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Can Love Be Perfect. Episode 31

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It not like I wanted their talk to affect the love I’ve for Xavier neither do I wanna truly walk away from him nor hate myself cos of him
But what I really wanna walk away from is that I don’t wanna be a shame for the guy I love nor be his flaw despite how great he’s in his own world
Truly he never complain nor even say that I’m not fit for his wealthy world or says that I’m so low to his class ..
But I want to be the girl that will be befitting to him,a girl that will be able to stand tall beside him and be able to say I’m helping him in life
Tho he told me he didn’t want a helping partner but life partner that will be in love but I want to be best of him
You might think it a slimy excuses but I want to be perfect for him in his own perfect wealthy world..
My heart ached as he said what he wanted to say this night especially his question
That’s definitely Hell NO!
Love can never and ever be perfect cos it contain of two bodies as one souls and this two different bodies will want to do different things despite how true their love is or how deep the love is!
But I just don’t have strength again to answer him as I felt sharp pain in my abdomen
I took to my heels across the road
“Oh gosh!”I said almost in tears
He ran after me
“Hey crazy girl”he said calling to me
I cross to the other street and walked on the pedestrian’s lane but I just..
“Can’t endure it”I said crying as I bent down holding to my stomach
He rushed to my side
“You’ve to endure it for my sake,pls Crystal”he said and
Looked straight into my eyes
“You’ve to learn that no matter how deep the love is, it can’t ever be perfect!”he said to me
I raised my head up and slapped his head hard
“I do knew that,stupid so shut the f**k up”I said sniffing
He rubbed my head
“So why running away,crazy ?”he asked
I whispered
“I’m on my period”I said
He grunted
“Period this late night when you’re not in school!”he said exclaimed
I hit his head again
“I mean my water has turned to blood”I said
He scratched his head
“That’s Christ’s doing so what’s yours in sea turning to blood?”he asked
And eyed me
“Are you Egyptian?”he asked
I almost laughed my eyes out
“I’m doing my m****ses,stupid guy”I said and looked away
He sighed
“I still didn’t understand so explain more,miss”he said
I managed to stood up and walked to a nearby store
“Can I get a painkillers and lady’s stuffs?”I asled eyeing the lady
She shook her head
“Oh sure!”she said and went behind the shelves
Xavier turned to me
“What’s that lady’s stuffs you’re asking of,Crystal?”he asked
I just shrugged and didn’t talk and soon,the lady came out
“Here ma’am”she said and she’s a sharp lady as she already wrapped it in a nylon for me
I smiled
“Thanks ma’am and this man is paying”I said and walked out leaving
Xavier so dumbfounded
“Oh yeah”he said getting to realised I’ve gone and
He needs to pay
“Here miss”he said and paid before rushing after me
I branched to a restaurant
“Rice and chicken pls”I said shouting
The waiter hurried off and soon arrived
“Here miss”he said giving me the food then
Faced Xavier
“What about you,mister?”he asked
I slapped his hands
“He’s not hungry,only ME”I said and
He bowed walking away
“Okay miss”he said and left
Xavier gasped
“What just happen huh?”he asked me
I eyed him
“It is me that’s sick so watch over me,keep watching”I said and dug into the food so hungrily
I later used the painkillers and turned to him
“Wait here”I said and
Moved to the waiter’s side
“Pls the restroom?”I asked
He smiled
“There”he said pointing to the place
I hurried to the restroom and quickly changed my inner wears then moved out again
“Oh pain pain”I said cleaning my teary eyes
Xavier moved to me
“Are you okay, Crystal?”he asked me
I intentionally slumped on his chest
“I’m so feeling weak and even dizzy,Xavi dear”I said and
He quickly carried me
“Let’s go home,honey”he said and rushed out carrying me in bridal style and
Put me in the car
“Let me put the seat in lean position”he said and made me lay on my back on it
He hurried inside the car
“Let’s go”he said
I tapped him
“Let’s go to your place,Xavi”I said so weak
He gasped
“What?”he asked
I nodded
“Hurry and carried me up if I’ve sleep”I said and closed my eyes
He stepped on the accelerator and sped off the road to his home’s direction and I could hear his heart beating so abnormally
And he didn’t take his eyes off me for a seconds as he whispered
“Sorry honey”he said when
I shouted at him
“Shut up and face the road or get us kill”I said and
He cleaned his sweats
“Alright ma’am”he said and
I laughed inwardly
“I’ll make you pay for not understanding my conditions huh even making it to a jest”I said remembering what he said about ‘period’
He entered his gate and stopped
“We’re home”he said and
I quickly closed my eyes
“Carry me”I said in my head
He looked at me
“She’s sleeping”he said and got down then moved to my side
Opened the door and carried me
“Oh dear!”he said and used one leg to closed the car’s door
Soon,he’s moving up when I opened my eyes slowly
“Can I have something to eat,pls?”I asked
He grunted
“Oh my”he said and turned moving downstairs again
I chuckled
“And pls let it be spaghetti”I said lowing my voice
He nodded
“Okay ma’am”he said and rushes inside his wkitchen


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I laughed and jumped up as I saw he’s already in his kitchen
“I got you wrap,mister”I said laughing
Then shouted
“Aren’t you through,stupid guy?”I asked
He peeped out
“Will soon be through”he said and dashed inside
And looked out again
“And stop calling me stupid guy huh”he said and rushed inside back
I laughed and stretched so well on the cushion chair
“Oh dear!”I said smiling
And looked at the TV
“This feels so good”I said chuckling
Soon he tapped me
“The food is ready”he said and
I blinked
“Carry me,Xavi dear”I said to him
He sighed
“Come here”he said and
I stretched my hands to him as he carried me up and then moved to the dinning table and put me down
“Eat honey”he said and
I sighed
“Feed me pls”I said
He hit his head
“Alright ma’am”he said and took the spoon
Then took some food
“Here”he said
I hissed
“Can’t you be romantic for once huh huh huh?”I asked blinking my eyes
He moved to my side
“Say Aah,honey”he said
I smiles
“Aah”I said and he put the food in
I almost spit it on his face
“So hot stupid”I said
He stood up
“Am sorry”he said and bowed
He later fanned it before giving me
“Here”he said
I pushed it away
“It too cold”I said
He stood up angrily
“Hey won’t you stop being crazy with me or…?”he said halfway when
I started crying
“Did you just shout on me?”I asked and
Glared hard at me
“And what is that other option huh?”I asked
He sat down
“I didn’t shout on you,just have to clear my throat”he said sitting quietly
He feed me everything and stood up
“Oh my”he said walking away to the kitchen when
I called him
“I needs juice “I said
He turned to me
“No juice,ma’am”he said and continue walking when
I snapped
“Give me red wine then”I said
He waved
“Don’t have that too”he said
I blinked my eyes as fake tears come out
“Isn’t your mom the maker of wine so why won’t you’ve wine and even you’re a rich man so why my turn to drink wine and you don’t have even juice or do you…”I said halfway when

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He held my lips together
“Calm down miss and I’ll get both wine and juice for you”he said and
Moved away
“Can’t someone play with you?”he asked and
Entered the kitchen
“Isn’t someone breathing at all?”he said
Soon he cane out with two cups:one with wine and other with juice
“Here miss”he said
I smiled and gulped it all down
“To the bed,sir”I said spreading my arms again
He sniffed
“Okay ma’am”he said and carried me up
He laid me down on the bed and covered me with the duvet
“Sweet dreams,Crystal honey”he said and pecked my head
I pulled him
“Rub my stomach for me pls”I said pleading
He eyed me
“WHY?”he said so tired
I sniffed
“It paining me and it not my fault that God made me a girl right?”I said moving to tears
He nodded
“Definitely not your fault,Crystal King”he said and start to rubbed my stomach together
I smiled looking at him
“I’m so lucky having you in my life,Xavier Cyrus”I said in my heart as my eyes closed slowly
I drifted off to dreamworld where I’ve a happy dream and I just wish it come to pass but when I wake up,…
“I realise how a happy dream makes one miserable when you woke up”I said sighing
I looked beside me and saw Xavier sleeping fully with his legs on the floor
“Oh dear Xavi”I said and pecked his head
I moved downstairs and put rice on the fire and use another to make stew and put it in the food flask and dishes some for him on his dinning table using the cover to cvered it so it won’t get cold before rushing upstairs and bath quickly
I soon came out and opened my bag
“Oh dirty school uniform”I said hitting my head but
“Where’s it?”I asked searching my bag but didn’t see it
Someone grunted beside me
“I’ve help you wash it and even iron it”I turned seeing
Xavier yawning
“And it in my wardrobe by the right”he said
I didn’t know when I jumped on him with only towel on cos I thought he’ll still be sleeping
“Awwwn,such a darling!”I said and
A force pushed me as I kissed him straight..
“Oh gosh,it on the lips!”my mind told me as
I jumped off him and like flash,took my uniform and rushed back inside the bathroom
And locked the door
“Oh Crystal, my first kiss just gone like that”I said and
Hit the door
“Your craziness will kill you one day,miss Crystal King”I said and quickly wore my uniform
I rushed out like a flash again,took my bag and rushes out
“Bye Xavi dear”I said running off
And I see he too is so shock cos he didn’t answer me nor ran after me
I entered the bus and sighed
“Don’t tell me that is his first kiss too”I said and
Laughed and

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“Oh gosh, NO WAY!”I said slapping my head
I branched at Fred’s company
“Morning player man”I said
He scoffed
“So I’m player man not guy again?”he asked
I rushed and sat in front of him
“I want to fill the form too”I said
He eyed me
“What form?”he asked
I hit his head
“It the form to being a player like you”I said hissing
He cackles
“Did I collect form to be crazy like you too huh?”he asked
I sighed
“Where’s this lady?”I asked and rushes out
To Brenda’s office
“Give me the model form”I pleaded
She smiled
“Oh yeah!”she said screaming happily
She gave me the form and I quickly filled it
“Oh thanks,Crystal dear”she said
I smiled
“Bye Brenda huni”I said and rushed
To the bus stop
“I’m late for school again”I said
I entered school when my eyes almost popped out
“Oh Crystal’s father!”I said and rushes
To him
“Morning dad”I said and
He faced me
“Where did..?”he didn’t finished it as
I covered his mouth and pulled him out of the gate
“I slept at Xavier’s place and we didn’t do anything whatsoever and we didn’t sleep together on the same bed nor do we..”I said rushing the words out when
He slapped my head
“Where’s your tie,miss crazy?”he asked
I gasped
“Oh tie!”I said and hit


My head too
“I’ve forget it at his place,dad”I said remembering when I rushed inside the bathroom again
He eyed me
“What’s that thing that make a whole crazy girl to forget a tiny tie?”he asked me
I snatched the food flask from him
“Thanks dad and do have a great day”I said and rushed back inside the gate
I climbed the gate again
“Love you,dad”I said screaming


He smiled and waves
“Dad loves you too,cute”he said before walking away
I entered the class
“Morning Jeans”I said smiling
She smiled
“Morning Pega”she said to me
I stamped the bully’s desks one by one
“Morning friends”I said
Jack and her gangs gritted her teeth
“Crazy fellow”they said
I laughed sitting down
“Thanks you know”I said
Soon work started and it was so enjoyable and interesting as I cracked jokes with Jeans and we laughed so loud
The teacher turned to us
“Go to clean the swimming pool now,Crystal and Jean”she said to us
We chuckled and dashed out
“Boring class”we both chorused and laughed stupidly
We cleaned the swimming pool and later laid beside each other when her eyes closed up
I smiled
“Silly Jeans”I said tapping her speck when
My phone beeped
“You’ve been accept to be one of the top model in Williams&Co model company with the top model,Vanessa Williams so show up when you’ve time,miss crazy..
I laughed
“Definitely sent by that player man”I said laughing then
Bright smile crept to my face
“With this,I’ll be able to stand tall with you wherever you’re as somebody soon,Stupid Xavier Cyrus”I said feeling inner glow
And I’ll surpass all models in this Verney’s city even whole world that those slime pigs of yours,Xavier will bowed at my feet
Take that,slimy pigs
Model’s world of fashion and beauty
Here I come!
Welcome crazy queen soon
It gonna be lit