petrol station
“Oh my gosh!”I said exclaiming looking at the guy

I quickly flagged down a taxi and tapped the taximan
“Follow that posh car”I said

He nodded
“Okay ma’am”he said

The posh car moved straight to the road and I followed as it parked in front of a club house
“Oh my another gosh, who corrupt my kid brother?”I asked looking round when

I saw…
“Oh Fred huh?”I asked as another guy came out of another posh car

I got down too
“Thanks man”I said and walked away when the

Taximan pulled me
“My money”he said

I pouted cutely
“Can’t you let go of it,Hans?”I asked blinking repeatedly

He twisted my arms
“Did I look like someone you can dupe,young miss?”he asked

I screamed even tho I didn’t felt any pain
“Oh he’s rough handling me!”I said feigning tears

One of the bouncers at the door moved to us and kicked him hard on the groin
“How dare you do that to a pretty lady?”he asked and kicked him again

Before he could turned to me,I’m already inside the club
“Oh kid brother!”I said moving towards him

I tapped him
“Hi Hans!”I said giving my best smile

He looked at me so irritatingly
“You look like an old woman”he said to me

I smirked
“He’s still a jerk”I said in my head

He walked away
“What a ugly woman”he said

I sat down
“Did that voice just sound like Mr Baldwin’s!”I said and smiled

He walked away and I followed as he pushed his driver away and drove off
“Still hate ladies and also,a jerk guy”I said and walked back inside

I looked at Fred
“Have to deal with the guy that spoil my brother”I said and cracked my fist

I moved to the dancing floor
“F**k off,Bi***hes!”I said changing my eyes

They quickly scurried away
“What a devil’s lady”they all muttered

Fred turned to me
“Who the hell are you,miss?”he asked me

I looked at him
“Do I know too,mister?”I asked

He rubbed his hair
“You just spoil my party mood”he said

I laughed
“And gonna spoil your freaking body too”I said and dragged him out

None see us as it so dark and I pulled him out of the club house to the corner of the place
“Hey Fred ,why did you turn my brother to a club house huh?”I asked fuming and

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Almost kicked him
“An innocent man!”I said looking into his eyes

He gasped
“Vanessa?”he asked standing up to my height and

“He’s taller than me”I said looking at him

He hugged me so tight
“Aunty Vanessa”he said hugging me

I kicked him angrily
“I always told you not to call me that freaking aunty”I said and pushed him away

He jumped up like a boy giving a lollipop
“I miss you so much,aunty Vanessa”he said

I quickly took my bag and hurried away
“He’s calling me that again”I said and hide behind a block

I saw him rushing after me and I hide as he ran past me then I took another route immediately and soon..
“Oh gosh,it raining”I said hissing

I ran with all my might when I bumped into a girl
“Look where you’re going girl”I said slapping her butt

She turned to me swiftly
“Look where you’re going too,old woman”she said sharply

I laughed so loud
“I’m the most beautiful lady and model in the whole Tokyo’s”I said proudly

She bowed repeatedly
“Yes yes yes ma’am”she said then busted out laughing.

I put down my luggage’s
“First time seeing someone that challenge me straightforward!”I said and started running after her and

She ran round the pole
“Are you mad,miss?”she asked me

I scratched my head and rubbed my dress
“Yes I’m,girl”I said and chased her

She hissed
“Stop calling me girl”she said

I laughed
“Sorry ma’am”I said

She chuckled
“That’s worse”she said facing me

I stayed still
“Can I sleep with you still tomorrow pls,girl I mean ma’am?”I asked her

She winked at me
“Let’s go”she said smiling

She held my hands and pulled my suitcase along the torrent as we both used our shoes to splashed water on ourselves

I screamed
“Dirty girl”I said

She laughed
“Freaking old woman”she said

We both laughed and hurried down the narrow and soon,

She knocked on a door
“Hello families”she said screaming

I slapped her throat
“Do you wanna block my ears?”I asked her

She laughed and soon,the door opened revealing a

Beautiful woman in her prime
“Oh daughter”she said hugging the girl

She hugged her too
“Oh mother”she said and

“Is dad home and how’s grandparents?”she asked

I slapped her butt
“One at a time,girl”I said to her

Her mother turned to me
“Who’s she?”she asked looking at me

The girl held her mom’s hands
“She’s a friend, mom”she said and holding my hands,she pulled me inside like a lost kid who’s scare of entering home after a long day and also,pulled her mom too

We entered and I saw not so old man,an old woman and man sitting round a burning fire
“Welcome,Crystal”they said greeting her

She pecked them all
“Welhome,family”she said happily

She took a stool and gave it to me
“Warm yourself a little,sis”she said to me and hurried inside the kitchen

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They all faced me
“Hello miss”they said

I smiled
“Hi hi guys”I said and slapped my mouth

Then bowed
“Hi ma’am and sirs”I said and

They laughed
“Oh,foreign lady”they said and

I laughed
“Form Tokyo”I said

They chatted with me so long and I can see they’re truly jovial and warmhearted as they talked on and on with me as if they knew me for so long and soon..

Crystal tapped the table
“Dinner ready,dears”she said

Her granny pulled me to the table
“Let’s eat,Beauty”she said smiling

I smiled happily
“And now,granny have a sharp eyes unlike that little girl over there”I said pointing at Crystal who stuck her tongue out at me and we all laughed

They ate the food with joy despite being small and talked all through with happiness unlike our large Rich’s home where we dare not cough not to talk of talking when eating and it always a large quantities of food and differ ones

We ate finished and shared the grace happily

Her dad faced me
“I hope you can manage with your girl”he said pointing at

Crystal who nodded
“Sure dad”she said packing the plates

Her mom smiled
“Gudnite,beauty”she said helping

Granny up
“Sleep well,dear”she said

Her dad helped grandpa up
“Be careful of her”he said and

Grandpa nodded
“She can snore for whole Verney’s city”he said as they all moved up

I turned to her
“Really Crystal?”I asked

She waved her hands
“Not true,sis”she said and

I laughed looking at her
“You’re the best,dear”I said

She felt happy
“Thanks”she said

We both washed the plates and soon,we moved into her room and she helped me with my load to one corner and spread the tiny bed
“Here sis”she said pulling me to the bed

I pulled her
“Let’s sleep”I said cuddling her

She laughed
“I think you’re the great snorer”she said

I just chuckled and cuddled her close remembering when dad and mom travelled and I’ve to cuddled Xavier to sleep every night and it has become a habit:either cuddling pillow or cuddle myself

Soon,I slept off peacefully as I’m so tired from the long journey especially from the stress of the bald man

And truly,I do envy their simple life and lovely family as they all cherish and care for each other despite being poor and needful

But for me,I’ll say thanks to them
and even that

It all ends in total joy and sleeping soundly in a dear girl’s room