February 4, 2023

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Dirty Housewife. Episode 2

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???????? Dirty Housewife ???? ????

????️???? Episode Two????️????

???? Kachi ????

I brought out the beautiful clothes I took along with me and made sure my dirty friend had a cool nice bath.

I ordered her to wear the clothes and when she was done dressing up, I sighed appreciatively.

Nancy is such a beautiful girl but this her dirtiness has killed her!

“Now you look awesome! The guys there are gonna die! ” I laughed.

Nancy rolled her eyes and we went out of the house.

We took a bike to our destination. It was midday and the party hall was already going on.

Nancy and I occupied a table and the servers quickly brought us wine.

Nancy coughed right inside her wine without covering her mouth.

I looked around and was glad no one was watching her. I pinched her on her arm.

“Ouch!” She cried and glared at me.

“Why would you do that!” I whispered angrily at her. ” Even here?

Ogini zi?” She asked.

Just then I saw my workmate, Esther who was celebrating her fifth marriage anniversary.

I quickly stood up. “Nancy…I will be right back. Let me quickly congratulate my workmate.” I said and walked towards Esther.

???? Nancy ????

I belched loudly but I knew no one heard me because of the loud music.

I felt like easing myself and quickly got up.

I walked towards a door at the inner part of the hall and entered.

I eased myself and came out to find some guy waiting outside.

He glared at me. “Aunty, did you even look up at all? Didn’t you see the sign post at the door top?”,he asked and I glanced up the door with a frown.

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” Male. En en?, Wetin come happen?” I asked.

” This place is for male only.” He said.

“Oh…. male piss and female piss….abeg, wetin be the difference?” I asked him.

” Just follow instructions madam”. Be matured enough.” The stupid guy said and that got me angry.

” So are you opening that useless mouth of yours to tell me I’m not matured? Are you mad?” I asked him getting ready for a fight.

“Do you now want to beat me?” He asked with an amused look.

” See I will beat you and beat all your generations join. Are you mad!” I yelled at him.

I heard movement behind me and turned to see another guy walking up to us.

“And what’s happening here?” I heard him ask in a very deep voice.

???? Patrick ????

Even watching the action girl from the back,I knew she was gonna be beautiful.

But what’s a beautiful girl doing with a guy in front of the rest room?

They were quarrelling. I noticed when I got closer.

“What’s going on here?” I asked as soon as I got to them.

The girl turned to look at me and I hid a smile. I knew she was gonna be gorgeous.

“Bro….this girl is insane.” The other guy said and walked into the rest room.

” It’s your generations that are insane. Look at his head like ‘molue’ head light.” The girl shouted after him and I almost laughed.

” It’s okay.” I said instead.

I escorted her back to the party and just few conversations with her,I quickly liked her immediately.

She was so lively and full of fun.

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I asked her for a dance and she quickly took my hand, dragging me to the dance floor herself.

I laughed as we danced together.

I’m not really a fan of many women but meeting her that day,I knew I had to keep in touch with her. She made the party more enjoyable to me.

???? Kachi ????

I watched with amusement as Nancy danced with the strange guy and was like laughing.

A whole Nancy? With a guy?

Well…I couldn’t blame her though cos the guy looked like a prince.

Young…. richly dressed and composed.

I walked towards Esther who was busy laughing with another work mate.

“Who’s that guy?” I asked her pointing at Nancy’s direction.

“Oh the guy with your friend? That’s Patrick.

He just got back into town from the United States.

He’s a childhood friend to Jimmy my husband.

And I heard he’s searching!” Esther whispered and we laughed.

” I’m still waiting for the lucky lady to show up. Maybe it’s you.” Esther said and laughed again.

” Me? Abeg, where do you want me to put my Akin? Please oh. But I think he likes Nancy.

Just look at the way they quickly relate.” I said looking at them as they walked over to a table to sit after the dance.

“I noticed that too. I mean….Patrick doesn’t talk much.

He’s a decent guy. Nancy will be very lucky to have him as her man. ” Esther said and I nodded.


And they look perfect together. Maybe Nancy’s life will change when she finally have a man in her life.

I watched on and suddenly, some grains of rice fell off Nancy’s spoon as she was about to push it into her mouth.

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Oh no! I watched in horror and got ready to run to stop her cos I knew what she’s gonna do next… in front of Patrick.


Everyone knows
what’s she’s going to do next ????????????????