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Can Love Be Perfect. Episode 6

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I gasped as I saw the girl behind mom’s back and even tho I’ve said and promised that I’ll crush her if I see her later like I crush the pillow but sincerely,I’ve to moved back far from her to be safe from her headbutting and kicking stance

She moved close to me while I moved back not cos I’m afraid her but I’m trying to keep a girl safe from getting crush like pillow from me

I stayed in front of my desk
“Don’t come close,crazy girl!”I said to her

She laughed looking at me
“Such a scarecrow huh”she said and

Turned to Mom
“I’ve to go now ma’am and pls,do take care of yourself”she said to her

I rushed past her to mom
“Why did she said so,mom?”I asked her

Mom just laughed looking at me then her before facing me again
“It’s okay now,dearest”she said to me

When the door opened wide
“It time for the party at the John’s”Sandra said as she came inside

But quickly bowed as she saw my mom
“Hi ma’am”she said bowing

Mom waved at her
“Hey Sandy”she said

I turned to her
“Is the one that we’re trying to get acquainted to,secretary?”I asked her

She nodded
“Yes sir”she said to me

I laughed evilly as I turned to the..
“Follow me!”I said pulling the crazy girl away then

Waved at mom
“I’ll visit you tonight to have a great talk,mom”I said smiling evilly

Mom stood up
“Be safe,dears”she said smiling too and

I wonder..
“Why is she smiling?”I asked in my head

The crazy girl pulled me
“Hey why are you pulling me along with you,mister oldie?”she asked me

I turned to Sandra
“Meet us at the party immediately”I said and continued pulling her

She kicked me so hard
“Hey let go of ME right now!”she said gritting her teeth

I laughed despite the pain in my knees
“You’re so dead,girl!”I said and carried her up in bridal style and ran with all my might into the car

Sandra followed me
“Why are you taking her along?”she asked me

I winked at her
“Don’t be late”I said to her

The crazy girl struggled with me but I’m more powerful than her as I helped her did the seat belt and looked

At her smirking
“Just because I allowed you to headbutted and kicked me means you’re more powerful than me so stay still”I said and knocked her head

She hissed
“Hey freaking mam”she said shouting

I walked to the other side of the car and entered the driver’s seat
“I’ll be waiting,Sandra”I said and drove away speedily to the main highway road

She knocked me too
“I’ll shout that you’re kidnapping me,Xavier Cyrus”she said pinching me

I laughed
“Okay,go ahead and see what I’ll do for you,crazy”I said

She scoffed and faced me
“Say after me,oldie”she said so serious

I turned swiftly to her
“Say what,crazy?”I asked and faced the road again

She hit my chest
“Crystal”she said

I stopped beside the big boutique of Bestie
“What’s that?”I asked

She roughed up my hair
“That’s my name not crazy girl”she said

I laughed
“Just because you call me by my name doesn’t mean I’ll call you that and even(looked at her from head to toes),there’s nothing like crystallite on you so why bearing Crystal?”I asked and got down

She screamed
“Come and let me free,old man”she said

I looked back
“Stay there”I said and rushed inside

She rushed after me
“Why are we here?”she asked then as I wanna answer..

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She waved me off
“I mean why am I here?”she asked looking round

I didn’t bother answering her as I turned to the salesgirl
“Hi Jen”I said greeting her

She bowed
“Hi sir “she said

I sat down
“Change that crazy girl over there to my taste”I said when

Someone tapped me
“Why?”I turned back and

“Cos she’s my date,Fred”I said turning yo him

Crystal rushes to our midst and separated us
“Date as in calendar’s own?”she asked

We all busted out laughing when

Fred gasped
“The kicking girl!”he said and quickly moved away from her

She faced him
“What’s wrong,player boy?”she asked and threw an hanger at him

He faced me
“Where did you see even meet her,besty?”he asked me

I shrugged
“I don’t know too but I’m glad you too know she’s crazy”I said laughing

She stood akimbo
“Who should I first send to Mount Olivia among you two?”she asked looking at me then Fred

He frowned his face
“Mount Olivia?”he asked not understanding

I laughed
“That’s the immortal realms of the gods and goddesses”I said proudly

She clapped for me
“At least you’re not old for nothing,you’ve brain that you’re using”she said blinking

I turned to her
“Do you’ve a death wish,crazy girl?”I asked glaring at her

She rolled her eyes
“Can yiu give me that,old man?”she asked and moved close to me

I quickly sat down to avoid been kicked and winked at Jen who understand immediately and clapped her hands together when a

Guy like a lady came out
“Need my assistance,Jen?”he asked playing with his fingernails that’s so feminine

Crystal laughed
“And who’s the manlady?”she asked us

I shook my head
“Is that an English’s word,dumb?”I asked and she just hissed at me

Jen faced the guy
“Make her up to our boss’s Bestie taste”she said to him

Fred gasped
“Are you seriously taking her to the acquainted party,Xavier?”he asked me

I didn’t answered as I’ve a perfect plan in my mind and brain and just chuckled

The guy faced her
“Let’s go ma’am”he said to her

Crystal tapped his head
“Did I look like a madam or someone you can make up for huh,manlady?”she asked

Jen moved to her
“Cooperate and follow him”she said

She nodded
“And if I don’t?”she asked and wanna walked away when

The guy whistled and three ladies came out and carried her up from the back as they took her to the makeup room but boom,

She wriggled out of their grasped
“Are you kidding me,silly ladies?”she asked pointing at them on the floor

I just laughed and moved to her
“Will you go inside or I make you?”I asked

She folded her arms
“Let me see you try,oldie”she said so bodily

I laughed and bent to her eye level
“Give me no other choice then,crazy”I said and started moving close to her

And licked my lips
“How will it be to kiss a crazy girl?”I asked her

She moved back slowly
“Then I think you’ll know how to dine and wine at the immortal realms when I snap your neck”she said and wanna kicked me when

I dodged it and pushed her straight inside the makeup room
“Stay still or you meet my lips about to kiss you”I said and slammed the door shut as the ladies and the guy walked inside the room

Fred came to my side
“That girl must be obsessed with kicking someone seeing the way she kicked me today”he said to me and

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Tapped me
“So how did you meet her,Xavier?”he asked me

I just shrugged and leaned on the wall closing my eyes

Yes right,I was thinking on how a crazy girl like her will look like when she come out later on and I closed my eyes picturing her ..

After ages,she came out and

Oh gosh
“Why walking backward?”I said so freaking out

She continued like that
“Cos I’m trying to save a soul”she said to me

Fred chuckled
“Maybe she look like an ugly duckling and that might make the heart cease pumping blood immediately”he said

She laughed and jumped up facing us
“It cos I’m so damn beautiful and you guys might fall in love with me which is so saddening I can’t reciprocate it”she said and

Truly what she said,my heart goes thump thump thump million beats as I looked at her and even,player Fred couldn’t closed his mouth as saliva almost drop down

She slapped his head
“So gross!”she said hissing then

Faced me
“You guys can stop drooling now”she said fanning herself

It not that I haven’t seen a beautiful ladies before even most beautiful ladies but something about her just got me so entrapped as I looked at her and just couldn’t looked away for a second

She waved her hands on our faces
“Stop making it obvious that I’m so damn beautiful huh”she said blushing

My sense came back to normal Aa she waved her hands on my face
“That’s absurd”I said and walked away

Fred moved to her
“Can you follow me home and be my wife,Beauty?”he asked her

She slapped his head again
“What a player boy!”she said exclaiming

I turned back and pulled her with me
“Let’s go,silly”I said and

She waved at the guys
“Back friends”she said blowing them kisses while

I laughed
“Friends indeed”I said

We got outside when she faced me
“You’re looking Hans too,oldie”she said checking me out

I laughed
“I’m always Hans”I said looking down to my feet

She walked round me
“Wow!”she said

I looked up
“What?”I asked

She beat my chest
“So you’re a shy guy”she said

And covered her mouth laughing
“Unbelievable!”she said cracking so hard

I hissed and entered the car
“Let’s go,laughing point”I said

She followed me
“Okay,Hans oldie”she said

She entered too and soon,we’re at the big mansion of the John’s and the Mr John himself is doing birthday today so I’ve to honour him to be able to get his support

Sandra moved to me
“Here’s the gift,sir”she said giving me a wrapped box

I winked at her
“Thanks Sandra”I said and

She blushed
“But where’s the girl?”she asked me

Crystal walked to her front
“I’m here,miss crush!”she said waving at her

She turned to her
“Oh my gosh!”she exclaimed

I smiled
“Isn’t it magical,secretary?”I asked her

She nodded
“So truly magical,boss”she replied me

Crystal pushed her away
“What a oldie boss and silly secretary”she said and walked inside the big hall

I rushed after her
“You suppose to stay beside me as my date,silly”I said to her as I put my hands round her tiny waist

She slapped my hands off
“What silly date and don’t try to use that flimsy excuse to touch me or I’ll break your head”she said and looked away

I smiled as we walked side by side and Sandra followed us behind and I could sensed her eyes boring into mine

Crystal is right that she’s miss crush cos I knew she’s crushing on me but there’s no iota of like not to talk of love of her in me at all…

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She’s just a secretary and will always remain that to me still she find her own way too..

Crystal screamed out as we entered the party hall
“This is paradise”she said shouting on top her voice that despite the loud speakers blaring,her voice got the highest volume

I pinched her
“Did you swallow speakers,silly?”I asked

She stepped on my toes
“Appreciate the work of nature,old man”she said and walked to the John’s side

I turned to Sandra
“What’s work of nature among all this?”I asked looking round of the hall at the

She shrugged
“I don’t know for her”she said

I nodded
“She’s truly crazy!”I said rubbing my chin when

Reality hit me
“Did she just go to the John’s side?”I asked and rushed there

She bowed for them
“Hi hi dears and happy happy happy happpppyyy(she cackled her voice) birthday to you,mister handsome John”she said and bowed down repeatedly

Mr John laughed
“Oh thanks,my jovial lady”he said to her

His wife hugged her
“Isn’t she cute and dashing?”she asked us and

Their young twins children nodded
“She’s priceless!”they said holding her hands

She eyed me as she bowed for them
“That’s those who know my value!”she said squeaking and then

Raised her head up
“Thanks dears for the compliment”she said

I held Mr John hands
“Happy birthday sir”I said and

He shook me
“Thanks sir Xavier but who is she to you?”he asked

I wanna answer when she laughed crazily
“Just an abducted girl”she said eyeing me

I laughed crazily too
“Isn’t she funny?”I asked and we all laughed while she just looked away muttering

The party was great and I was able to gain Mr John’s trust as he vowed to support me and that thanks to miss crazy girl

The cake was cut and we sat down:I and Sandra with crazy girl not far from the John’s side

The cake was shared to us as Crystal almost finished all the cake by herself as she asked for more and more cake

She looked so cute


She looked somehow eating and even amusing as I find myself laughing inwardly

Sandra tapped her
“Try and have manners as you eat cos we’re in the midst of wealthy people,miss!”she said to her

And that is when her face changed colour as she stood up immediately and ran out

I eyed Sandra before following her out
“Hey crazy girl!”I said calling to her

She turned to me
“Ooh oldie,sorry huh cos I’ve to return to my mannerless world”she said and crossed the road so dangerously

That my heart stopped immediately
“Hey Crystal!”I said holding my chest but

She jumped inside the bus at the other side of the road and the bus moved away immediately

I just looked at the back of the bus as it moved away and my heart breaks to pieces like a kid who his mom lied to to go and wear  his shoes but before he came back,his mother is gone

I think you guys know such feelings…

So heartbreaking!