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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 99

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 99

Scot’s POV

I knew that it won’t go well with my mom.

I sat still in her house for several minutes but she didn’t come to the living room again.

I stood and waddled to her room.

I noticed it was closed.

“Mom!” I called as I planted a knock on the door.

She opened it at once and asked; “Scot, should I believe you are pranking me or something?”

“No mom, it’s not a prank, I’ve grown use to the girl and I now love her, sincerely?” I said.

“What do you want me to tell my friends? that my son got married to his maid! Is this a movie of a prince and the poor girl? Wake up quickly son!” My mom said.

“But that’s what I want.” I made my intentions known to mum.

“You are wanting the wrong thing, this conversation will never come to an end, you should leave now.” My mom said and I walked out.

I got inside my car and breathed out heavily.

I rested my arms on the car and lowered my head.

I knew it won’t go well with mom, I need to find a way of convincing her. She’s a woman anyways.

I commenced driving, I got home and alighted from the car, I was stunned to find a letter by the knob of the door.

I took the letter gently and opened it.

It reads;

“I did not want me return to my old self, please tell your girlfriend that I lost my leg because of her and I won’t stop until she becomes mine. For the safety of your life, send her away to live alone. I won’t warn you again.”

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I let out a brief sigh and walked inside.

I knew it was no other person than the chef.

I received a call briefly on my phone and I picked it. It was from Brenda.

“Scot!” Her voice came through.

She continued; “You can’t believe this stupid chef organize a birthday party for me.”

“Is today your birthday?” I questioned.

“No, but it’s this month, he said since it was my birth month that he can choose to celebrate it anyhow he wants.” She reported.

“How is the party going?” I asked.

“I was trying to make everyone understand that today is not my birthday but they are not listening to me, what can I do?” She asked

“Enjoy the party.” I answered her and hung up.