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Can Love Be Perfect. Episode 7

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My mother always told me as she rubbed my head in the late of the night when I’m about to sleep as she sang a lullaby since I’m still a kid then

She stared right into my two colorful eyes and whispered silently
“You’re the best manner child one could ever ask of and I’m glad you’re given to me,Crystal!”she always said that to me every night

And even as I grew up becoming a girl, she do not forget for once as she always told me as I was about to run off to work
“Tho you’re not educated or have any knowledge of books,you’re always the best manner child ever be”she said to me and

My head will swelled up
“Thanks Mom!”I always replied back too as my eyes lit up and that keeps me going no matter what I face or will face in this harsh life of Crystal King

That’s why tonight,my heart breaks to pieces and I just couldn’t on to the tears in my eyes that’s why I ran out when that miss crush said that…
“Try and have manners especially in wealthy people gathering”the word echoes

I’ve always be someone with manners no matter who I met or see in life cos we don’t know who we’ll meet and what they’ll do for us later on cos nobody is perfect

We all needs others help no matter who we’re or what we be..

And neither have it occur to me that there are different people in this vast universe cos I’ve always said that all human are equal but Sandra just let me know that…
“I’m just a poor girl in the midst of wealthy people!”I said scoffing and

All eyes turned to me in the bus wondering what bring that sentences from me

I quickly stood up
“I’m getting down here sir”I said calling to the driver

He stopped
“Hurry down,girl”he said to me

I bowed and rushed down as I walked down the bridge in the night full of people but funny enough,I’m so lonely

I looked up at the Star up
“I think you guys don’t know what we human are passing through right?”I asked as I cleaned off the imaginary tears

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One thing about ME; no matter how hard or harsh life is,I never for once send tears cos my tears is just too priceless to fall for something that I can overcome later on

I leaned on the bridge
“This life is damn funny as the wealthy people oppress the rich,the rich to the poor and the poor to the wretched making life hard for each other”I said laughing

I faced the road again still looking up when I bumped into someone
“Am so sorry”I quickly said bowing down when that

Person raised me up
“Why are yiu here this late of the night,Crystal?”I looked up and

Smiled brightly
“Oh sis!”I said looking at

Vanessa who smiled back
“Yiu haven’t answer my question,girl!”she said

I looked away
“The weather is so good sis”I said

She frowned
“Is that why you’re crying,silly girl?”she asked me

I nodded
“It so good that it makes me cry,sis Vanessa!”I said to her

Then faced her too
“So why is your eyes and even face so red too?”I asked

She leaned on the bridge
“Just meet my crush after a long years and he kinda like me now”she said smiling

I scoffed
“That’s not the right lies”I said to her and

She nodded
“Yes,I can’t lie at all that’s why I’ve to ran away from home Crystal”she said to me

I turned my head sideway
“As how?”I asked

She pulled me as we ran through the bridge then got to the sloppy steps and sat down beside each other

She sighed so deep
“Will you believe me if I says this,Crystal?”she asked me

I nodded
“SURE!”I said believing already

She straighten her legs and leaned her hands on the steps
“You know I was born and raise in a very very very wealthy home and I’ve what I needs at my fingers cos all I need is just to snap it:money,clothes,shoes,bags,nice education,smooth life,maids….just mention any things that makes a wealthy life,I GOT IT ALL!”she said to me

Then tears dropped from her eyes
“But just as the quotes says ‘The Rich Also Cry’ so also like ME, I do cry even always”she said to me

Tears dropped from my eyes too despite not hearing what she has to say,I mean the reason WHY she do always cry…

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She cleaned my eyes
“You know,I’ve a caring mom just like yours who do everything for us;motherly care,worldly care and any care you can think of,she gave it to me and my kid brother but she lacks one thing”she said looking at me

I faced her
“What’s that?”I asked her

Tears dropped more
“She lack the ability to know what’s going on right inside her home which she always take care of,sis”she said crying bitterly

I sat right
“Why that?”I asked

She looked into my eyes
“Promise me that if I say this to you,I won’t look Dirty to YOU!”she said with pleading eyes

I shook my head repeatedly
“Never ever,sis”I said so sure

She held my hands and squeezed it so hard
“I was always rape by dad every night and it started at ten years of age so it was painful at first but I thought it was enjoyment later on until I grow up to teenager and sees that it all so wrong and even learnt that the drugs he always gave me is that which will never make me pregnant no matter what”she said and

And squeezed my hands more making me to felt her pain much more than her
“I one day ask a doctor and she explained everything to me and even ran a test on me and so sadly,the womb is spoilt cos of too much using of the drugs and incessant s*x”she said crying in agony

I looked away
“Doesn’t your dad knows about INCEST?”I asked her

She laughed despite the tears
“Days derived joy from something and you’re saying it incest,did he care about ME not to talk of the useless English word?”she asked and laughed again

I felt so small to her
“I always thought that shouldering the family’s need is killing:washing all their clothes,cooking for them,working all day and night,trying to survive in this harsh world is worst tho I do keep on smiling and holding on”I said and

Faced her
“Not knowing that there’s one that’s even more worst than mine”I said looking at her

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She smiled
“I’ve to always asked for money from mom,videoing myself with different stylish dresses and sent it to one company in Tokyo and luckily,I was chosen and before they woke up the next day,I’ve travelled out immediately”she said to me

I sighed
“But did yiu allow him after knowing your womb is destroyed,sis?”I asked

She shook her head
“Never at all tho not by my power but brother own as he always woke up and came to my room to sleep beside me and will cried till dawn if he was forced away so that’s how he always came to sleep at my room and I was able to escaped somehow from dad’s wicked ways”she said inhaling deep

And bowed down
“I didn’t looked back at all despite mom’s nagging,brother’s throwing tantrum and dad threatening me cos I all gave them silly excuses except dad that I told that I’ve three videos from the CCTV in our mansion so if he dare to threatening me again,I’ll not think twice before I upload it to the World Of Men which is the best blockbuster site then”she explained to me

I signed
“Can I know the father?”I asked

She faced me
“It the famous family of the Cyrus’s!”she said to me

I gasped
“Oh my gosh!”I said exclaiming as it dawned on me; Xavier Cyrus is her brother and Mrs Rosa is her mother

Oh gosh,What A Small World!

She faced me and held her stomach
“So in this life Crystal, I doubt if you’ll be called a mother since all hope is lost now on my womb despite all the treatment I goes through”she said

I held her hands
“Yiu haven’t go through God’s Own which is the Best Treatment for sure, sis”I said to her

She scoffed
“Not this life,dear!”she said

I felt so weaken to the bone when she said that and even felt worse that I’m crying cos of someone said I’m mannerless but here is Vanessa Cyrus,the sister of Xavier Cyrus crying for something more worst…

I looked at her then at the sky
“Is there something more worse that this?”I asked as tears dropped from our eyes endlessly in the dark late night on the bridge’s steps