December 1, 2023

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Amaka, the lêsbian. Episode 21

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I quickly dressed up and was about to leave, when my Uncle said the most absurd thing, “Nne, you have to come back tomorrow, but this time, I will send you someone that will pick you up close to your school and you will change your uniform in his car. Just make sure you carry extra cloth in your school bag.


Your idea is good, but I already paid for 5 days in this hotel and it’s non refundable, also, I can’t keep sneaking out at midnight without my wife noticing my absence one day, we don’t want to get caught, do we?”
He gave me a hug, with a smile that I couldn’t resist.


I thought about what he said and it made sense, so I agreed and asked, “who will you send to get me? Do you trust him enough” He helped me complete the rest of my button and replied, “Amy, don’t worry yourself, just trust me and do as I say, make sure your phone is on, because I will need to always communicate with you. Now, give your Uncle a kiss and run along” I kissed him and left. I got back to school slightly past 4pm and ran all the way to my sister’s class, I was about walking into her class when she called me from behind, “Amaka, see me here” I turned and saw her smiling, at that moment, I knew I had to step up my game and start thinking of how to bring my siblings together under one roof.
I made up my mind to talk to Uncle about it, I hadn’t asked him for anything since he started sleeping with me and I knew I already got him locked down and he would do anything for me.

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When we got home, my aunty and her prayer team were seated in the living room, reading their Bible, we walked up to them and greeted them, they answered with plenty ‘God bless you’. As we turned to leave, my Aunty spoke. “Nne m, please, change out of your uniform, go to the kitchen and make noodles for you and your sister, when you are done eating, go straight to my room and clean it, also wash the bathroom, be fast, but make sure you shower” “Okay, Aunty” I replied.


An hour later, I was in her room sweeping, when she walked in with her pretty friend that gave me her number months ago but I hadn’t mustered the courage to call her.


I quickly swept the room and was rushing to clean and get out, when my Aunty told me to drop what I was holding and undress, that she wants to check something. My heart started beating fast, I thought she had suspected I was sleeping with her husband and wanted to inspect my v—-a just to be sure. I was so scared, as I reluctantly undressed and got n@ked.

She walked up to me and caressed my n—–s, then bent and ……..