March 23, 2023

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Amaka, the lesbian. Episode 45

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I spread out my legs the more, looked at him in the eyes, licked my middle finger very slowly and brought it out of my mouth to tease him a little, before inserting it inside, that was when I heard a voice, “Amaka” I froze. I didn’t know what to do or where to hide.

I focused my gaze on the shadow, trying to see him, (Simeon, the pastor’s gateman that has been asking me out fo over a year now, but I kept turning him down. He’s from Delta state) I knew the next thing he would do was to put on the light. I didn’t even notice when the pastor laid facedown on the chair and acted like he was fast asleep, with the bible beside him. He knew that Simeon would have to fully walk into the sitting room before he will clearly see him, unlike me that was sitting directly opposite him, which was also almost opposite the entrance.

The light came on, I stood up, while Simeon walked over to me, he didn’t look around to see the pastor at first, he was really happy he caught me in such a compromising situation. “Amaka, what are you doing here half n@ked?” He asked. “What do you mean half n@ked? It’s like there’s something wrong with you abi?” I replied, with so much confidence. “Madam, I saw you touching yourself with your skirt raised to your stomach and legs spread. Shebi that thing you’ve been hoarding from me since, I finally saw it today” he winked at me and turned, that was when he saw the pastor and his eyes nearly popped out from their sockets, he placed both of his hands on his mouth, he was shocked with reckless abandon. Then he carefully went closer to the pastor and bent towards him, I guessed he was trying to fully ascertain the situation, if he was sleeping or not. His shock increased, he fully bought the pastor’s act of forming sleep. I smiled inwardly.

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I stood there looking at him without any form of remorse or fear, the only thing that would have worried me was being caught red handed knacking the pastor or him masturbating while looking at my otu, but I was glad none of that happened, so I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Simeon slowly walked back to me and dragged me out of the sitting room, he was being careful not to wake the pastor and I obediently followed him, until we were out of the house and into the compound close to his small building by the side of the gate, that was when he spoke up again, “wonders shall never end. So you left your room by this time, to go and m——–e in front of the pastor, a servant of God. You wanted him to wake up and enter the pit of hell abi? Kai, children of nowadays. Na woman wey dey take care of you and your sister when your Aunty no dey, na im you want knack her husband use pay her back, you this girl sha, you be evil pikin” he finished and folded his arms, looking at me disgustingly.


“You don rant finish? Shey make I dey go sleep now? If mosquitoes no dey bite you out here, e dey bite me. I don’t just have time for this unnecessary rant at all. See how he’s even talking as if I killed someone, nonsense” I turned to walk away from him and he dragged me back, “So you no even dey fear. What if I go report you to the wife or walk back into that sitting room, wake up the pastor and tell him everything I saw? You are totally possessed. I used to hear of evil spirit but I never believed it until now, you are an evil spirit in human flesh.


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This is unbleivabe” I clapped my hands for him, threw my head back and laughed hysterically, “and what’s still keeping you kwanu? Go and report me na. You surely know it’s your words against mine, I will tell them you’ve been begging to knack me since but I refused, you even tried to force yourself on me the other day, if not that you heard someone coming and stopped, that’s why you are making things up, go report na.

You think I will start begging you so that you tell me to give you my otu for you to keep it between us. You wan use blackmail knack me, You don enter.