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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 75

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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 75

Elizabeth’s POV

It was the third day and I was close to death, that was how I felt like, I was feeling like I would die anytime soon.

Mr Ashley Romeo had home to work while I remained at home, I didn’t go to work intentionally cause I was feeling horrible.

I took my diary and wrote;

“Dear dairy, I’m sorry to write this to you
Mr Ashley Romeo is punishing me but he claims to be testing me
I can’t take yogurt, and now I feel like I would die
It’s my third day, so help me diary”

I closed my diary and something kept pushing me to the kitchen where loads of yogurt were but I refused.

I forced myself to the bathroom and stood under the shower for many minutes.

The water kept falling on me, I walked out angrily, I was n@ked.

I ran to the kitchen and took a yogurt, I looked at it and looked at it again.

Oh Gosh? What is this silly man doing to me?

I looked at the yogurt like I should tear it open but then, I put it back to the fridge and ran inside.

“Mr Ashley Romeo want to kill me.”I screamed.

I walked out of a room to another room, I kept checking the time.

I only had 15 hours for the day to be over.

My belly was shouting and yearning for yogurt.

I know what to do, I won’t let this man kill me.

I sneaked out of the house without even letting Sam know.

I took a cab to a far place, I went to where yohurts were being sold and bought one.

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As I wanted to take it, I felt like I was being watched.

I went to a little boy that was standing and holding a big ball, I presented the yogurt to him like a gift.

I looked around but it doesn’t look like anyone was monitoring me.

I watched as many people drink yogurts and I felt like seeing Mr Ashley Romeo and knocking his head

This is punishment, now my hunger for yogurt had even increased than before cause I saw people taking it.

I need to leave this place.

I went away from there and took a cab to another junction, a woman came to sit beside me and was taking a yogurt.

” Come and join me.”The woman said with a smile.