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A Wife For The Prince. Episode 17

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???? A Wife For
The Prince ????

????( The girl in my dreams)????

Episode 17
By Simrah Saeed

Zoey’s POV

Huh? Have a taste of what? Oh my goodness! What have I gotten myself into?

If I had knew this would be dangerous, I wouldn’t have browsed about it in the first place.

I gulped down nervously whilst his hand caresss my b–oobs.

It’s not my first but I didn’t plan on giving myself to some random guy.

” I can pay you any amount you want, just name it but please not my body ” I pleaded in fright and he chuckled dryly.

” Trying to pay me off pretty? If I had wanted money, I know how to go about it”

He tore my mini top apart yanking away my hand and practically unhooking my brā .

Fear engulfed me as he moved closer with just me in a short body hugging skir–t.

” Now be a good girl and keep quiet else, we will have you each ”

My eyes widened as he said that! Like each and everyone of them?

Goodness ! They are up to thirty!
Knowing what’s best for me, I kept my mouth shut.

He snapped his fingers and they left just me and him.

I have never dreamt of this happening to me before.

I am being taken advantage of with my full consent.

Everything is happening because of Alyssa, if this is what it takes to get her out of the way then I am ready.

” Take off your sk—-irt like the good girl you are and cl–imb the bed ”

With a shaky hand, I hesitantly did as he said .

He pinned me d0wn with his huge muscles while k–issing me aggressively.

” You are fù—–çking beautiful pretty, I will do whatever you want as long as your body is mine ”

” From today onwards, your body is mine to touch, mine to play with and mine to fú—ck ”

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???? Alyssa ????

I woke up coughing out water! Huh? Why?
What happened?

My eyes landed on Prince Ryan who looked totally flushed and a grinning Scarlett.

A wave of cold shiver rushed into my body and I discovered I was soak in water.

Holding my head, I tried recollecting everything that happened and it dawn on me that I slipped.

” I am glad you are awake Alyssa, I thought you were never gonna wake up” Scarlett shrieked hugging me.

Did I pass out for a long time? How in Alyssa’s name did I even slip?
My clumsiness will be the end of me.

My eyes snapped up as I felt a warm hand on mine. Prince Ryan!

I stared into his blue hazel eyes while he stared right intently back at me with a heartwarming smile tugged on his face.

He look so cute and sexy like I have always wanted my dream man to be.

I have 0.000 chance of being with him. First, I am a commoner! Heck! That supercede everything else.

The royal family doesn’t settle for less. They go for higher classes at least.

But what if he fall in love with me?
I grinned inwardly at my thought. That’s never gonna happen!

Not even for the fact that we are FRIENDS !

” feeling better?” His soft voice came in. My heart flustered at our close proximity while I hastily nodded clutching my body together.

I feel so cold!
We went back into the staring contest again and this time, I couldn’t help but admire God’s creation!

How can one be this perfect? Smooth face, fine orbs ! Perfect beards, one sided deep dimple, spotless and radiating skin, killing abs, killer smile de… .

” Okay, that’s enough ”

My face flushed in embarrassment as I bowed hearing Scarlett’s voice.

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” Awwn, that was so cute! You both can’t deny that you are in love ”

I gasped at the hearing of love!
I can’t deny the fact that I am attracted to Prince but love?

I ain’t sure!

” Scarlett ” prince Ryan called and she giggled.
I feel so embarrassed to speak right now.

” You both should suit yourself and enjoy the lovey dovey ” she said and rushed away laughing.

Both Prince Ryan and I sat in a pregnant silent without saying anything. Gosh!

” You need to huh, get changed ” he finally spoke up.

With no hesitation, I nodded!
I tried standing up but guess the shocking thing that happened!

He freaking flung me in his shoulder! Oh my goodness! I have died and resurrected!


I giggled as the princesses rushed into my room.

I just finished taking my bath and changing into something comfy .

” I can’t believe it really happened Alyssa, Ryan kissed you. Oh my goodness! He kissed you for real ”

I laughed as Ava yelled excitedly!

I gasped when it finally sank in! Prince Ryan? Kissed me? How?

I frowned sitting beside Mela on the bed in confusion.

How will the Prince kiss me and I won’t know? Is that possible?

” You will give us the details, Scarlett didn’t explain better ” Maggie said

” I know Ryan sucks at everything but was he good? Did he kiss you very well?” Natalie shipped in.

” I bet you are his first, I am so happy right now”

I stared from one person to the other. What are they saying?

My gaze finally landed on Scarlett and she shrugged.

” I promised Ryan not to tell anyone but I couldn’t help it, let’s say, it wasn’t a actual kiss he saved you ”


” Well, we you were unconscious, he had to kiss you so that the water will pass out and he did ”

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Oh my God! OhMigod! It didn’t happen did it?


Unknown POV

” How did it go? ” I asked Rio

” It went well boss, we were able to see the King ”

” Good! And he got the message right?”

” Yes boss ”

” And Anna?”

” I already gave the note to your spy boss, he will deliver it to the Queen ”

” Perfect! You can go ”

” Yes boss ”

I am glad my plans are falling into place just the way I wanted.

Alyssa will come in from tomorrow! She will and very soon! I will get that which I wanted.

???? Ryan’s POV ????

I typed furiously on my laptop non-stop. I have a presentation to make and Rancho my secretary didn’t prepare a note on it.

I need to get this over with before two.

” So bro ” Mela called shifting towards me.

” What’s it Mela? I hope its not shopping because I am very occupied ” I replied without glancing at her.

” Of course not bro, far from that ” she replied smiling.

” Then?”

She stared at me and giggled. What’s up with her?

” I am your favourite sister right?”

Okay! I get, she wants to blackmail me now

” Always sis, you are ”

” And you will tell me the truth?”

” What truth? You know I won’t lie to you Mel ”

She clasp her hands together excitedly while I watch in amusement.

” Okay so, did you like her?”

I paused and turned to her! Like who?

” No, I mean love! Did you love her?”

I frowned while she stared innocently at me.

Love who?

” Who?” I asked.

” Aunt Lissa ! Did you love her?”

What? I wasn’t expecting that!