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A Wife For The Prince. Episode 19

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???? A Wife For
The Prince ????

????(The girl in my dreams)????

Episode 19
By Simrah Saeed Hareerah

???? Ryan ????

This girl is so unbelievable!

She giggled rolling to the other side of the bed while I stared at her

” If I may ask, what’s this your PERFECT plan?” I asked emphasizing on the ‘ perfect ‘

” I will let you know when I am done or should it just be with me? I don’t have to tell you right?” Mela asked.

She can be very mischievous! What in God’s name is she planning on doing?
How is she going to bring us together?

I pouted my lips like a baby which made her chuckle.

I can be very playful around my sisters! That’s how free I am with them.

” Tsk tsk tsk!! Even with that cute pouted lips, I am still not going to tell you ” she said blatantly!


” That’s not fair Mela ”

” Everything is fair in love Prince Ryan, you have some works to do right? I need to excuse you ”

With that, she climbed out of the bed and freaking left!

I need to ask Mum if this sister of mine is reincarnated! She behaves way to mature than her age.

I sighed resuming my work again, thanks to Mela, she has succeeded in wasting half of my time.

Thinking about what that little girl will be planning made me curious.

Whatever it is , it’s going to be good! I know it’s definitely going to help me.

And maybe, it’s high time I confessed my love to Alyssa.

The royal occasion is just a week from now. Just a week and Dad will still ask me to choose a wife.

I don’t want it to hold and even if it’s going to, I already chose my Queen!

Making her fall in love with me won’t be bad.

I know I suck at it but I will do some research! Maybe I will ask for Drake’s help.

I need to make her mine! Officially mine before someone takes her away.


???? Alyssa ????

” Look who’s here Sunshine” He said with a taunting smirk on his face.

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My body stiffened as he came closer, it’s really him.

” What are you doing here?” I asked with my voice a little shaky but I composed myself.

I don’t want to give him the satisfaction that I haven’t moved on.

I don’t want him to know that he has deeply hurt me and seeing him again open the wound and it appeared to be fresh!

I stood still trying to be as bold as I could while he came closer. Very close enough that his chest collided with my boobs.

He still haven’t changed, his fragrance is same.

” I can see you are now a princess sunshine, I heard that anyways but can you tell this people to excuse us for sometimes?”

He whispered in my ears and I scoffed pushing him away.

” What makes you think I will grant your request Raphael? Get out of my way” I snapped angrily.

He raised his hands in a mocking tone and smirked.

” You are still that feisty girl I dumped huh?”
My hands balled in a fist and my eyes flickered in anger.

How dare he say it to my face that he dumped me?

I was so foolish! I foolish little naive girl who was in love and gave herself to her boyfriend.

* You are such a fool to think I ever loved you Alyssa, I can never love a clumsy girl like you *

* You are not my type and I have gotten what I wanted, I wanted your body or was it your virginity? And I got it *

* As you already know, it’s over between us little sunshine. I don’t date cheap girls*

His words played in my head and I closed my eyes face palming myself.

One of my guards walked up to him to beat him up but I restricted him.

” But my princess , he..”

” Let him be, you all can leave us ” I commanded.

” Yes my princess ”

They all hesitated before they bowed and left leaving me with him.

” You did a good thing by letting them go sunshine ”

I gritted my teeth in anger holding my dress tightly to suppress it.

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I won’t let him see the weak side of me, I will never cry over him again.

But why Irene’s house? What is he doing here?

” what did you want Raphael?” I asked through seethed teeth which made his smirk widened.

He leaned closer again giving me a fake smile.

” I will love to have a taste of you again sunshine, I must confess you are the sweetest lady I have ever laid ”

Okay ! That’s it!
My hand flew to his cheek and I slapped him.
What does he think of himself huh?

” That will only happen in your imaginations Raphael, you will never have my body again ” I snapped angrily.

He held his cheek for a moment and then grinned.

” Felt like I just got slapped by a five year old girl ”

” What did you want Raphael? ” I lashed out

” Well, I wouldn’t look for you for any reason sunshine. I was actually here because of you and guess what? I brought a message for you ”

I scoffed again . Message?

” What…”

Irene stopped in her track as my eyes landed on her.

She gulped nervously before she strode towards us.

” Believe me Alyssa, I am really sorry. I didn’t mean to tell him where your mother lives, this ass leaking bastård got my nudes ”

” A nude Photoshop of me and threatened to release it on the internet if I don’t tell him where she lives please don’t be mad at me ”

Huh? Where my mother lives? A Photoshop? Why?

I glanced at Raphael who still held that devilish smirk on his face.

This is really confusing me! What the hell is going on?

Why will my ex suddenly show up and demand for where Ama lives?

” What for Raphael?” I inquired.

He shrugged bringing out his phone from his pocket.

” Here take a look at this sunshine ”

My breathe hitched and everywhere became blurry for a second.

The phone fell from my hand while I stood frozen in one place.

My Ama!
She was tied up in a room looking so pale!

” W..what did you do to my mother? Why did you tie her? ” I shrieked holding his shirt.

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Tears welled up my eyes immediately. I can’t stand it seeing Ama that way.

” Calm down will you sunshine?” He smirked

” What did you want? Why did you do that? Please release her I beg you ” I choked on my tears.

That’s my weakness! My Ama is my weakness!

” Your mother will be released if only you cooperate with me sunshine, we want you not her ”

My head sprang! We? Want me?

” What did you want? Just tell me I will do it but please release her I beg you Raphael ”

” It’s simple, I need you to follow me somewhere. My boss will like to see you”

Huh? Boss?

” Don’t follow him Alyssa, he’s dangerous” Irene shrieked.

It’s Ama we are talking about. I can’t let her be tied there when I know I can release her .
Is it just to see the boss?

Irene held my hand firmly shaking her head but I gently removed it.

” Take me to him ”




Zoey’s POV

” I will find out every information about the Alyssa girl pretty ” Miles said giving me a light kiss on the cheek.

I couldn’t tell him about Prince Ryan, he already claimed me and telling him I want to be with another man means death.

And I can’t drag prince Ryan into this, I can’t endanger his life.

” So tell me pretty, I will only work on your orders concerning her ”

His hand played with the tip of my lace paint and I mentally groaned.

Can’t he be tired of flirting and playing around? Gosh! But can I say anything?

” What did you want me to do to her?”

My face brightened up at that question. A very perfect be question.

I adjusted myself and smiled at him for the first time in almost ten hours that I have been here.

I have never wished her good, she’s the one that landed me in this mess .
She has to pay! Pay with her life!

” Kill her “