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Can Love Be Perfect. Episode 5

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I walked inside the storehouse and gasped
“The wine here is not much again!”I said angrily as I looked at the empty cellars

I walked round all the cellars but there are few wines there
“What’s Jeff doing all this while huh?”I asked checking the place

I walked out and moved to the waiters
“Where’s Jeff?”I asked them

They all bowed
“He’s at his office”they chorused

I frowned
“One of you should call him for me”I said and walked majestically into my office

Yes dears,I’m Mrs Rosa Cyrus and a big time business woman selling different kind of wines and no one dares not know Rosalie’s Wine Company

And oh yes,as you see I’m Mrs which means I’m a married woman to the great business man in Verney’s city which is Crux Cyrus who always travelled in and out for my own wines and for his own companies which one is been managed by our son which is second born and the first born which is a girl is…

Let’s just forget about her for now

But dears,no one will know am married or have two children cos I’m still in my sweet sixteen…Believes ME!

I sat down in my chair in the office and twirled round facing the curtain when the door opened
“What have you been doing since,Jeff?”I asked turning my chair to faced him but

Gasped immediately I sees the person
“Vanessa”I said and bit my lips

Oh sorry dears,you know I said we should forget about my daughter but let’s go back to it

She have been like thirteen or more years in Tokyo as a trending model for one Mr Baldwin and we called,begged even visited for her to come back home but she insisted in staying even ever in Tokyo so you all should know how shocking I’m that she’s back in Verney’s city

I stood up
“How come you’re back here,Vanessa?”I asked

She folded her arms
“Is that the right word to use as my mother,Mrs Rosa?”she asked turning to me

I rushed to her side
“How are you since all this while,daughter?”I asked

She scoffed and walked round my office
“So now you just know the right questions,mom”she said and faced me

I held my waist
“Did we try enough for you by calling,begging even visited you to bring you back home but you didn’t follow us at all huh?”I asked

She just looked on at me and I hissed
“We try all possible ways but you stay glue to that your silly modelling stuffs when your father’s company is there even mine but you didn’t even bulge”I said glaring hard at her

Tears dropped from her eyes
“Did you even ask me the f***ing WHY I didn’t bulge,mom?”she asked pointing at me

I walked closed to her
“So what’s the f***ing WHY you didn’t bulge to follow us,dear daughter?”I asked fiercely

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She laughed and clapped her hands
“It seems I’m the one that’s putting words in your mouth mom”she said and

Moved to the door
“When you find the right word,look for me Mom”she said and stormed out

I rushed after her
“Stay put,Vanessa!”I said screaming

She turned to looked at me
“Why should I mom cos I was like a lost daughter but yiu didn’t put enough effort especially you as a my mother to to bring me back home but you all leave me be over there”she said and entered the lift

She faced me as tears dropped endlessly from her eyes
“Do the right thing,mommy”she said

As the lift is about to close,I bit my lips
“I missed you so much,darling”I said sighing

She shook her head
“Too late”she said and the lift closed up

I leaned on the wall
“What’s the reason,dear daughter?”I asked as tears formed on my eyes

Someone walked to my side
“I’m here,ma’am”I looked up and

Almost slapped the person
“What’s the f***ing WHY that the storehouse is so damn empty,Jeff?”I asked angrily

He bowed
“The containers is arriving today so it’ll be full up soon”he said

I felt like pouring all my anger on him but just held it in
“Go away”I said and entered my office then slammed the door shut

I sat so weakened on my chair and dialed my husband’s number
”Hello love”I said immediately he picked it up

He smiled
”Hey love and how are you doing today?”he asked me

I smiled faintly
”Am good but not fine love”I said holding my tears in

His voice boomed again
”Why not fine,love?”he asked

I shrugged
”When are you coming back home?”I asked

He grunted
”Maybe this Friday”he said

I stamped the table
”Vanessa is back home so I want you back home tomorrow love”I said angrily and hanged up the call

He’s always for business and never do stay home too since the day Vanessa ran away to Tokyo and that always baffled me

And also,his voice sound strange when I told him now that Vanessa,his daughter is back home

I must visit Xavier today to ask if he have anything in mind with this strange feelings that I’m having

And one things is sure;woman’s instinct is never wrong

I took my car’s key and dashed out of my office straight to the car at the parking lots

Jeff bumped into me
“The containers has arrived,ma’am”he said to me

I pushed him out of the way
“Take care of it since you’re the supervisor”I said and hurried to my car

I drove out speedily when he shouted after me
“Be careful ma’am”he said but

I didn’t heard anything as I sped of the road taking the highway to Xavier’s company

I was so full of tears as I prayed that what my instinct is telling me is not true at all when I bumped into a car in front of me

I stopped the car and came down
“Am sorry”I said to the person

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A girl came out
“Are you okay,ma’am?”she asked me

I nodded
“Yes I’m”I said when

She rushed back to the car and brought out an hankie
“Raise your head up ma’am”she said to me

I don’t know why but I complied when the guy with her rushed to me
“She suppose to bend down her head”he said and pressed my head down

She slapped his hands away
“It raising it up when someone have a bleeding nose,stupid Jeremy”she said and pushed

Him away
“OK”he said and sat on the car’s bonnet

I laughed despite myself
“Funny girl”I said and

She smiled
“Be at peace ma’am no matter what you’re going through”she said to me

I smiled
“How did you know I’m going through something,dear?”I asked

She laughed
“Your face said it all even just by looking into your eyes”she said to me

I smiled
“Thanks dear”I said

She smiled too and faced the boy
“Thanks Jeremy but yiu can leave now”she said to him

He came down
“Let me take you home,Crystal”he said pleading

She kicked him
“Go home before that silly brother,Jeff and your dad starts abusing yiu cos of me”she said and kicked him again

He didn’t with any further as he entered the car
“Crazy girl”he muttered before driving away

I tapped her
“He loves you,Crystal”I said

She scoffed
“Love huh?”she said more like a question

I nodded
“Yes dear”I said

She pulled me inside the car
“Yes I know he do but we’re in world apart,ma’am”she said

I pinched her
“If you do love him,what’s world apart in that?”I asked

She just shrugged and entered the driver’s seat
“Where are you going to, ma’am?she asked me

I smiled seeing she’s dodging the question
“To Xavier’s company!”I said

She gasped
“That old guy!”she said

I turned to her
“Do you know my Xavier?”I asked

She looked at me strangely
“Your Xavier?”she asked

I looked at her and knocked her head seeing what she’s thinking clearly
“He’s my son huh”I said

She clapped her hands
“Oh silly ME!”she said

I shook my head
“Nope but crazy yiu”I said and

Faced her
“How can you’ve such thought,Crystal?”I asked her

She looked at me closely
“I thought he’s your father cos that’s how I called my father too”she said and looked away

Oh my gosh..
“How dare you wanna lie about that too,Crystal?”I asked her

She started the engine
“Did I say anything, ma’am?”she asked me and ignited the car

I laughed heartily
“You’re one hell of a crazy girl”I said laughing and

She winked at me
“I’ll take that as a compliment”she said and laughed sarcastically

We laughed looking at each other and I kinda like her so much cos seeing the way she dressed show clearly she’s suffering a lot but that smile and joviality is so there which means she’s a strong and kind girl

Hmm,total opposite of Vanessa this they’re both kinda alike in that craziness

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She tapped me
“We’re there ma’am”she said and got down

I got down too
“Thanks dear”I said

She gave me the key
“Bye ma’am”she said

I pulled her back
“Not so early,dear”I said and pulled her along with me to Xavier’s office

She struggled with me
“Oh ma’am,I don’t wanna go plsss”she said pleading but it too late as

I pushed her straight inside Xavier’s office
“Hey son”I said smiling towards him

He sprang up happily
“Oh mom!”he said and rushed to hugged me

Crystal nodded
“She’s truly his mom”she said and

Slapped herself so hard
“You do have a dirty mind,Crystal King”she said then laughed

My son turned to her
“And who’s this,mom?”he asked

I wanna talked when she turned to him and bowed
“Just N O B O D Y!”she said spelling it out and used her hair to covered her face

Xavier laughed
“Is she a ghost?”he asked

I raised her head up
“My saviour”I said

She quickly faced me
“Jeremy have a brother and I think he’s working under you right ma’am?”she asked me

I nodded
“Yes and he’s Jeff so face my son”I said and turned her to him again

She smiled like a mad person
“Hi old man”she said waving

Xavier gasped
“That crazy rainy girl”he said pointing at her

She looked at him and hissed
“Be careful of your head,sir”she said and immediately,

He moved away from her
“I’ll arrest you right here if you dare headbutt me again”he said crossing his head

She winked at him
“Your head is safe man but I doubt your ankle”she said and

Xavier turned to the front of his desk
“Crazy girl”he said eyeing her

I just sat down watching the crazy girl and old man live show and almost busted from laughing even tho they are in their own world playing and showing different styles as they exchanged words and actions but looking at her,she’s not scare at all but my son almost peed in his pant as he moved far away from her as she too moved close to him

She really get him wrapped in her fingers and even,get him damn scare as she walked like a bold lion

Oh my gosh,kikikiiiiii

(But wait dears,seems our dear heroine;Crystal King have met with all of the people she thought she’s WORLD APART from them:ranging from Xavier, our hero,Fred the player boy,Vanessa the second craziness and even the two J:Jeff and Jeremy in our characters…Let’s Ride On Dears)