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Can Love Be Perfect. Episode 36

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I woke up so with mixed feelings and rushed inside the bathroom,have a trance bath and rushed out again with speed
“I’ve to be in school”I said rubbing my body with cream
I wore a short gown Nc comb my hair down
“I’ve to look my best today”I said and rubbed it with lotion
After getting dress finished,I took my purse and rushed to the sitting room
“Morning Dearie’s”I said hugging mom,dad then pecked grandparents
Mom smiles
“Seems someone is nervous”she said to me
I shook my head
“More nervous than when I walked first as a model”I said rubbing sweaty palms
Dad hugged me
“I always do knew that you’re a genius so all gonna be well”he said
Granny scoffed
“Never knew that a crazy girl could be nervous”she said
Grandpa winked at me
“Use tour craziness to knock it all off,Crystal”he said to me
I nodded
“That sure cos Crystal without craziness is not Crystal herself”I said and sat down
We all sat down and after observing a prayer,mom dished out the food and soon,we’re all eating with pleasure
I stood up after we all finished eating and packed the plates to the kitchen before waving at them
“Gonna go now,dears”I said
They all waved at me
“Wish you success, darling”they said
I ran through the narrow lane when someone parked beside me
“Get inside,crazy girl”I turned and
“What you’re doing here,player man?”I asked
He peeped out
“Don’t think I’m Xavier that will open the door for you huh?”he said and entered again
I smiled
“Player huh”I said and entered
Soon,I was at the school gate
“Thanks Freddy”I said
He almost hit me
“Don’t dare call me that cos it for…”he said halfway when
I cut him
“Only miss crush can call you that”I said and
Before he could say anything else again,I rushes inside the school compound but not without waving at him
“Don’t dare look at any lady except miss crush OK”I said and I could hear
Him muttering
“Heish!”he said before driving away
I entered the school and someone tapped me
“Hello Pega”I turned and
“Jeans!”I said exclaiming
She looked so different as she too wore a short trouser,pink top and packed her hair into ponytail
“How do I look,Crystal?she asked me
I knocked her
“Where went you before huh?”I asked
She chuckled
“Oh am here now,darling”she said and
Held my hands
“I want to be in model’s world too,Pega”she pleaded
I shrugged her off
“Just let us make our exam first and all will be plan,Speck”I said to her
She nodded

“I trust you”she said to me
We walked inside the big hall as the principal mounted the stage
“Hello dear students going to university soon”she said greeting us
We all bowed cheering
“Hi morning ma’am”we said to her
She waved at us
“Now let’s us see who make it to the next stage in education line”she said to us
A paper was rolled down and bodily we all see the names written on it and the wicked teacher moved to the front
“Stay where you’re and you’ll definitely sees your name”he said glaring fiercely at us
We all moved a little bit forward and straighten our necks
“Don’t rush or push each other or better still,line up”the principal said
A bundle of notes was wheeled out and each class teacher stood in front of his or her own class and the final year class’s five classes
Our names was called and finally after so long waited, I heard…
“Crystal King”I matched forward and collected my own result
I moved to a far corner not checking it yet then leaned on the ball post and breathed in three times
“Oh crazy mind”I said as my heart beats repeatedly
I tore the wrapper away,opened one eye and then tore the remaining then first looked at the name
“It truly mine”I said then opened it
With shaken hands
“Oh my”I said then
Suddenly stood right
“I do wrote the right answers so why shaking huh,miss Crystal King?”I asked and opened
It boldly
“I can do this”I said opening it then
Closed it again
“No I can’t”I said heavily
Someone tapped me
“Let me help you and you help me”I opened my eyes
And sighed
“Oh Jack!”I said exclaiming
She sat on the floor
“My blood is reducing every every second that I heave a sigh so pls let’s help each other huh,Crystal”she said to me
I laughed
“Wow so I’m now Crystal huh?”I asked and
Shook my head
“If you’re so sure of yourself and what you wrote down then you shouldn’t be losing blood or scare at all,miss bully Jack”I said
She laughed and rolled on the floor
“If yiu can say that to me then why can’t you open yours huh,miss crazy Crystal?”she asked me
I laughed crazily
“I’ve do open it and I make it so clear”I said
She nodded
“Okay so what is the name of the university you’re going to?”she asked
I looked at her bewildered
“Do they write the name of the university to it,Jack?”I asked
She clicked her tongue
“Tch tch tch”she said and
Stood up
“That means you’ve open it”she said
I turned my back to her and sighed
“God has been helping me so He’ll definitely do help me in this”I said praying
I opened the book and my eyes shone as I saw it so bold and clear as it written it total pass and even Verney Art’s University which is..
“The Best University Ever!”I said shouting and jumped up so happily
Jean rushed to me
“It total success,Pega”she said holding my hands
I screamed in joy too
“It total pass”I said as we twirled round and round
We heard some crying and saw the remaining four bullies crying
“We failed”they said sitting on the floor with deep tears
Jack rushes past them and held our hands too
“I’m so grateful that I make it too”she said and twirled us so round that we felt dizzy
I gasped and looked at the remaining four bullies crying terribly on the grass lawn while Jack is so happy with her success result and
I learnt a lesson
“Being the root of evil doesn’t mean you won’t make it but those who were pull into it always end uo having a bad ending”I said looking at happy Jack and the saddening four and
Sighed deeply
“But WHY?”I asked
Jack turned to me
“It cos despite being the root of bully cos I’m not evil,I do have time to read and read cos I’m a poor orphan and those four are rich even wealthy”she said and
Held my hands
“Those that are poor always have their future plan up if they don’t want to be trample on in the future so plan to succeed and success is sure”she said to me
I gasped

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“Oh really?”I asked
She shook her head
“Yes really cos I’ve no rich parents,no connections nor anyone so I’ve to keep my head up cos if the four didn’t make it,money and connection will help them but me have nothing at all so I’ve to buckle up”she said to me and
Screamed happily again
“And in the long run Crystal”she said and
Hugged me
“I DID IT!”she said and
“Thanks for the craziness you show me,I find that bully is nothing”she said and
Winked at Jean
“Success is sure now,friends”she said and ran away happily
Jean turned to me
“In life,never copy anyone or judge cos you don’t know what each face when they’re alone”she said
I nodded
“She’s a bully outside but a serious student inside”I said and shook my head
The four stood up
“Our dads will get this all work out”they said and walked away
I folded my hands
“So that’s how Jack would have been left alone to her destiny if she hasn’t buckle up as she said”I said
Jean smiled
“In my life,I’ll never ever follow my life with someone’s life”she said
I nodded in agreement
“Me too”I said and we smiled happily
The principal walked to me
“Hey Crystal”she said calling to me
I walked to her wide
“Hi ma’am”I said bowing
She held my hands
“How’s your result,child?”she asked
I smiled so bright
“I make it”I said and
Hughes her so tight
“Thanks so much for everything”I said and
She hugged me back
“Now go into the world and make a change cos no one can’t make it even if you start late”she said
Jean rubbed my back
“We’re all on the highway of success,some start late and some early but that doesn’t mean starting late will hinder you as long as you’re determine and be hardworking”she said
I smiled
“I said so wearing of your speck is not for nothing”I said and we all laughed
I whistled
“Hello success students going to university”I said and
They all turned to me
“Oh yeah”they said
Our teacher gave us caps
“Congrats dears”they said to us
I waved my cap in the air
“We did it”I said
They all screamed after me
“We truly did it”they said too
We all circled the teachers and do the bear dance
Long time ago
We read and read
And then
Did the work
But now
The results is out
And oh wow ooo
We all cheered and threw our caps up as the photographer snapped us immediately
Soon,I walked to the gate with Jean
“We gonna see in Verney Art’s university Right, Jeans?”I asked her
She nodded
“That’s for sure,Pega”she said and
We hugged so tight
“Bye and miss U,friend”we both says
We smiled at each other when a car parked
“How’s it,daughter?”I turned and
“Oh father!”I said rushing to his arms
And smiled
“I did it,dad”I said
He smiled
“I knew it you’ll did it”he said
Anyone can be a father but it takes someone special to be a DAD
And mine happen to be ONE!
“Thanks Dad”I said
We entered the car as soon as Jean entered her own old father’s car too and we waved
But instead of dad to go home,he drove to a beach and it was all lonely there
“Sorry honey,I’ll take the news home so enjoy here”he said and pushed me out
Before I could say jack,he has drive speedily away

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I stay rooted
“What’s this?”I asked when
Someone tapped me
“Congrats honey”I didn’t need
No sorcerer to tell me it..
“Xavi”I said happily
He hugged me so tight
“I do believes you will did it and you didn’t disappoint “he said hugging me tight
A tears fell
“Thanks for staying all way despite my imperfections”I said
He smiled
“I’m not perfect too so thanks for staying through all the hard tasks and did it finally”he said
We hugged and suddenly he carried me up and jumped into the sea as he swam with me on his back,then ate at the sea side and it was so great and fulfilling
In the evening,he gave me another cloth as we changed then he drove to his parent’s home
We entered and it was all dark
“Oh what’s happening,Xavier?”I asked trying to held onto his hand since he’s beside me
But oops..
“He’s not here again”I said and
“I’m gonna collapse this Mansion with my craziness if you don’t show up”I said and
Kicked something when someone groaned
“On the light before she kill me plsss”and
“Player man’s voice”I said chuckling
The light came on and there’s a giant cake with a cap and balloons and oh wow..
“Everyone is here!”I said exclaiming
There behind the cake is the best family on earth which is the King’s then the second best which is the Cyrus’s and then their lovers beside them
They all clapped
“She did it,yes yeah,she did it”they all cheered
Vanessa moved to me
“Stop trying to be mature and shed tears little”she said pushing me to the cake
Brenda smiled
“Cut the joyful cake,miss crazy Crystal”she said

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Fred sighed
“Can I sit down cos I’m feeling pain here?”he asked touching his knees
Sandra hissed
“So a crazy girl could make you feel pain huh”she said and we all laughed.
Jeff hissed
“Who does not knew a craziness ways could hurt not to talk of crazy kick?”he said
Jeremy rubbed Fred’s knee
“Oops sawry”he said
I hissed
“Can you all shut up cos I really wanna eat cake today huh?”I asked licking my lips as I looked at the giant cake
The King’s chorused
“The craziness came from cake for sure”they said and
They all laughed while I smirked
“No need using cake”I said removing my cap and dung it inside the cake taking half
Of it inside
“I give you the remaining”I said and
Went to sat down eating the cake
“But if care not taking,I’ll come and eat from the rest too”I said licking my lips
Mrs Rosa scoffed
“I thought cake are meant to be cut by knife
“she said
Xavier shook his head
“All cake but not Crazy Crystal’s own!”he said

I winked at him
“That’s so true,hat is better”I said and they all laughed
Foods and drinks were dished out as we ate happily as one connected family with love and even tho it not perfect,even tho the love have a greater flaws and it all from different people from different world…
We’re gonna walk so long in it and soon…
We all cheered with one sincere hearts