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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 101

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 101

Brenda’s POV

I was inside the shøwer when the door opened slightly, I was stunned to see Scot nåked.

He walked to me and said; “Let’s have this bãth together!”

He stood under the shower with me as the water fell on us, he then went ahead to stand behind me.

I could feel his hardened d–_k on my @ss.

So he was deceiving me all along when he said he was impøtent.

He made me b-ent a little and centered his d___k on my p—Y. He thrü&sted his we-t d___k inside my p—-Y and began to m;ove in and out.

I was enjoying it, he kept f—king mê while I møanes softly.

After many minutes, he made me stand and face him.

“Your p—Y us sweet.”He said and I blushed.

We began to kiss, he made me stay directly under the shower, the water was falling on my b—St even as he played with me.

He placed the ni—Pple on his mouth and was s—-Kīng it like a baby.

He was changing mouth from the left b—St to the right b—-ST.

After a while, he stopped the shower and carried me out of the bãthroom.

He got a tøw-el for me and began to dry my bø-Dy.

I was stunned at his actions and only kept looking at him.

I took a tō-wel and dried his bo-dy too.

” Can you s—K this?”He asked as he held his D—-k.

I bent without saying a word and put it in my møuth, I inse-rted it deep inside my mouth that I coughed.

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It almost chø-Ked me but I lovedit.

I began to s—!K it like it was some sweet while he mø—-Aned happily.

I s—-!K it for several minutes and then stood, by then, I was extremely hø&RNy and needed a strong and hard f—-!K.

“F—-!k më hard please.” I wasn’t ashamed to make my request known to him at all.

He made me l-ean on the bed, I was backing him and my @ss was pøinted at him

I felt his d—-!k entering my extremely wet p—Y.

In no time, he began to F—K me, I love the way his fat and lœ-ng d—-!k occupied my p—-Y.