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I Sold My V. Episode 40

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( His royal Excellency)




I always knew this day would come. I just didn’t expect it to be so soon. That D*** Joshua doesn’t even appreciate her the way I do. He probably thinks she’s faking. I hate leaving them alone together, it makes me think of last time. When she called me in a panic asking me to come get her. He’s just not a good guy.

I love Valentina. There’s no denying it. We have been there for each other since we were kids. We have loved each other since we were teenagers.

He won’t take care of her, he doesn’t love her like I do. We went to college together, we traveled during those times. Those were the good times. I know her better than anybody, better than anyone ever will. I understand her, I know what she needs.

I leave my house and head over to her. I can’t believe I let her get away.

If only I hadn’t met April and she distracted me from what I really wanted. If only Valentina didn’t need the money for her mother so bad. She would’ve never met him. It would’ve been me and her. But all that’s too late now.

As I pull in the driveway, I mentally prepare myself for the conversation I’m about to have. I plan on telling Joshua about Valentina, or at least getting her to tell him.

I get out the car and walk to the door knocking on it. After waiting a while with no response I ring the doorbell and hoping Valentina opens the door.

Unfortunately, it’s Joshua.

“Can I help you?” He asked with an attitude.

“I came to talk to Valentina” I said with the same energy.

“You saw her yesterday, didn’t you?”

“Yes, but-”

“Then you should be fine” he cut me off. “She’s sleeping right now”

“I need her to wake up, it’s important” I pleaded.

“She’s needs her sleep. Come back later” he started to closed the door but I pushed it back open a little harder than I meant too. “Look if you have a problem-”

“You don’t know anything, I need to talk to Valentina!” I cut him off.

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“If you don’t leave I’m calling the police” He growled.

His eyes became dark, like he would kill me if I didn’t leave but I’m not going to leave. “I have to be there for her”

“She has me, she doesn’t need you” He spat.

“You don’t even know what she’s going through”

“What is she going through?!” He yelled in my face. I was about to push him back when I saw Valentina appear at the top of the steps.


“What’s going on?” I look up and Valentina was standing at the top of the steps. “John what are you doing here?” She rubbed her eyes. She looked small and skinny. Has she even eaten? She’s wearing his T-shirt.

“Did you tell him?” I asked her.

“Tell me what?” Joshua asked me. I looked at him but then back at Valentina.

“John” she said quietly.

“You need to tell him!” I said angrily. She can’t keep hiding it. It needs to be now.

“What is he talking about?” He asked Valentina.

“I don’t know” her voice sounded like she was crying. “John why are you here?”
“Its time” I said calmly.

“John what the f**k are you talking about?”

“She’s dying” I said looking at Joshua.

“What? What do you mean?” He asked me but I didn’t say anything. I just looked at him, feeling sorry that he didn’t know. “Dying? Dying how?!” He yelled to Valentina.

I walked to the bottom of the staircase, staring up at Valentina. “Come down” I said calmly.

She shook her head and rubbed her arm. “What am I supposed to say?” She cried out loud. “I don’t know”

“Come down” I said again.
She slowly made her way down the steps but stopping halfway through. “Joshua” she said.

“Come down” I said again. I just want her to come down, I just want to be close to her. To hold her.

“Joshua say something” she called to him.

I want her to come to me, not to him, to me. He doesn’t even care about her, he’s acting like he doesn’t.

“Why are you dying?” He finally asked her.

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She sighed and wiped her face. “I’m just sick, that’s all”

“The truth” I said.

“Please don’t make me tell you it’s not serious” she blinked and more tears came streaming down her cheeks.

“Tell me” He said in a rude tone. I was about to say something when Valentina started talking.

“Under my ribcage there’s an ingrowth that shouldn’t be there. It’s pressing into my lung and… if grows to big” her voice broke. “It will potentially burst my lung”

“H- how long have you had it?” He asked.

“My whole life”

“How do you control it?”

“I take medicine everyday”

“So… I’m going to lose you?”

I shook my head. I’m going to lose her. I’ve had her longer than he has. I can’t stand this son of a b***h.

“Joshua” she said sadly.

“If she gets surgery to get it removed, that could save her life” I added.

“Then why are we here?” He asked. “Let’s go, lets go get this done” He moved closer to the steps. Valentina shook her head and moved up a step. “Wha- are you scared I’ll hold your hand?!”

“Surgery’s too risky, if they make one tiny accident her lung explodes. She dies” I said as I looked up at Valentina. All I want is her… to be okay.

“What about your medicine?!” I yelled. “You can’t keep taking those?”

“My doctor bumped up my dosage this week, she said I have to decide on surgery”
She said.

“But” I interjected. “Those pills will take everything out of her, she’ll have no energy, she won’t be able move and after long, talk. Yea she’ll be alive but she won’t be able to live”

“And I don’t want that” Valentina whispered.

Joshua runs his fingers through his hair and looks away from the both of us.

“Come down Valentina” I beg desperately needing to be close to her.

“Joshua are you mad at me?” She asked eagerly.

Joshua didn’t say anything. He just stayed facing the other way. He’s such a jerk to her.
I head up the steps and whisper to her. “Give him some time” Then place my hand on her back leading her upstairs.

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When we get in the bedroom I close the door and she paces the room. “I need to talk to him” she says.

“He just needs some time to himself, Valentina”

“And I was going to tell him!” She yelled. “You didn’t have to come here and tell him yourself”

“I know but-”

“I know you don’t like him but you didn’t have to rub it in his face”

Was that what I was doing? Enjoying seeing the pain in his face? No I’m not like that because this is serious. “Rub what in his face? That fact that you’re dying?”

She crossed her arms and looked at me. She’s cute when she’s angry.

“He needed to know, I wanted to be here when it happened so I could help you”

“Help me what?” She asked quietly.

I meant to say comfort her. I just want to be with her. “I’m losing you too Valentina” I looked at the floor. “I’ve had you forever, it’s not fair that I don’t anymore… and maybe I’m being selfish but I don’t know how to not be”

She uncrossed her arms and looked at me. “John” she started but then stopped.

“I know everything wasn’t perfect before you met him but I had you and I don’t anymore”

She walked over to me and hugged me tightly. I closed my eyes and savored this moment. Her body’s warm and fragile and she’s short enough that I can put my chin on her head.

I smelled her hair and ran my hand over it. It smells like all the African oils she uses because her scalp gets dry and her hair get frizzy.

I bet Joshua doesn’t know that about her, I bet Joshua doesn’t know that she even went to college and wanted to become a scientist but she couldn’t because her mother got sick. These are this things that define her. These are the things that I know about her that I bet he doesn’t.

This is why I love her. I love Valentina.