November 29, 2023

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Amaka, the lesbian. Episode 13

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And that was how I started collecting money from her daughter and her, even after we went back home, her daughter started to frequent our house and bring me money for s£x, while her mum looks for every excuse to get me to her house for paid s£x.


My aunty didn’t touch me again for like three months after she got back from camp. On the fourth month, the whole thing started again. One day, I told her I needed her help to open account, so I could be saving my money, “how much do you have that you need account for?” She asked. “Aunty, I have 28,000, but it doesn’t matter the amount, a lot of my friends in school have bank accounts and it helps them save” I replied. On Friday of that week, I didn’t go to school, she took me to go open the account and the next week, I went to deposit N350, 000, in my account and the business continued.
I had expected my aunty to ask me why I was collecting money from sister Margaret, but she didn’t, I guess she wasn’t told. The whole thing continued and I got used to it, my money was growing rapidly and I was still looking for ways to make my aunty pay for everything. She started it all, took away my virginity and made me see myself as a tool. I know that what I was doing to Sister Margaret’s daughter was wrong, but I had no remorse, I cared less. If her mother could do such to another woman’s daughter, then her child deserves to go through the same thing.
One fateful Saturday evening, I was walking down to the kitchen to make dinner, when I saw her again, that same lady that fasted with my aunty months ago; she was seated alone in the parlour reading her bible.

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I decided to go and say hi to her, “good evening ma. Have you seen aunty or should I go and call her for you?” “Don’t worry yourself Nne, she was here with me, she only went to get something from her room. How are you?” “Am fine Ma. You look so very pretty, please; can I get your number? I would love to be your friend” I said boldly. Then she laughed out loud and looked at me in awe, “Wow! This is the first time someone your age has asked to be my friend, am flattered. Okay, get your phone let me input my number for you” I ran upstairs to get my phone and ran back downstairs and saw sister Margaret and her daughter, removing their shoes at the door way, my heart skipped, I thought her mum had caught her stealing and found out she was giving the money to me for s£x, but their reactions when they saw me, killed my fear.
I heaved a sigh of relief.


Few hours later, I told my younger sister to go downstairs and watch television that I wanted to discus in private with Sister Margaret’s daughter, she gladly ran out of the room. Then I locked the door, collected the money she brought, threw it into my wardrobe and grabbed her. We started kissing passionately and speedily got n@ked. We got on the bed and positioned ourselves in the 69 way, she wasn’t that good at sucking then so I told her to stop sucking and feel how I suck her, so as to learn. She kept m0aning so loudly that I would stop and tell her to reduce her voice, she will nod and before long, she starts to m0an again.

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As I raised my head from her v—-a to tell her once again to reduce her voice, her mum knocked heavily on the door and shouted, “Will you girls open this door this minute before I break it down?”….
To be continued…