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Dirty Housewife. Episode 9

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???????? Dirty Housewife ????????

???? Episode Nine????

???? Nancy ????

I woke up the next morning and looked around the guest room.

I went out and got the broom stick and started sweeping the floor.

After that, I dusted the blinds and curtains, changed the bedspread and took the old one into the laundry room.

I put out my used clothes too and dumped them into the washing machine.

After that, I looked at myself in the mirror and touched my hair.

I sniffed my hand and gasped. It really smells!

I walked into the bathroom and stripped myself before turning on the shower.

I washed my hair and body thoroughly.

After taking my bath, I walked back into the room and put on one of my newest clothes.

When I looked into the mirror, I saw something different.

I saw a different person… A different Nancy.

I walked out of my room satisfied with my look.

???? Patrick ????

I knotted my tie in front of the mirror, hastily dressing up for work.

Lucy didn’t wake me up and I overslept.

I’m the boss though but I hate getting to work late. I love living by example.

“Good morning darling.” Lucy greeted, looking at me from the bed.

I turned briefly to look at her. “You don’t have to call me that here.” I replied.

“Come on. I’m just being more effective.” She said and laughed.

Suddenly,I felt her arms around me. I stood still and sighed.

“We don’t need this,Lucy. What are you doing?” I asked, giving her a side ways look.

” Just wanna do this, Patrick. You don’t expect me to completely ignore you while pretending to be your wife?”she asked and I turned around to look at her.

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” Now, what’s that supposed to mean?” I asked.

Lucy shrugged and sighed. “It’s hard pretending.

Just want you to touch me just once… please” she said and before I could say anything,she threw her arms around my neck and started kissing me.

She pulled me towards the bed,her legs wrapped firmly against my body.

I tried to protest but she stripped naked and things got out of hand.

She was an expert and I found it hard to escape. She grabbed my d**k and rubbed gently till I became hard and carried away.


“This shouldn’t have happened between us!” I yelled angrily as I smacked my head.

I realized what we were doing after the deed had been done.

I was so ashamed of myself. I decided I would end this game with Lucy and make up with my wife.

Things were fast getting out of hand.

“I’m sorry…. I couldn’t keep my feelings secret anymore. ” Lucy said touching my back.

“Get your hands off me.” I snapped at her and get off the bed.

I dressed up quickly, already late for work.

I opened the door and walked downstairs to behold the most striking view of my life.

Setting the dinning was Nancy, looking so changed and beautiful.

I swallowed hard and stared on. She looked extremely beautiful and sparking!

???? Nancy ????

“Breakfast is ready.” I said once I set eyes on Patrick.

He walked towards the dinning, his eyes on me.

I tried hard not to blush…the way his eyes lingered on my body.

He must have noticed the difference too.

“Good morning.” I greeted softly.

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He sat down still looking at me. ” You look different.” He said.

I nodded. “I figured out why you changed towards me.” I replied, serving his breakfast.

I caught him smiling. “Why?”

“I was dirty. Extremely.” I replied and sat opposite him.

He looked into my eyes and held my hand from across the table. “Finally.” He sighed and I looked at him.

” I’m sorry if I made you do something unpleasant. Never realised I was destroying my home.” I said and sighed knowing fully well that it was too late.

“It was all a game.” Patrick said suddenly.

I looked at him. ” What? What game?” I asked.

“Lucy. She’s not my wife. It was just a game to correct you.” He said with a smile.

I gasped. “What?” I exclaimed.

Just then, Lucy came down laughing.

“Lies! Lies!! Don’t get too excited,pig. It isn’t a game.

I’ve decided to make it real!”She snapped.

” Are you crazy? What the hell are you talking about?!” Patrick fired back.

” Oh… Look at this man. So you think you can use me anyhow and dump me?

You think you can sleep with me and toss me into the trash can? ‘ she yelled into Patrick’s face.

I gasped and stood up. They had sex already?

I was so heartbroken.

How could he do this to me?

I turned and ran out of the dinning center.

“Nancy! It’s not what you think! Nancy!” Patrick shouted but I didn’t look back.

I only ran into my room with the intention of packing my things.

It really was too late to make amendment.

???? Patrick ????

“You witch!!” I roared, trying so hard to control myself from hitting her as she laughed.

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“It was all a game! Why are you causing trouble?” I asked.

“Oh really? You call it trouble? No, husband!

I call it being sharp. Like very sharp! What do you take me for? No, what really do you take me for?

Some piece of trash? That you can toss into the waste bin? Now let me tell you this.

We had a great sex yesterday night and it means a lot to me. Get that into your head! “She said into my face before walking off.

I groaned and tightened my fists. What am I gonna do now? What really am I gonna do?

???? Lucy ????

Imagine? So, this guy actually thought that he could use me and dump me then go back to his pig of a wife, hun?

I laughed as I got into my room and started thinking of what to do.

How I wish what we did last night would result into a pregnancy. Hmm….they will be cool.

Pat is my dream man…. he’s got everything a woman would want from a man.

He’s handsome,so rich,brave and hard-working!

I would be a fool if I should walk away without anything.

I must be smart and sharp here. Who comes into such a lovely house as a wife and go back?

Am I stupid?

If he must go back to his pig of a wife,then he will have to marry me too.

That’s it.

Oh….how I wish I’m gonna be pregnant.

I will have to visit the hospital soon. Perhaps…..this sex we had would turn into pregnancy.

I smiled and laughed again as I fell on the bed ……..