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A Wife For The Prince. Episode 18

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???? A Wife For
The Prince ????

????(The girl in my dreams)????

Episode 18
By Simrah Saeed

Zoey’s POV

I gulped down nervously as he asked me to sit beside him.
I am very scared and frightened!

” Miles ” his deep voice came in while I glanced at him in confusion grabbing nothing from the word he just uttered.

He chuckled seeing the confusion on my face and I looked away instantly.

His eyes are very cold and dark! I can’t bring myself to look at him in the eyes.

The very man I just gave myself to, the man that already claimed the possession of me.

” My name is Miles ”

I jumped away in fear immediately his hand landed on my bare back!

” Sit right back pretty ” his said in a firm yet cold voice.

Gulping again, I walked back to him like a kid and sat down.

If I had knew things will turn out this way, I wouldn’t have planned on harming Alyssa but since I already gave out my body, there’s no going back.

Even if I can’t have Prince Ryan, I will make sure Alyssa goes through hell!
That’s definitely a promise.

He hand went back to my back caressing it gently while I gritted my teeth.

He ran his hand into my shirt and his hand stop below my boobs.

” I am the gang leader of my squad so tell me pretty ”

He paused as ripped off the hook of my bra . Very roughly!

Is he really going to do this again?
He stared down lustfully at me roaming his eyes on my body.

I could see his eyes getting more darker and colder.
Is he like this?
Every of his feature scares me like shit!

What have I gotten myself into?

! I don’t want anything now, all I want is to go home.

Mum will be really worried and it’s getting dark .

Humph! I sighed fearfully !

” What brings you to my safe haven?” He whispered into my ears.

I shifted uncomfortably at our close proximity!

Oh God! I shouldn’t have. I should have just stayed there like a statue!

He roughly pulled my hair and I winced in pain.

” Do not ever ! I repeat do not ever try to loosen up from my grip or touch ”

His voice thundered in the room while I gave him a frightened nod.

I wish I could cry but I couldn’t! No tears were coming down.

He gripped my wrist tightly. Ouch ouch! It hurts!

He’s not just a psychopath, he’s a bipolar!
How can one be this angry over little thing?

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His grip on my hand tightened and his long fingers pierced through my skin.

Blood gushed out from my wrist!

” M… Miles, please you are hurting me ” I whimpered through seethed teeth.

I could see his face dissolved , his forehead slowly loosened as he stared down at my bleeding arm.

He quickly let go and shifted back then again, his cold expression was back to his face.

” I hate to hurt you pretty, do not disobey me” his eyes flickered to my hand again and he frowned.

” Sit ” he commanded and I ran to the bed and sat quietly.

My hand is hurting and the bleeding won’t stop .

He went to the other side of the room and came back with a first aid kit.

” Stay put, it will sting a little ” I yelped as he added something like spirit to my hand.

Is this the little he said? It hurts like hell!
He brought out some wool cleaning it.


” Done ” I nodded without glancing at him while he sat down beside me.

Humph! How do I tell him that I want to leave? What if he wouldn’t let me?

The thought of that brought nothing but fear in me .

He can’t possibly keep me here, he will kill me eventually! I can’t stay with a psychiatric disorder!

” I have assigned some of my boys to watch your every move, I can get you anytime and day pretty. You are mine understood?”

You are mine!

You are mine!

That’s just the one thing I don’t want to ever hear from his mouth!

I am not his, is this how I will become a stranger’s possession? A mad person at that!

” I said did you understand pretty?”

I know my life just ended! Nothing! Nothing good will ever happen again with Miles in my life .

He just started it clearly that I am his! I wish I can do something to stop all this.

” Y..yes ” I stuttered choking on my spit.

” Good! You wanna say something?”

I bit my lower lip in fright of the reaction I might get.

I don’t want him to get angry and hurt me anymore! I have had enough in a day!

” Speak up ” he toned!

” I..I…..” I paused and took in a sharp breathe!

” C…can I leave please?”
My hand gripped the sheet waiting for him to slap me but no reaction .

I gilted my head towards him to see him staring at me .

He snuggled closer to me and wrap his hands around my waist possessively .

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” I will let you go pretty but till then, tell me what brought you here ”





???? Ryan ????

” Aunt Lissa, did you love her?”

What? I wasn’t expecting that!!
I narrowed my eyes at her while she stared curiously at me expectantly waiting for my answer.

” What brought that thought to your mind Mela?” I asked with a furrowed eyebrow.

” That doesn’t matter brother, you promised to tell me the truth so puh lease keep to it and tell me, you don’t have to hide it you know ”

She winked at me while I blinked in disbelief. Seriously? I am very certain Scarlett is teaching her all this.

Of course I do love Alyssa, very much that I can’t even describe how I feel for her but can I trust Mela with this little secret if mine?

It will surely escalate! My remaining sisters will know about it and they will begin to tease me.

” Bro? ” Her tiny voice echoed in my ear and I stared at her.

Sometimes I wonder if she’s just fourteen, she behaves like twenty!

I dropped my laptop and took her hands in mine.

” Promise me you won’t tell anyone, not even Alyssa ”

Her face beamed knowing that I was going to tell her the truth.

” A pinky promise bro, I won’t tell anyone ” she replied almost immediately interrupting my thoughts m

I sighed running my hands through my hair.

” I love her Mela but…..”

” No buts, that’s just what I wanted to hear. Oh my God! I am so happy right now, I knew you love her , I just wanted to confirm ”

She squealed jumping from the bed and running off to the door.

No! No! This is no good!
I ran after her grabbing her by the arm.

” You promised not to tell anyone remember? ”

” I know right, I am just too excited. ”

Seriously? Why’s she excited?

She held my hand firmly taking me back to the bed! I am so done with!
I have a freaking presentation to make!

” Mela I have some work to do ” I said sincerely.

” It can wait after all you are the CEO ”

” Mela ..”

” Stop complaining please ” she whined and I groaned.


” When are you going to tell her?”

My head snapped to her immediately she said that. Huh?

I am going to tell he but I didn’t plan it anytime soon.

Thinking of her rejecting me, that scares me a lot but I won’t let her go though.

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” I don’t know Mel, I am scared of rejection ”
I replied plainly.

” C’mon bro, I believe she won’t turn you down and guess what?” She squealed again like a baby

” What?”

Her eyes glint in excitement and that made me curious.

” I think she loves you too ”

I showed on my spit and scoffed.

” What made you think so?” I narrowed my eyes.

Could that be true that she loves me too?
A warm sensation shot through my body imagining how it will be easy to get if she have feelings for me.

” I know so bro, I want to be a psychologist remember? And I can read minds ”

” Don’t worry, I have a perfect plan that will bring you two together ”


???? Alyssa ????

” Are you going to stare at me like that? no attack? ”

I asked Lucan in a mock tone.
He stood still unable to comprehend everything!

” Can’t you talk?” I snapped my hand in front of him .

” Is he getting on your nerves my princess? We can get rid of him if you order us ”

One of the guards assigned to be said and I shook my head.

” You don’t have to worry, I am enjoying the look on his face ”

I could see him becoming nervous! Royalty is power! I just feel like God’s favourite right now!

” my… princess ”

Oh God! I need to hear that from him again. Lucas just stuttered! And he bowed! Bowed to me!

I throw back my head laughing devilishly!

Walking towards him, I stopped inches away from him .

I could see his fears increasing just like I want.

” I can’t believe you can be this scared and humble ”

” You are lucky I am heading somewhere Lucas , I could have ordered my guards to roast your diçk right away ”

” I will sure see you again right? ”

” Yeah right”

I replied myself sarcastically.

” Till then Lucas ”


I came down from the car . One of the maids held up my dress while the other aired me.

I walked towards Irene’s door thinking of some lame excuses I will give her.
I know she will be very mad at me.

The door opened before I could reach there and a guy came out!

Irene doesn’t have a brother so who is he?

I frowned staring at him! He looks familiar!

When he turned and I finally got to see his face.

My blood dried immediately! No, him? What’s he doing here? In Irene’s house?

Like Raphael?