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Can Love Be Perfect. Episode 35

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I opened my eyes to the bright sunlight as it flashes straight to my eyes
“Oh it morning already!”I said exclaiming
Jeff smiled as he pulled the curtain apart
“Yes it is so wake up,sweetie”he said to me
I smiled and sprang up
“Let me take my bath then”I said and turned to see
Him licking his lips

“Oh!”he said
I turned my head sideway
“Why,Jeff?”I asked
He rubbed his chin
“I think I should take you on again seeing that”he said pointing at
Me and I lookes down
“Oh shit”I said going under the duvet as I saw that I’m stark n@ked
He laughed
“Ive get addicted to it this few month you stayed with me,Vanessa”he said walking towards me
I cuddled under the blanket
“No way this early morning,J”I said
He smiled and bent down to peck my head
“Morning damsel”he said pecking me before moving out
I blushed as he walked away
“Oh gosh!”I said smiling childishly
He looked back as he reached the door
“Hurry up and bath then come to eat,we’ve a lot to talk about”he said to me
I nodded
“Okay”I replied and he walked out
I hurried inside the shower and have a long and thorough bath before moving out to dress and make up
Afte like hours,I moved out of the bedroom to the sitting room and was so astonished to see the room have been decorated with lots of flower,candles and sweet perfume
In the middle is a beuatiful breakfast already dished out and
Jeff beckoned to me
“Come and sit down,sweetie”he said tapping the seat beside him
I sat down
“What’s the occasion,J?”I asked him
He looked up at me
“For eating breakfast?”he asked surprising
I shook my head
“For all this decorations and sweet smell?”I asked
He dug into his food
“Did you just observe that this is how my parlour use to look,Vanessa?”he asked again
I shook my head
“I mean the new stuffs here?”I asked
He on the TV
“Wow my lady”he said
I turned to the TV seeing myself so bold and clear with Crystal too as the leading and rocking models of our time
I smiled
“I did it here too,Jeff”I said smiling
He nodded
“Sure since my girl is a star that can’t go unnoticed”he said beaming happiy
We both smiled before continuing eating when he suddenly went on one knee
“Hey Vanessa”he said calling to me
I looked at him shaking already
“Yes jeff”I said
He smiles
“Hey best model”he said again
I turned to face him
“Yes J”I replied
He brough out a small box
“Will you be mine from now still ever as Mrs Willy?”he asked
I hit my head
“I’m hopeless,Jeff”I said
He sighed
“In what?”he asked
I touched my stomach
“Hopeless to have a child”I replied
He touched my hands
“Are you God,miss Vanessa Cyrus?”he asked
I shook my head
“No am not but…”he didn’t let me finished it as
He kissed me so deep
“I dont care cos I’ve God and if He didn’t perform His Miracles,then we’ll adopt so many children as you wants,sweetie”he said then
Opened the box

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“So pls say YES for my sake,Vanessa”he said pleading
I couldn’t hide my joy as I shook my head like agama lizard
“Yes yes,I’ll be your Mrs Willy and love still now and ever”I said happily
He beamed brightly
“Thanks for saying yes,sweetie”he said and slides yh rings on my third finger
I hugged him
“Thanks too,love”I said happily
We sat down again and continued eating but every now and then,he took a glannce at me while I focused on my ring
He laughed
“Common eat,sweetie”he said to me
I looked at him then back at the ring
“I just can’t believe you’ll date me not to talk of marrying me”I said
He held my hands
“Just as you know and we do learn from Xavier and Crystal that in this vast world,Love Is Not Perfect at all so for sure,the two persons in the Love won’t be perfect also wthout flaws”he said to me
I nodded in agreement
“You’re right but few people do know and that and so few people believes in it”I said and
Kissed him
“Thanks much”I said
He looked into my eyes
“One thing tho,sweetie”he said and
My heart goes thump thump
“What’s that,Love?”I aalked
He sighed
“I want you to go back home pls”he said and I loooked away
Before he turned my head to him again
“Through that,I’ll be able to come and do the necessary right on you so pls,for the sake of love and US”he said
That ‘US’ rang repeatedly in my ears so I nodded
“Ill go back home”I said
He smiled
“Oh yea and thats today”he said standing up
I stood up too
“No way”I said
He walked up the stairs
Let me help you in packing your stuffs”he ssaid and ran up to his bedroom
I hissed angrily
“I still wanna stay with him more”I said feeling irritated and felt like vomitting too
Soon,he came down
“I’ll take you first home before going to work so get ready”he said and moved outside with my luggage
I walked inside and sat on the bed
“Heish”I said
He entered and jumped on me
“You’ve no choice sweetie so let’s go if you don’t want me to get late to work and be lambaste by mother in law”he said and
I blushed so red
“Heeeiii” I said as he carried me up bridal style to his car
Soon,we’re on the highway as he drove slowly towards my home and I Leaned back on the seat
He tapped d me later
“Wake up sleepy head!”he said to me
I hisses d
“Isn’t yiu that didn’t allow me to sleep last nght”I said
He chuckled
“Or is it you always want and demand for more huh”he said and got down
He opened the door for me and I kicked his legs
“Ouch”he said in pain
I looked back
“My luggage pls”I said and walked majestically inside
I met mom feeding dad and cleaned all the salivas from his mouth as it dropped every now and then
I hugged them together
“Morning mom and dad”I said sniffing
They both looked up
“Oh darling daughter”mom said and pulled me in between them
I smiled
“I’m sorry to disrupt the love going in the air here”I said
Mom chuckled
“You’re not serious,Darling”she said
Dad tried and was able to lift a hand as he used it to rubbed my hair
I turned to him
“Are you saying I did great by disrupting it,dad?”I asked
He forced a smile and mom laughed too as we hugged
But then,dad touched my middle finger and pushed it slightly towards mom
She gasped

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“Jeff has propose so do you said YES,Vanessa?”she asked
I looked at Dad
“Seems your wife is old cos if I didn’t,she won’t see the ring on my finger”I said
Dad laughed and mom hit her head
“Oh that’s right”she said d and we laughed
The door opened and Jeff walked in
“Morning sir and ma”he said
Mom hugged him
“Thanks much,Jeff”she said to him
He smiled
“I should be the one thanking you rather”he said
I loooked up at him
“Pls takw care of the company, mom is not coming Today”I said to him
He nodded
“Okay bye ma’am and sir”he said and pecked them both then want to walked put when
I hissedtu
“And mine?”I asked
He want to peck me when I turned my lips to him and he gasped
“Am sorry,ma’am and sir”he said apologising
She laughed
“Be safe at work,dearie”she said to him
He winked at me before walking out and And soon,we heard a car moving away
I turned to mom
“Get dress for dad,we’re going ou t”I i said to them
She smiled
“OKAY”she said and pecked me
We both pushed the wheelchair inside while I moved out and soon,they came out and d we moved to the car helping dad inside the car,mom entered and d I top to the driver’s seat before driving out
I arrived at a restaurant and brought spme food before driving to the main road again and soon,I stopped at a place and we helped dad to b got down too
I pushed the wheelchair
“Follow us mom”I said
We walked for few minutes before arriving ay a large space where lot of family are dining and wining with each other
I looked up
“Hey Xavier”I said calling to him
He turned to us
“Oh dear family”he said rushing to us
He took dad from me
“I’ve a great space for us”he said
Pushing dad
“Follow me”he said
He took us far to the side of a big waterfall and we sat down as he brought lot of food out and I brought mine out too
We both shouted
“Oh delicious”we said
And mom smiles
“Thanks dears”she said
We all sat down eating when I sighed deeply
“Oh”I said
Brother turned s to me
“What sis?”he asked
I shook my head
“Nothing”I said
Mom touched my forehead
“You’re burning up,dear”she said as brother feed dad
I removed her hand
“I’m okay,mom”I said and
Stood up jumping up
“Here’s wow”I said jumping up when I felt dizzy and before I knew what is happening
I’ve fell down and some people rushes to my side
“Hey Vanessa”mom and brother called to me
Someone walked to us
“Let me see her”she said and
“I’m a doctor”she added
She checked me all over and smiled
“Oh dear,is this your first?”she asked me
I looked at her bewildered
“My first in what,ma’am?”I asked her
She turned to my mom
“She’s pregnant and how come you didn’t knew?”she asked and
Turned to Xavier
“Especially her husband”she said
I laughed so loud
“Is she kidding me,mom that I’m pregnant?”I asked
Xavier laughed too
“She’s kidding us that I’m your husband but when you’re doing it with Jeff,don’t you knew the outcome huh sis?”he asked
The lady gasped

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“Oh my mistake,I thought you’re the husband”she said
He shook his head
“She’s my sister,ma’am”he replied
Mom just looked so long at me then at dad
“Is this reality or a dream,dears?”she asked looking at us one by one
I looked at my tummy
“There’s a baby here?”I asked
Then at mom
“She said I’m pregnant”I said
She nodded
“It GOD”she said and hugged me so tight
Xavier turned to dad
“Being pregnant is great and expecting a baby is wow o”he said then
Pointing at us
“This two makes it look strange”he said looking at dad then us
Dad just stared at us too so happy while only Xavier is in total darkness of what’s really happening
But little did he know that IT GOD just as mom said
Hope have lost
Having baby is lost
Having true imperfect love is lost
Having someone who’ll accept me as I am is lost
I mean all
All Hope Is Lost
But look at the wonderful and miraculous work of Almighty
He did all in an amazing ways
He just surprise ME
He did it for ME
When all hops is lost
He did the unexpectedly
Isn’t that miraculous?
Isn’t that wonderful?
We managed to played till late night when Xavier took them home and I took my car straight to Jeff’s place
I knocked late in the night
“Hey Jeff”I said screaming so happily
He opened the door immediately
“I thought I told you to stay home and…”I didn’t allowed him to finsh talking before
Jumping happily on him
“I’m pregnant, Love”I said screaming to his two ear drums
He turned to me
“Come again,sweetie”he said not believing
I twirled round the room
“I said I’m Pregnant, love”I said
He ran after me
“Say it again,sweetie pls”he said
I faced him as I ran backward and screamed so loud even more loud
“I’m pregnant, lovey”I said and
He ran to me hugging me tight
“This is unbelievable”he said
I nodded
“So undoubt and unbelievable, love”I said
He kissed me so deep
“Our God never do leave or abandon His Own Ever,sweetie”he said
I nodded repeatedly
“He never did”I said ad
Spread my arms wide
“He Just Did It For US too”I said
He smiled
“What an amazing God who never cease to amaze us”he said and I nodded in agreement

He kissed me so hot and I responded more hot as he used his one leg to closed the door and then carried me up without breaking the kiss straight to the bedroom where we continued the repeating act
You wanna know the repeating act?
Then follow us inside our bedroom and see
But oh sorry,Light out