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A Wife For The Prince. Episode 22

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???? A Wife For
The Prince ????

???? ( The girl in my dreams)????

Episode 22
By Simrah Saeed Hareerah

???? Alyssa ????

” Yes ” Ama nodded in agreement, I knew she was going to say yes anyways.

I heard uncle Mike sighed and that moment, I knew he was going to let go of everything.

” What option do I have? If that will make you both happy then yes, I will make peace with King Nathan ”

” Yaaayy!” I yelled happily flinging myself on him while he chuckled.
He just won my heart the more!

” Thank you Uncle, aren’t you the best uncle in the world? ”
I giggled staring at him.

” And you are the best niece in the universe ” he chuckled hugging me back.

” That’s the best decision to make Mike, thank you for listening to us ” Ama added.

” It’s fine ”
I turned to Uncle and frowned

” Uncle Mike, can you quit the job you are doing alright? You have everything you need, money, mansions, fame and your two daughters are well loaded, I want you to quit being a drug dealer ”

I said sincerely, what if he gets caught one faithful day? That’s 15years imprisonment.

He chuckled softly like it’s not bothering him.

” I agree with her Mike, I am scared. What if you get caught huh?” Ama asked.

” You two worry too much, nothing is gonna happen. I have all the connections in the world and drug dealing will soon be legalized in this country , you don’t have to worry about my safety, I am always fine”

He’s right though! I can’t imagine my uncle is a drug Lord! OhMigod!

I glanced through the window to see it was getting dark!

Holy God of Alyssa! I totally forgot I came from somewhere!

The royal household might be worried about me. How foolish and I am here having fun with my uncle and mother.

I jumped down from my uncle’s thigh immediatetly.

” Why the sudden haste Akira?” Uncle Mike asked.

” I need to go back to the palace uncle, they might be worried that I went missing. I didn’t think about that earlier”

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I grabbed my purse looking around! Oh, it’s not too late right?

” Can you come with me to the palace Uncle, together with Ama please ”
His eyes widened and he looked away!

” I am not ready to see Nathan ” he replied curtly.

” But you said you have forgiven him right? I want you to settle this within yourselves and the time is now, don’t you want your favourite niece to wake up happy tomorrow morning?”

I asked convincingly! Since it’s him, I will always have my ways.

He glanced at me passing me a knowing smile while Ama just watch us like always.

” What will I do with you Akira?” He asked shaking his head while I grinned.

” You can sell me if you want ” I replied jokingly and he threw his head and began laughing.

” So going?” Ama asked standing up, she’s just in for anyone.

” Yes, let’s go then and I am doing this because of my favourite niece believe me” he stood up

” And I love you too ” I replied fliparntly
Both Ama and I burst out laughing!

We came down from the car and I was glued to my uncle. I don’t want anything to go wrong puh lease.

I have already begged God before I came here!

” Take a deep breathe Uncle, everything will be fine ” I said to him and he nodded breathing out like I said.

” Alright, since I said I will forgive him. The anger and burden isn’t there anymore, all thanks to you ”

I just gave him a smile turning to my Ama.

” C’mon Ama, let’s head in ”

I opened the door and entered to see everyone seated quietly on the sofa with a worried look on their faces.

” Alyssa, oh my God! We were so worried about you ” Scanned said rushing to me like wise others .

I scanned the room for two people, Prince Ryan and Emily but none of them were present

I still can’t put together how she got to hate me so much!

I wish she will just be like others, maybe I should see her later and settle our difference.

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I am in the palace but I am not taking her place as the real princess.

If leaving the palace will make her happy then fine, I will go live with my uncle after all, I want to be tormenting Raphael.

And the prince where’s he?

” Where have you been? ”

” Are you okay? Alyssa ”

King Nathan asked. They didn’t give me time to answer.
Ama came in then uncle Mike.

Well, I guess we should forget about me because the atmosphere became tensed immediately he entered into the sitting room

King Nathan froze and his mouth flew open in shock plus fright while he staggered back ward blinking rapidly.

I could see guilt glistering in his eyes and he’s actually scared!

Queen Anne stood there in her spot too staring right back at my uncle who just kept a straight face.

The only thing I noticed in the room was the staring contest. It was very quiet that you could hear if a pin drop.

Okay! It’s okay!

” The staring contest has ended and no one won ” I said to ease the atmosphere but it didn’t help either ways.

My joy was that they stopped staring at one another.

” M… Mike? I… Am really sorry for what I have done to you please forgive me and don’t harm my daughters, I am ready to face the consequences but please, don’t get my family involved ”

I knew he would regret it!

Queen Anne just looked down in embarrassment!
She caused all this!

” Are you going to give us seats King Nathan? Is that how to welcome visitors into your home?” Uncle Mike said casually while the King gulp

” Oh.. please….sit ” he stuttered.

We all sat down and I could see the confused look on the princesses .

” I knew I told you I was going to pay you a visit King Nathan and I am here but that doesn’t mean I came to… ”

” M… Mike please, it was all my fault, I wasn’t satisfied with the little you had then, I was selfish not to have thought about how you might have felt, punish me and leave everyone else out of it, I am sorry ”

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The Queen said in tears falling on her knees.
While I watch like everyone else!

I squeezed my uncle’s hand and he didn’t fail to turn to me.
I nodded at him then he sighed.

” I didn’t come here to retaliate or anything, you all should be grateful to be niece here. She made me see reasons to forgive you and violent doesn’t solve problems ”

” You both betrayed my trust and I already took it as faith, I am glad you left Anne because if you didn’t, I wouldn’t have found the love of my life, the one whom I truly love ”

” So yeah, I forgive you because of Alyssa. You owe her a lot ”


Miles POV

I stared coldly at the bastãrd in front of me glaring at him.

I am restraining myself from killing him right now .

” I am sorry Boss ”

I slapped him hard across the face, how can he tell me he couldn’t kill Alyssa.

” Dare say that rubbish again and I will have you killed, what is your excuse huh?” I yelled angrily.

” A certain car is always following her around Boss ”

He said and I paused. A certain car?

” What did you mean?”

” I am sorry Boss, that’s Master MK’s car and his boys too ”

Master MK? Why will his car be following Alyssa?

” Did you get to know why his car follows her? ”

” Yes Boss, she happened to be his niece and if any single harm is done to her, then we are all as good as dead Boss. I can’t risk my life and yours too and you know how Master MK is, he doesn’t joke with his family ”

Fúck! How can master MK be her uncle? The whole leader of the drug dealers?

He will behead me with just a snap of his fingers. I am afraid I won’t be able to do this job but either way, I ain’t letting go of Zoey.
She is mine!