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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 96

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 96


“I love you Scot.” I said.

He did not say a word still but fell to the bë;d with më.

I fell from his back to the bëd. He wanted to stand but I drågged him back.

“Where did you think you are going?” I asked and he turned to me.

“Where can’t I go?” He asked.

“If you did not tell me you love me , forget about leaving here.” I said and instead of talking, he placed his mouth on mine and kissed me.

He disengaged and said ; “Push your tongues out.”

I wondered why he said that but I obeyed nevertheless.

He swallowed my tongue and s–ked it, I did the same for him too.

“Sweet poor girl.” He said and smiled.

“Poor? No, I’m not poor anymore, I’m rich now.” I said.

“When you finally become my wife, you will have access to all my money, it is then that that you can call yourself rich.”He said.

” You are proud.” I said.

“I love you too.” He finally said and I smiled.

He walked to the bathroom.

My phone rang and I picked without even checking whom the caller was, I was so happy that I forgot to check.

“It’s a game all along, the guy is your boyfriend? I suspected all this while, wow!” The chef said.

“So, now that you know, what will happen? come for us?” I asked.

“I’m now a changed man, I told you that already, but does that mean I have no hope in your life again?”He asked.

” You never had one before, even if you were the last man remaining on earth, I’ll still not love you.”

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“It means that I’ve lost my arms in vein?” He said.

“Exactly and you should give up totall, , find other women that will satisfy your needs.”I said.

” How I wish, Brenda, why did you want to turn me into the man I had left, why did you want to make me evil again?”He asked.

“In other words, you will come for us?”

“I can’t lose my arms in vein, don’t you get?”He asked.

” Death awaits you if you try it, I puty you in advance.” I said and hung up.

I wasn’t willing to listen to anything he had to say anymore

Scot walked out of the bathroom nã-Këd.

“Scot!” I shouted his name in surprise as my face went directly to his big d—-!K