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Finding Love. Episode 10

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Finding Love (episode 10)
Last episode!

There’s no mountain too high, ocean too wide and depths too deep, that two people in love can’t reach; provided with the fact that their love is genuine and pure. This world would be incomplete without ‘Love’ because everyone secretly craves to experience that beautiful feeling that comes with knowing that there’s just someone in your life other than God and your family, who loves you with all their heart and can’t do without you. Love is an extremely beautiful thing and if falling in love is wrong, then I never want to be right, Ever!

On hearing of Alex’s return from Canada in two weeks time, I almost collapsed due to the joy I felt at that moment, knowing that the love of my life was returning back to me soon. I suddenly became emotional and didn’t even know when tears of joy started falling off my eyes. “Baby for real? Please are you serious?” I soberly asked, “Totally babe, I can’t wait to hold you in my arms once again” Alex confidently replied.

At that moment, I couldn’t properly explain how I was feeling. My whole body was numb and suddenly grew cold; I guess it’s because the news was too much for my heart to bear. After like a year plus of Alex being away, he was finally coming back to me. Have you ever received a good news that left you speechless and in tears? Well, this was one of those news for me.

We talked for a little while longer after our emotions had calmed down. Alex informed me that he’ll make his first stop at my house before going back home to see his parents. I was so excited and asked him what meal he wanted me to prepare for him; “Just surprise me with any food babe” Alex said and I smiled.

After the call ended, I got up from my bed and started dancing for joy. I danced, jumped, laughed, cried and blushed all through the remaining hours of that day. My emotions were out of control but I didn’t bother to care. “Yeaaah! My baby is coming back, Lord thank you so much for bringing him back to me safe and sound” I said to myself as I wallowed in my happy state.

From that day henceforth, I started counting down to Alex’s arrival day. You need to see the way I started glowing and surprisingly added a little weight. I smiled and blushed every now and then till my friends started suspecting that something was up with me.

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Alex called me regularly and told me all the beautiful things he couldn’t wait to do to me. I blushed whenever he told me how much he wanted me in his arms. The feeling was mutual because I had missed every single thing about Alex and couldn’t wait to be in his warm arms again.

Every night, I would cuddle my pillow and imagined it to be Alex. I blushed whenever I thought of him and smiled whenever I remembered that he would be coming home to me soon. I was like a bride that couldn’t wait to be joined forever, with the man she loves. Love is truly a beautiful feeling!

The D-day we had been waiting for finally came. Alex’s flight was in the evening so that meant he was to arrive the country before 12pm the next day. I prayed with him on video call before he went onboard. We said our goodbyes before the call disconnected.

All through that night, I was restless and couldn’t stop praying for safe journey. My brother called to inquire if Alex had left Canada yet and I informed him that his flight had already departed. My brother was happy and told me not to worry, that Alex would return safely. I was a bit relieved due to my brother’s kind words of assurance and finally laid my head down to sleep.

I woke up very early the next day and said my morning prayers. I didn’t forget to put Alex in my prayers and asked God to bring him back safely to me. After my morning devotion, I had to go to the market that morning to get some food stuffs I needed, in order to prepare what Alex would eat when he returns.

Fortunately for me, I was able to get all the items I needed in the market. After shopping, I hurriedly returned home and started cooking. Luckily for me, there was no class that day so I had alot of time to prepare for Alex’s arrival. I kept my phone close to me so I wouldn’t miss his call when he arrives.

After a while, my phone rang and I hurriedly looked to see who was calling. My heart leaped for joy when I saw Alex’s name on my phone screen. I picked and started screaming without even allowing him to speak.

“Babbbbbyyyyyyyyyyy! Welcome back home” I screamed with joy and Alex started laughing. “I just arrived now and I’m taking the next flight to get to you” he said and I blushed. “Awwwn, I love you. Hurry and come home!” I said and Alex chuckled, “You’ll see me soon, just send me your new house location” he said and ended the call.

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After the call ended, I sent my location to him and started rushing what I was doing so I could finish up before Alex shows up. I cooked two different meals and had to tidy up the whole kitchen so I could do other things. I finished everything I was doing on time and laid on my bed to watch a movie showing on the television. To be honest, my mind wasn’t on the movie but on Alex.

I checked my phone every now and then, in expectation of his call but none was coming forth. I tried to call his number but it wasn’t reachable. I suddenly became worried and laid on my bed, as I was lost in thoughts.

Turns out that Alex wanted to surprise me so he didn’t want to let me know he had arrived at my house. He showed the gateman my picture and asked him for directions to my apartment. When the gateman asked who he was for security reasons, Alex informed him of whom he was to me and told the gateman that he just wanted to surprise me.

After a long while of waiting, I heard a knock on my door and went to see who was knocking. Initially, I thought it was my neighbour so I wasn’t wearing an excited countenance. I sluggishly walked to the door to open it and almost dropped dead when I saw Alex leaning handsomely on the door frame.

“Hey baby” he said, “Alex!” I screamed and jumped on his body. It was too good to be true and I needed some time to wrap my head around the reality that the love of my life was back home. “Baby is this truly you?” I asked and hugged him tightly, “It’s me babe, I’m never leaving you again” he replied smiling.

I was still on his body and didn’t want to get down. Alex kept smiling all through and didn’t bother to drop me down. He held me with one hand and used the other hand to carry his luggage inside. I laid my head on his shoulder and started sobbing because everything was too good to be true.

I missed Alex so much and didn’t want to take my eyes off him; I missed his scent, hug, touch and smile. Alex was able to carry his two luggage inside and finally shut the door. I still didn’t want to get down from his body, so Alex carried me and we both laid on my bed. “Chi chi, I miss you my darling. Don’t cry, I’m here now and I’m all yours” he said as he wiped the tears in my eyes. “I wasn’t the same without you and lost a part of me while you were away. You are my heart and I never want to be away from you again” I said.

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The atmosphere was beginning to get heated with emotions and feelings. Alex moved closer and planted a soft kiss on my lips; Oh! how I missed those lips. I reciprocated and we kissed passionately for a little while then stopped afterwards. Alex looked into my eyes and said “You were worth waiting for my love”, I smiled and we stared into each others eyes and cuddled tightly afterwards.

When you love someone genuinely, just a hug from them can mean the whole world to you. We sobbed quietly as we hugged each other because we needed some time to fully come to realisation that we were together again. It was an emotional day for both Alex and I. We couldn’t even eat the food I cooked because we were still caught up in the moment.

Our relationship had passed a very hard test and obviously looked like we were headed towards the right direction. At that point, there was nothing that could break us anymore because we had overcame what could have broken us.

Life is sure filled with uncertainties but with Alex, I felt protected and secured because we had seen it all, so whatever uncertainty life had wouldn’t be too big a deal for us to handle together. The future looked beautiful and we were excited to see everything unfold gradually at it’s appointed time.

Anyone that ever told you to give up on ‘Love’, never did you good. It doesn’t matter what your love life might have looked like in the past, Love is still winning and can still knock on your door if you let it.

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Don’t ever give up on love even if you had previous bad experiences. There’s a man or lady out there, who wants and needs you in their life so don’t shut the doors to your heart too soon. Let love find you and make sure to make yourself available for it. Smile, because you would be greatly loved and appreciated some day.

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