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Can Love Be Perfect. Episode 33

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JUST as we know dears that time and tide wait for nobody,it did ticktock, ticktock, ticktock and before we knew what makes that sound..
‘Time is already gone by’
In the busy city of Verney’s,there’s lot of cars and cars on the road and it seems it moving straight in one direction

And which direction that could be huh cos the cars is just too even three many
Let’s just stay mute and follow them!
So also in a big modelling company,lots of workers is seeing inside going to and fro,up and even down arranging and doing different things in the big hall and there’s
Someone giving them commands
“Put a flicker light at that corner,Henry and pls add another balloons to the one you just tied,Benny”
That’s few among the commands giving by our dear Brenda who’s the second child and only daughter in the Williams’s family and she’s just so hardworking unlike someone we shouldn’t mention his name since he’s the boss
Someone came beside her and whispered
“Well done,honey”she turned happily since she recognised the voice
And pecked that someone
“Hey J Lovey”she said smiling
Jeremy smiled too
“How’s the showing of the new models going,honey?”he asked as he slides his arms round her waist
She blushes so red
“Going fantastic and cool tho stressful cos our boss is not just knowing what we’re doing here”she said
Someone again moved to their side
“And why will he knows when all he does is to be a player man just as crazy girl do called him?”the person whispered
They both turned to tje person scoffing
“He’s you man,Sandra”they said
She nodded
“Yes sure”she said and they both laughed
Someone rushed to their midst
“Did I miss anything?”he asked
They all shouted at him
“Everything, Jeff”they said and
He hit his head
“Oh gosh,am busy at work that’s why”he said almost in tears when
Sandra tapped his shoulder
“We’re just starting,mister”she said and
He laughed
“Thanks Jah”he said
They all stay at ones place chit chatting about the new day and new models that is gonna be scout today and total joy is written on their face
In a big office so decorated and an inscription is placed on the table ‘Boss’s Fred’ is two guys talking and talking happily and
Guess WHO,Guys?
Don’t bother or let me disturb you as they’re both the childhood Besties which is Fred the boss himself which we knew as player man and our stupid hero in this story,Xavier
They sat beside each other at the glass window watching everything going on outside which is inside of the hall as everyone is so damn busy throughout
Fred smiled
“This is gonna be awesome,Bestie”he said
Xavier nodded his head
“Even more than that,gonna be LIT”he said
Fred scoffed
“If not of Brenda,all here is just new to me”he said
Xavier almost hit him
“So what’s your freaking work as THE BOSS then?”he asked gritting his teeth together
He laughed
“I just don’t know Bestie,I’m just as useless as ‘P’ in ‘psycho’ huh”he said
Xavier stood up
“Even as useless as ‘OK’ in ‘OKay’,buddy”he said and they laughed loud shaking each other
In another big hall is so many and many people both male and female both surprising enough,they’re young ones
Not that young young young ones but they’re young ones
Few among them sat down while some are applying makeup,jewelries,hairstyle and so many things to beautify someone is been done on them
At one corner is a lady been forced to sit down
“Let’s us through,pls”they said begging her but still,
She struggled with them
“I don’t like or do makeup so let go of me,yiu tiny ants”she said struggling to free herself
Another lady stood up and walked to her
“Hey stay still,craazy girl”she said tapping her
She looked up at her
“I hate all this things,sis for I’ve know all this entails in modelling,I won’t join”she said d slapping a hand of another lady who’s helping her to do her eyelashes
Vanessa laughed
“But all of this make Model’s world fun and awesome, Crystal”she said to her
Crystal hissed
“Oh vanessa ;the most popular model”she said and
Stood up
“That’s for you but it have to change when it comes to me,Crystal King”she said rubbing her face and wanna walked away when
Vanessa sighed
“For Xavier,Crystal?”she said in a low tone
She too stopped on her track
“Oh yeah,For Xavier and for standing tall”she said and went to sat down again
Then faced the lady making up for her
“You’re on now,miss forcer”she said
The lady shrugged
“Okay miss”she replied
Vanessa chuckled and went to sat down again
“Continue,miss”she said to her own makeup girl
Suddenly,Crystal jumped up again
“What are you doing to my legs and fingers again?”she asked putting her hands to her back
Everyone there almost peed in their pants as they laughed loud
“Oh this lady!”they all said
Vanessa slapped her face
“Oh my Crystal!”she said laughing too
She waved at her
“That’s pedicure and manicure,miss crazy”she said to her
Crystal turned to her
“Oh what’s that again huh?”she asked and
“I thought I’m crazy but crazy stuffs filled this model’s world of Yours”she said and sat down again
Then tapped the lady
“Explain better when you wanna do another thing just as that old model there”she said pointing to
Vanessa who hissed
“Who’s old model huh?”she asked
Crystal looked away
“Did I say something,sis?”she asked and
Everyone laughed
“She’s really someone that brings smile to Everyone’s Face”they said looking at her adorably
She winked at them
“That’s Crazy Crystal for you so welcome me to your model’s world”she said spreading her arms
Then hissed
“This is where the lively and lovely song suppose to come in”she said eyeing them
And whistled
“Appreciation music mehn”she said snapping her fingers
All erupted in laughter and couldn’t just know if their ribs gonna cracked or intestines got wrong place
There’s people at the door peering inside
“She’s my daughter,our daughter Jane”Someone said among them and
An old but not so old lady nodded
“Yes true,our dear true daughter of the King’s”she replied and pecked the man
Granny sniffed
“She’s just so bright!”she said and
Grandpa wrapped his arms around her neck
“So true,dear”he replied
Xavier smiled
“Seeing her so bright and crazy like that makes me glow brightly”he said
Mrs Rosa nodded
“Oh she’s so bright huh,just as the day I saw her,she never change at all”she said smiling
They all nodded in agreement when someone hissed
“I doubt she’s bright cos she do kill me when I saw her and dull me too”They all turned
Glaring at the person and shouted on him
“It cos of your way,player man”they said and walked away leaving
Him dumbfounded
“Did I offend any of them?”he asked scratching his head wondering why they all shouted on him
Brenda walked up to him
“I hope you do perform at least tiny bit of your work today,B O S S”she said spelling the BOSS
He turned fiercely to her
“You just watch out huh”he said in between gritting teeth and walked away
Jeff and Jeremy laughed
“I think he’s gonna be serious for once”they both chorused
Sandra stepped on their toes
“Watch out for him”she said and rushes after Fred
Brenda clapped her hands
“Like player man,like his miss crush”she said and they laughed walking away
Soon,everywhere is full to the brims and now dears,we know that all the cars going on same direction is coming straight to the ‘MODEL’S SHOW DAY’ in Williams &Co.Model’s World Company as
They all sat down so beautiful and handsome in their different seats and their necks so straighten ui to look at the new models of the day
At the VIP seats is The King’s;the wife,husband and grandparents of the King’s
Then Mrs Rosa too with a man on a wheelchair looking so far into space like an alien in our world;gonna be strange to him which is Mr Cyrus himself who has been discharged from the hospital and have been on wheelchair since the bad occurrences and beside him is his son,Xavier who held his father’s hand tight without letting go and the wife held the second rubbing it every now and then
Sandra sat in the middle with Jeff at one side and Jeremy at the other side as they’re seen talking happily
Brenda stayed beside Clara:;her helper and they’re not far from the stage where the models gonna walk on and are also not far from the VIPs seat
Fred walked up the stage as he redid his tie so many times
“I hate this f**king tie and suits”he said hissing when
Brenda eyed him
“Better do well or I take uo your boss’s title”she said to her
Xavier smiled
“Go go,Bestie”he said and
Finally,he looked to a side to someone who can gave him a great strength
“I’m nervous much,Sandy”he said quietly
She too winked so lovely at him
“I believes in you that you can do it,Freddy”she said giving him er bright smile ever
And that did it as his hands left the innocent tie even the suits stay now perfect on him as he walked up the stage and
Did the acrobatic dance
“Holla Amigos”he said rolling the mic in his hands
Everyone laughed out
“Oh funny”they chorused
Crystal laughed
“He’s crazy too”she said pointing to the big TV in their own makeup hall and all the eyes there turned d to it and laughed too
Fred boweder
“Sorry calling you big and important people friends cos you’re more than that,you’re the pillar of this great model’s world but I called yyou all that cos through that we’ll be able toi interact as one and be abler to do today well as one soy thanks in addy,friends”he said before doing Micheal Jackson’s move and walked down the stage
Everyone clapped for him
“Oh sure”they said
Crystal sighed
“He’s grow up now huh”she said and
Vanessa laughed
“So mature and grow uo to fit his title as boss”she said and everyone nodded
The MC screamed
“Let.The.Show. Begin.Now!”he said and winked at the
DJ who wheeled the music
“Leggo!”he said cheering loudly
The light flickers were turned on as everyone sit right again even the stiff Cyrus so as to be able to see his dear daughter very well too and especially the lady who won his Hans son heart
One by one the models rock it out as they did different styles and clothes,shoes,jeweleries and bags both in unis£x own and everyone couldn’t just stop wondering as how everything is so wow and great
In the hall,it remain Crystal and Vanessa and
Crystal stood up
“Time to show the world”she said and
Walked crazily
“If I walk out like this sis,what will the people say?”she asked walking like a zombie
Vanessa laughed leaning on the wall.
“Rather than what they’ll say,how they’ll react is gonna be scary than saying”she said
Crystal nodded
“So crazy scaring”she said and they laughed
Clara peeped in
“Your turn dears”she said
They gasped
“Oh right”they said
Together they walked out side by side to the stage and their hair flickers,eyes glittering,body so wow and just muaah
They flapped the long how they wore and show their expensive bags,stilettos and jewelries
Crystal bent down winking and smiling at the crowds while Vanessa stayed right behind her rolling her curvy hair
Everyone gasped
“Isn’t that the best model ever,Vanessa Cyrus?”they all asked
Another smiled
“And the Lady in front of her is crazily awesome too”she said squeaking and
One beside her squeaked too
“I so much love her styles and everything about her;so crazy lady”she said and they smiled
The models all went inside and before they could say jack,they moved out again in another different styles entirely and this time,in groups and there’s two ladies in their middle
They circle round and round showing everything they wore and finally part way as Vanessa show up in her princess’s dressing and she flaunts her styles so wow ooo
All clapped as she make way for Crystal to come out and she’s wearing total black as she turned sideway winking and opened her mouth with one legs up
She twirled round
“Say yea yeah”she said and
Everyone follow suit
“Yea Yeah”they said laughing
She turned back to Vanessa and she too did same as others walked behind them,line uo and did the same styles before walking away one by one till the last lady which is definitely crazy Crystal
She smiled and smiled
“Didn’t I look like the cat lady in Batman?”she asked them as she twitched her eyes and winked
Xavier laughed
“This girl is damn crazy huh”he said laughing
Mrs Rosa nodded
“What’s with the cat lady?”she asked laughing
The King’s just scoffed knowing fully well that..
“Miss Crazy Crystal will definitely bring her craziness to the model’s world”as they just scoffed
A lady stood up among the crowd
“Your own cat lady is so beautiful and even so splendid and fantastical”she said raising her thumb up
Everyone nodded
“Awesome and fantastico”they said
Fred laughed
“Basketful of craziness”he said
Sandra looked at her
“Even tho she’s crazy,she rock her small world with that..I envy her”she said
Jeff nodded
“She’s someone who never give up,she’s perfect”he said
Jeremy tapped him
“That smile of hers,she never let go of it once no matter how she feels”he said and
They smiled
“She’s perfect in everything”they said
Crystal stood tall and searched among the crowd
“Is she looking for me?”Xavier asked
But nope,her eyes settled on the slime pigs and she raised a f**k off sign slowly
“I’m now in your high society even in front of the crowd with head uo and standing tall,slime pigs”she said and
They too where they sat seems to read her lips
“Heish”they hissed especially the blabbering mouth Jay
She then turned to her family,winked at them and then blow kiss to her darling heart owner,Xavi before
She shook her butts before walking inside again and hugged Vanessa tight
“I did it,sis”she said hugging her
She too hugged her back so tight
“We did it and now,we’re in the limelight”she said watching the TV and saw that it been show in Tokyo too and she knew for sure that useless ex boss of her in Tokyo will see it and regret for sure
And truly he did as he bit his lips
“I sent away a priceless jewel,oh Vanessa!”he said leaning weakly on his chair
And the whole Tokyo’s world of modelling hissed too
“F**k that her ex boss”they all said
So many customers were gotten that day and the salesgirl and boys almost collapsed as everyone order for one thing or more from the trends that all the models display and
Many shouted
“I want that best model’s own”they said
And uncountable shouted
“I want that crazy cat lady own”they all chorused
The News went off immediately
“In the world of fashion and model,a new lady took to the limelight as ‘Out Batman’s Cat Lady’ which is Crystal King known also as ‘The Crazy Crystal’ and she’s truly rocking the model & Fashion’s world together with ‘Our Best Model’ which is Vanessa Cyrus…
And this two is awesome and wow o in the world of fashion and modelling…
We’re so damn lucky in Verney’s city having this talented two and others among too’…
Every station both TV and radio and also worldwide all took the news and soon,William’s &Co.model’s world is far popular with the two rocking stars:VaneCrys
Brenda walked up the stage
“Thanks all and all for honouring the models show day and I hope you’ve a lot to buy and sells to the outside world and we’re so grateful”she said bowing and
Fred followed
“Isn’t it amazing too that we also have Cat Lady in Verney’s city as Gotham city have Batman?”he says and
Everyone laughed nodding in agreement
“So amazing truly!”they said exclaiming
Xavier rushed inside the hall
“Hey crazy girl”he said spreading his arms wide
Crystal blushed
“Oh Xavi!”she said and jumped straight into his arms as they hugged tightly
Vanessa hissed
“Where’s my guy too?”she asked and
Jeff laughed
“He’s here!”he said as they hugged tightly too
Sandra sighed
“I’ve to hug mine too”she said
Fred nodded
“I need the hug”he said as they hugged too
Brenda chuckled
“Where’s mine?”she asked
Jeremy gave her a back hug
“Hugging you already”she said and they all laughed
Crystal peeped out of Xavier’s arms
“You’re free to hug too,old people”she said eyeing her family and Xavier’s too
Mr Williams walked in
“We’re gonna do that too”he said
Mrs Williams nodded
“Of course,we’ll”she said supporting her husband
Brenda and Fred rushes to them
“Mom & Dad!”they said rushing to them
Crystal hissed
“No way you gonna hug them but face your lovers”she said shouting
Mrs Williams turned away with her husband and they hugged leaving Fred and Brenda sad while grandparents hugged too,Crystal’s parents hugged and Mrs Rosa bent down hugging her own husband
Crystal whistled

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“Back to your lovers,miss makeup and mister player man”she said and
Fred moved hugging Sandra while Brenda hugged Jeremy
“Oh Yeah yeah”they all chorused and
“PARTY TIME!”they shouted
Oh yeah,let’s go partying and celebrating dears