February 2, 2023

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Amaka, the lesbian. Episode 42

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As I raised her gown to get to her pant, the most horrible smell I have ever perceived in my life, hit my nose with reckless abandon and I got dizzy “mhhhmmm” Usain Bolt had no speed, compared to the speed I used in getting up and moving far away from her, with my right hand on my nose.


AAhe sat up, looking confused, the h—y expression on her face had disappeared. “Amaka, what happened? Why did you distance yourself with your hand on your nose, like am smelling or something?” I thought about the situation for a moment. I knew if I lied to her, then I would have to still suck her or give her a very convincing reason for refusing to suck her, I had no choice, but to say the truth, and save myself the horrific experience.

“Ada, your v—-a smells so terrible, I don’t know how to explain the smell but it’s something I never ever wish to encounter again. I used to suck you before, but I have never perceived such from you. Is it that you don’t wash properly or what? I don’t get it” she looked so downcast, for the first time since I met her, she avoided my eyes, while she spoke, “I noticed it few weeks ago, after I started using cucvmber on myself, it wasn’t this much, it only grew with time. I have used soap to wash it very well and I also pour water inside and use my fingers to clean it out from the inside, I thought it has stopped, because it no longer leaves dirty stains on my pant, like it used to. I even went as far as spraying perfume on it, so that it will smell nice, I don’t know what else to do, I feel so ashamed of myself right now” she finished and burst into tears.

I looked at her and saw a helpless child, she wasn’t like this before, it was all my fault, out of my quest to pay back sister Margaret for what she did to me, I damaged her daughter, I allowed anger consume me and now, she’s paying for it. Our age difference is just 2 months, but I am more experienced than she is, life has really thought me how to take care of myself and remain strong. I sat close to her and held her hands, “listen, Ada, tears won’t help you right now, you don’t have to be ashamed of yourself, you are just ignorant of a whole lot of things” I wiped her tears and continued, “first of all, you have to do away with cucvmber and learn how to fight your s£xual urge, don’t allow youthful exuberance to consume you, the most important body weapon you have as a woman, is your v—-a, and you are too young to have a damaged v—-a walls, due to lack of self control” she nodded.

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“You use soap and perfume to make it smell nice, which is wrong, The v—-a has a good self-cleaning protocol, to keep it’s pH in balance and keep things in order. But when you use soap or douches or feminine hygiene washes, you might wind up with even more problems bigger than the one you already have, like burning or irritation, it will start to decay, the skin there is super sensitive, stop dipping your finger inside and pouring water into it, to wash it out, like you said, use ordinary water to wash your v—a, you don’t even need to wash your actual v—-a. Let it clean itself in peace, please! Starting from tonight, look for garlic, peel of the layers and properly wash it, then get a needle and thread, pierce it and pass the thread through it, in form of pendant and necklace, then insert it into your v—-a, let the thread drop out, as that would make it easy for you to pull it out in the morning, do this for three nights.


I will give you money to go and buy Augmentin, 1gram, you will drink it one per day, to kill any infection you have from the inside. You will be fine, if you follow my advise” she nodded and replied, “thank you so much, I will do exactly as you said, as if you know my mum would ask me what I need the money for, if I had gone to ask her…”

“Adaa, Adaaa o, where’s this girl?….” it was sister Margaret and she was getting closer, she must not catch us in such a complicating situation. “I will hide in the bathroom, while you quickly unlock the door and rush back to bed, act like you are sleeping, if she finds the door locked, she will suspect something and search the room” I finished and ran into the bathroom, while she got up to unlock the door.

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To be continued…