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Can Love Be Perfect. Episode 30

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I want to walked away when I turned back
“It not a wasted effort buddy,check the form they all filled on your website OK”I said and moved On


He screamed after me
“That’s nice friend”he said laughing
Brenda smiled
“Your girl spoilt the show but you get it all set back,such fitting couple”she said
Sandra scoffed
“How can a stupid guy fit a crazy girl?”she asked and they all laughed loud
I ran after ..
“Hey Crystal!”I said calling to her
She turned to me
“What’s up,buddy?”she asked
I laughed
“What’s up with you,crazy?”I asked
She leaned on my car
“That’s the first style I got from school”she said
I faced her
“The teacher or the students?”I asked
She looked away
“From a mad thug and her followers”she said
I held her checking her all over
“Hope you’re okay,Crystal?”I asked
She pulled herself away
“Hey what’s wrong with you,Xavi?”she asked
I hit my head
“I do heard there’s always a bully gang in school so I thought they hurt you”I said so worried
She scoffed
“Who is Crystal King?”she asked and
Matched round me
“She’s someone born and breed with craziness so they dare not or they’ll feel the death’s wrath”she said so proudly
I smirked
“Oh yea yeah”I said and


“Crystal King is not normal at all”I said and
She high five me
“Got it,Xavi”she said and we laughed
She entered my car
“Take me home,Xavier”she said
I entered too
“I’ve a business party to attend now so we’re going together”I said happily
She slapped my hands
“Don’t dare do that cos I’ve a lot of assignment to do”she said
I sighed
“Oh yea,Crystal King is now a student huh”I said and helped her
Do the seat belt
“But still,she’s going to the party with me”I said and drove off
She nodded
“Thanks the star that my class teacher is a mad person”she said and
Turned to me
“He fit beat anyone that stop us from doing our work so you’re a goner,Xavi”she said and sat right
I smiled and looked at her as I drive
“Crazy woman”I said smiling
I drove to a nearby shop and got down
“Hey Crystal”I said looking at her
Then came to her side
“She’s sleeping so beautifully”I said looking at her
I pecked her head and moved inside the boutique
“Pls give me a dazzling black gown with red stilettos and black purse”I said to them
The salesgirl moved to me
“Which size sir?”she asked me
I hit my head
“Oh yes”I said
And faced her
“Help me check the girl in my car”I said
She walked out and soon return
“No one in your car sir”she said to me
I laughed
“My car is the red sport car,miss”I said
She nodded
“You’re a great customer here so I do knew all of your cars sir and no one is inside”she said to me
I rushed outside checking my car but…
“Oh gosh,that crazy girl fool me huh”I said angrily
Not seeing her not her schoolbag
“What a crazy girl”I said and
Hit the car

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“Just can’t know her or her craziness at all”I said almost crying
I leaned my head on the car trying to keep the tears from flowing cos it really pained me to the marrow not seeing her and even so hurtful
I sniffed in
“I really wanna spend today with her”I said and
Sighed heavily
“I missed her so damn much”I said cleaning the invisible tears and hitting my chest so hard when
Someone leaned on me
“Are you through,mister?”I turned as the voice hit my eardrums and
I can’t say..
“How joyful and glad I’m”I said looking at
Crystal who laughed
“Oops crybaby,you thought I left huh”she said laughing crazily
I nodded like agama lizard
“Yes and I felt like…”I said halfway when
She hit my chest playfully
“Like crying huh”she said and
Hit me again
“Oh Xavi,you’re a grownup man”she said jumping up when
I caught her and hugged her
“When it comes to you,Crystal”I said and
Sighed deeply
“I’m so just a little baby”I said smelling her scent


She pushed me away
“Stop smelling me”she said
I gasped
“Did I?”I asked looking away
She nodded
“Yes you did and it unhygienic”she said
I folded my hands
“Unhygienic?”I asked not understanding
She moved to my side,stood on her toes and whispered
“I didn’t bath today”she said and
I screamed


“Holy Jesus”I said and
She hissed
“Yea right,only Jesus is Holy”she said and
Pointed at me
“Not Xavier Cyrus”she said and pushed me away


I smiled as I pulled her inside the boutique and turned her to face the salesgirl
“Gown of her size and the shoes too”I said winking at her
She blushed
“Okay Sir”she said and rushed away when
Crystal stepped on my toes
“How dare you flirt with her?”she asked and moved out
I ran after her
“I’m not flirting with her huh”I said
She rolled her eyes
“Oh sawry,she’s just blushing for nothing then”she said and entered the car
I smiled
“So crazy Crystal do get jealous”I said feeling happy
Getting jealous means she do loves me much and don’t wanna lose me to anyone
“Oh Lord!”I said as I felt butterfly in my Belle
Someone tapped me
“Here sir”I turned seeing the salesgirl and
Quickly moved away from her
“Oh thanks”I said and spread my hand far giving her the
And turned looking away
“Be quick”I said and entered my car
She rushed away and soon cane out
“Here sir”she said stretching the card to me
I eyed her
“Give it to my girl”I said and
Crystal turned to her
“Bring it miss”she said snatching it from her and
Eyed me
“Will you drive,Mister?”she said and leaned on the car’s seat closing her eyes
I laughed
“Truly basketful of craziness”I said laughing
I drove off as the salesgirl wondered what wrong with us as we’re behaving strangely to her
I just faced the road and soon,parked at the party’s place
“We’re there”I said
She pushed me out
“Don’t watch an innocent girl get dress”she said pushing me out roughly that
I almost fell
“Hey”I said when
Someone moved to me
“Are you okay, Xavier?”I turned and
“Hi sir Ken”I said shaking him
He smiled
“Hi Xavier”he said to me
His wife smiled too
“Long time,Xavier”she said
I nodded
“Yes,so long a time ma’am”I said
They walked away and many businessmen and women came to my side greeting me
“Do come inside huh”they said to me
I just smiled
“I’ll soon”I said forcing a smile while
Deep down .
“What is she still dressing huh?”I asked peering through the mirror when like
Magic,the car’s window was wind down and she put her two fingers in my eyes
“Pervert”she said and got down
I almost screamed
“That hurt,crazy”I said rubbing my teary eyes
She came to my side
“Peering at me do hurt too so it 1-1″she said hissing
Some guys came to my side
“Hey Buddy”they said
I smiled
“Hi guys”I said shaking them all
They all eyed Crystal
“Who’s she?”they asked me
I hissed
“Any problem?”I asked
One scoffed
“This is my girlfriend Cherry and she’s the minister’s daughter”he said and
The lady smiled
“Hi Xavier”she said
Another tapped me
“Mine is Clara,the Valent Bank manager’s daughter”he said
They all introduce their ladies and they’re all daughters of high society men and I turned to see
Crystal looking away then smiled
“Hey Player and crush”she said waving and
I traced her hands
“Oh Fred and Sandra”I said smiling
Fred came close with Sandra beside her and he almost ran away
“The crazy girl here!”he said exclaiming
Sandra scoffed
“Oh shit”she said
One of the guy turned to them
“Hey Fred and Sandra”he greeted
They shook him
“Hey Jay”they said and
He turned to them
“You know this girl?”he asked pointing at
Crystal who slapped his hands away
“Use mouth to talk not hands,gnome”she said hissing
He flared uo
“Who are you?”he asked and
Turned to us
“Who’s she?”he asked
Other guys nodded
“She’s just nobody”they all chorused
I felt like hitting them at once
“She’s my girl so shut the f***king shit up,sillies”I said angrily
Crystal moved to them
“In case you don’t know me,search for Crystal King,the crazy queen”she said and walked away while
I finally hit Jay before following her
“Hey Crazy”I said running after her
She held her gown and ran away hurriedly while I followed her quickly cos it late in the night already
“Don’t follow me,Xavier”she said and
I’m very sure..
“You’re crying,Crystal”I said pulling her back
She slapped my hands away
“Don’t touch me”she said crying
I held her again
“I’m so sorry pls”I said
She sighed
“It not your fault but mine”she said and
Pushed me away
“I hate myself so much,Xavi”she said crying bitterly
I turned her to face me
“Why Crystal?”I asked and
Held her cheeks
“Is it cause of those slime pigs?”I asked
She shook her head
“It cos of ME; Crystal King”she said hitting her chest
I sighed
“I don’t think anything is wrong with you,dearie”I said and
“They’re the stupid ones”I said
And faced her
“So why hating yourself cos of those slime pigs huh?”I asked when
She slapped my hands again
“It all cos of you that I hate myself, Xavier Cyrus”she said crying again
I gasped
“ME!”I said exclaiming
She cleaned her eyes
“Yes,YOU XAVIER CYRUS”she said shouting on me
I felt so small
“Why honey?”I asked still not understand
She smiled sadly
“Before huh,I do love the little world I lived in:poor parents,abnormal grandparents, small cottage,illiterate self,dirty work and even the crazy ME and POOREST ME”she said and
Pointed at me
“But meeting you Xavier Cyrus made me hate them all”she said and
Moved a little bit away from me
“I hate my world of nothing,world of being nobody,world of craziness,world of..”she stopped halfway as she bent down crying bitterly
I sighed and held her bringing her to stood up
“Who cares about that cos that not the reason why I love you,crazy girl?”I said and
She smiled
“Yes right,my Hans Xavier don’t care but all the people in Xavier’s wealthy and wide world hate it even it disgusting to them so this Love can’t be real”she said and
Walked away
“This Love has been cut off and trample on by the high society men”she said crying
I rushes to her front
“All the love in this world that’s so true and real all have flaws,they’re not perfect at all”I said and
Kneeled down
“And ours just have to be flaws of the high society men so I don’t care about such”I said pleading
She shook her head
“Thanks for everything Xavier but I don’t think I can endure anything that’ll make me hate anyone apart from.myself”she said and
“Cos of you,I hate not only myself but my mechanic dad,my trader mom,my disable grandpa and my crazy grandma(she laugh crazily) who I inherited the craziness from and in their midst all is ME; the crazy illiterate girl”she said and
Turned to me
“I can’t hate them cos they’re the one who make my small world so great so pls,stay far away from me”she said walking fast away when
Tears rolled down my eyes endlessly
“What about me,Crystal?”I asked and she turned to
Faced me
“Am I not in your small world too as the stupid guy who fell into trance cos of a pepper powder?”I asked and
She laughed
“You’re my stupid guy but you’re also the cause of all my hatred of this small world”she said and continue walking away again
I cried
“I wanna ask a question,Crystal”I said and
She turned to me
“A stupid question right just as you’re stupid,Xavi”she said
I nodded
“Yes stupid question and it is…”I said and
Beat my chest repeatedly
Tears rolled down our eyes endlessly as she looked at me straight in the eyes and I looked straight in the eyes too as we hear the beat of our heart going thump thump thump in a sounding n echoing way when
Her face turned so weak as she sighed heavily before taking to her heels running blindly across the road and I gave hot chase….