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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 92

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 92

Brenda’s POV

“Do you want me to use and dump you?” Scot asked.

We were still inside the pool.

I shook my head in response and hugged him happily.

“Calm down, I have not even proposed to you.” He said and I disengaged from him.

“When will you propose to me?” I questioned.

“It’s not about when, it’s about where. I do not know if I should propose to you in the at the barrack so if you say no, you know what awaits you already or I should propose to you on top of a tall hill so if you say no, you know what awaits you.” He said.

“Are you scared that I may answer NO to your proposal?” I asked.

“Silly question, wait till then.” He said.

“I can’t wait.” I said and briefly hugged him.

We stepped out of the pool and went to sit under a shed beside it.

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“What did you think your mom would say when she find out that we are dating?” I asked.

“I think the question should be what she would say when she find out that we are about getting married.” He said and I blushed.

“Well, she would be surprised and may not he in support of it.” He said.

“What? but she likes me.” I said and he scoffed.

“Indeed! She likes Bella more than you. She is only welcoming to you at work cause you have once worked as a maid for her. Mom would not like it If I marry a poor kid. That’s it.”He said.

” Oh! I get it now, my status! but I can not help it, I was not born with a silver spoon, not all of us are lucky with life.” I said.

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“Why are you telling me that? I already loved you despite your status and that brings me to the question that I had been meaning to ask.”He said and his fave tuned into a serious look.

he started intently at my face and said; ” If you did not want to talk about I, it’s fine by me.”

“Ask already.” I told him cause he was now making me curious.

“Ever since I had known you, you have never for once talked about your family members, where are they? ” He asked.