July 1, 2022

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Forgiveness In Marriage Is Freedom. Episode 5 (Finale)

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3months later after Alex Divorced me just because i saved his life by
accepting that the robbers should have 5ex with me rather than killing him,
it was so painful that he divorced me, but i must move on with my life, My
parents blamed me of marrying Alex, my father was so angry to see me back

So while in my parents house, i started my water business again, i stared
selling in bags, i will carry it on my head and be moving round the street,
i was never ashamed, everybody have known me as WATER SELLER, at a point i
stopped carrying it on my head round the street, i now keep it at a
particular place, many people have known me already, so they always come
and buy. later i started supplying the sachet water to people, i no more
sale one by one, i now sale in bags, from there i bought a fridge and the
business was growing, finally i now have a small company where i produce my
own table water, from small company, it migrated to a big company, after
some years, i bought a land and i build a big company for the table water
production, i bought two cars, i gave one to my parents, this was just like
a miracle to me, am now a big woman.

After five years in the business, i can now boost of 3 cars, two big houses
and many other things.
I got information from someone that my formal husband Alex is now very poor
and cannot even feed himself, one day i went out with one of my car, on the
way the car broke down, so i sent someone to go and call me a mechanic to
come and know whats wrong with the car, after 5mins, the person i sent
arrived with a mechanic, i started explaining to the mechanic how the car
stopped and i don’t really know what happened, when i looked close to the
mechanic man, behold it was Alex my formal husband, so you are now a
mechanic Alex? [i asked him].
He was surprised and he rushed to hug me but i pushed him out immediately
and i looked for another mechanic to repair my car.
I can never forgive Alex, someone i saved his life and he drove me out of
his house and divorce me, now that i have made money, he want to take me
After six months from the day i met alex, my business was increasing more
and more, i now produce bottle water and can juice, One Day Alex called me,
i don’t know how he got my number, he started begging me to forgive him, i
told him i will never and can never forgive him, i rather die than to
forgive him.
Its was his turn then, but now its my own turn, Life is turn by turn, what
goes around comes around.

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some months later, i fell sick, i was taken to many hospitals but no
solution to my illness, the sickness was eating me up and i was dying
slowly, none of the doctors could figure out what the problem was, if its
money issue i can pay, after i might have gone to many hospitals, i now
discover that the sickness is spiritual, so i went to one powerful man of
God to pray for me, after the man of God finished praying for me, he told
me that the solution to my
illness is forgiveness, he said that someone broke my heart long ago and
the person have already apologized to me but i did not accept, he said if i
want to be free i should forgive the person. immediately i remembered Alex
my formal husband, i narrated the story to the pastor and told him that i
can never forgive alex,
He pleaded with me to forgive him but i said no that i can never forgive
[Jane later died of the illness and he never forgave Alex.]
…….The End.
Let me use this opportunity to advice you, Forgiveness is a must in
marriage, no matter what please try and forgive, marriage is for better and
for worse, had it been Jane forgave Alex, she wouldn’t have died.
Forgiveness in Marriage or Relationship is Freedom.
Thanks for Reading.