February 2, 2023

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Forgiveness In Marriage Is Freedom. Episode 3

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So My Husband Alex gave me money to go and do abortion or i leave his
house, i swore to him that i should rather die than to do the abortion, and
if truly he want me to leave, he should be the one to take me home and hand
me over to my parents, he insisted that i should pack and
leave on my own, Even with my 3 months old pregnancy, Alex gave me a
beating i could never forget in my life that very day, he told me that the
house will not contain me and him anymore, he promise to either leave the
house for me or i leave.

After two days, i never agreed to go back to my parents because they warned
me not to marry him but i insisted.
One Tuesday morning when i woke up from sleep, i searched for my husband
Alex but i couldn’t find him, i thought maybe he went to
buy something, but i waited more than 3 hours, Alex is no where to be
found. i still encouraged my self and thought maybe he have gone to work
without my notice.

In the evening, Alex did not come home, i now entered my room, picked up my
phone and i called him, the number was switched off,
i now became more worried, as i was strolling round the room, i saw a
letter which Alex dropped for me, i opened the letter and it
reads…..”Hello Jane, i told you that you will either leave the house or i
leave for you, please don’t bother to call me or to look for me, i have
traveled and will come back in the next 9 months after your delivery.
oh! what a terrible moment, Alex left no money for in the house, as a
pregnant woman, i need to eat very well and i need rest, i have
nobody to carter for me, my parents will not take it easy on me because
they warned me,
how can i feed myself?
how can i survive with my pregnancy?,
i dont have a child to help me or a house maid,

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my mother is not here with me.
These are some of the thoughts flowing in my mind, i never knew the world
was hard until that very day, i cried until tears dried in my eyes, This
was the beginning of suffering,
i began to search for work but i found none because of my condition, this
made me to turn to a street beggar, i started begging alms from people, few
people were helping me because of my condition, every new day on this
earth, i will wake up with tears that is thicker than blood, I saved little
money from the money people gave me, and i started selling sachet water and
i was surviving with it, i normally sale 3 bags of sachet water in a day,
sachet water is popularly known in Nigeria as PURE WATER.
After 5 months, our house rent expired and the landlord met me and demanded
for his money, i told him that i don’t have any money to give to him, the
landlord was provoked and after 2days he returned back and gave me quick
notice for me to leave his house, the landlord asked me to pack-out from
his house before the next coming month. This was the beginning of my
suffering, the landlord was very wicked to the extent that he did not even
consider my pregnancy, by then the pregnancy was about 5months and some

After that very month, i packed out and went to an uncompleted building, i
was living there and was also doing my water business.
I was living in the uncompleted building all alone, imagine a pregnant
woman like me living in such a place, life was so difficult for me, I
suffered what no pregnant woman have suffered before, oneday after i might
have done my business for the day, at 12 midnight something terrible
happened to me.
I will tell you in the next episode. [some men are wicked and heartless]