October 3, 2022

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She Belongs To The Kitchen. Episode 13

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Junior! Deborah! come here immediately ** Stephen called his kids who were watching movies after they woke up from sleep**

Both: yes daddy

Stephen: sit down, I want to talk to you both about something important

Deborah: OK daddy, what is it

Stephen: Its about the house chores, from now on each and everyone of us will be partaking in it, we will not let your mother to be doing it alone. So starting from today… Deborah you will be the one washing all used dishes in the kitchen and you will be helping out when ever your mother is cooking. any day I see you doing something else while your mother is in the kitchen, I will give you hot strokes of cane. Do I make myself clear!

Deborah: yes Sir

Stephen: good! Now your turn Oga, you will be the one sweeping the house. do you understand me!

Junior: ooooooh daddy but I don’t know how to sweep.

Stephen: Don’t worry, I will teach you

Junior: hmmmm daddy you……

Stephen: listen the both of you,your mother has been the one doing all the those things, she never had time for herself and we were too blind to see it but thank God I have realized my mistakes and I will try to make amends. I will be helping her in the little way I can and also try to make those works lesser for her, we are family dear, so we are bound to help each other that way, we will live happily ever after. do you agree with me?

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both: yes daddy

Stephen: Good the work starts now. so to your duty post while I go get my wife…. **he picked up his car key and rush outside**


As Betty was packing her cloths for tomorrow, her phone started ringing

Betty: Hello love how are you doing, I know you must be enjoying with your husband

Debbie: please come over to my office right away.

Betty: I thought you left already, hope all is well

Debbie: just come please

Betty left what she was doing and rushed to Debbie’s office looking worried. on getting to her besty office she saw Debbie crying her eyes were already swollen.

Betty: Oh my goodness! Debbie sweety what is wrong? why are you crying? I thought you went home already to tell your husband the good news. please say something to me

Debbie: You won’t believe what I saw when I got home.** she started crying again. Betty went closer to her and hugged her warmly, patting her on the back, ” baby girl, its alright. no matter what happened you don’t need to be crying like this. you know your condition. its alright dear, I’m here for you . all is well my sister.

Debbie: I saw him trying to rape blessing, Vick tried to rape my sister.

Betty: Oh my God! Vick did what? no no no, its not true, the Vick I know would do no such thing.

Debbie: I saw it with my own eyes, my sister was even crying. my innocent little sister. oh poor thing!

Betty: how did you know he was trying to tape her

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Debbie: blessing said so, I know she can never lie to me and I trust

Betty: and you don’t trust your husband?

Debbie: its not like that. I ….

Betty: then what is it like? tell me? you have been living with your husband for years has he ever in any way cheated on you?

Debbie: No. but

Betty: let me finish. he has never cheated on you, even when you have been denying him of his right. even when you have not been fulfilling your obligations as a wife. even when you have been selfish. even when you have been taking him for granted, taking his quietness as foolishness yet he remain faithful to you. now your sister told you that he tried to rape her, instead of you to look deeper into the matter you all bought what your sister told you because you claim to trust her, and that she is innocent… dear don’t forget that not all that glitters is gold.

Debbie: its not like that dear. just that he might have tried to force her because I have been starving him of it.

Betty: Oh! so you even know you have been starving him of sex. you have not been doing what you should be doing. yet you never consider how he must be feeling. even if he had tried to do it. I don’t blame him one bit. you are to be blame Debbie! you are!