July 2, 2022

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Forgiveness In Marriage Is Freedom. Episode 4

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( EPISODE 4 ) semi final

So one day after i might have done my business for the day, at 12 midnight
something terrible happened to me, i called it terrible because i never
expected it, at 12am my phone rang, when i checked the caller behold it was
my husband Alex,

He told me that i should not be angry with him that he didn’t know what
came over him to act in such a way by leaving only me in the house and ran
away, he told me that he have spoken with his mother in the village, he
said i should go and stay with his mother in the village till he comes
back, i was speechless and didn’t respond anything, he apologized to me
severally and i later considered him, and the next day, i packed my things
from the uncompleted building and i left.
I went to the village and started living with my mother inlaw, it wasn’t
easy to stay with her, she took good care of me until i delivered my baby,
i delivered a bouncing baby boy for my husband Alex and i named him Prince.
After the delivery, i took good care of the baby till when he was one year
old, but i was not happy, my husband is not with me and am not happy about
that, its been over 2years i set my eyes on him, as a woman i need a man, i
need someone that will stay by my side and make me feel like a woman,
someone that will satisfy my s£xual urge whenever am in need of it, i am
married and not single, and at that point after waited for about two years
without seeing my husband, this made me and i started cheating on him, i
started sleeping with some men, it wasn’t my mind to do it but i don’t have
any other option, i really need a man by my side. [body is not firewood].
My mother inlaw noticed that i was cheating on his son, he called him and
told him everything.

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I know Alex will not be faithful anywhere he is, he must be sleeping with
some ladies as well, After 6months, my husband Alex came back home, he have
made money, at-least he was looking good and fresh, he pretended as if his
mother didn’t tell him anything about me,
When he came back, we greeted well and he was happy to see me, at night
around 8pm, i prepared his food and served him, he ate and we all slept
off, by 12 midnight something happened, arm robbers came to our house, they
told my husband that they did not come to rob him but they actually came to
kill him, they said someone sent them to come and kill him, my husband
pleaded to give them money for them to spare his life, they said no that
they have been paid huge amount of money for the job, we began to plead
with them, me and my husband were crying and pleading with them not to kill
him, the robbers now said he should offer them a tangible something before
they can actually leave him, he told them to mention whatever it is that he
will give it to them, and they said he should allow them sleep with his
wife which is me Jane, my husband said instead of them to sleep with his
wife, they should better kill him, i replied immediately to him
saying…….”Instead of them to kill you, they should better sleep with
me” he agreed and the robbers slept with me right in-front of my husband, i
wasn’t my self, i did this to save his life, and after the robbers finished

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with me, they left. story copied from toriperi stories
Oh! Alex should have been dead but i have saved his life, in the morning
when we woke up, i was really surprise when Alex said i should pack my
things and leave his house, he said this was how i have been cheating on
him since, that for the fact that i allowed the robbers to sleep with me,
he can never marry me again, he said that am a cheater.

This is somebody i saved his life with my body, had it been i refused to
sleep with the robbers, he would have been dead. This was how Alex divorced
me and i went back to my parents.