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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 103

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 103


“Is anything the matter?” Scot asked. He noticed that something was wrong with me.

I raised my head up to him and watched him for few seconds before taking it away.

“Could it be about your family?” He asked but I didn’t respond.

He took that as a ‘yes’ and said; “Are you still not comfortable to tell me?” He questioned.

“My parents forced me to marry when when I was just twelve.” I said.

“Come again! 12 years, you say?” He asked in surprise.

“That was how cruel they are, the man was an old man, very old but wicked. He can not perfom which is what made me a v!!!rgin till today but he Is worst than a rãper.” I said and paused.

I tried as much as possible to absorb the tears that were forming on her face and then I continued; “He would wake me up at night and tell me to s—-k his dead d—!k. And I do, if I refuse, he would beat the hell out of me. He do tell me to eat his @ss every day, and I do?”

“You eat the old man’s buthoøle?” Scot asked and I nodded.

*It went on and on for another eight years.
I was with the man till I was 20, he did more terrible things to me that I did not want to talk about, I had to run away with nothing?” I finally let it all out to Scot.

He was quiet for a long time which made me nervous.

I raised my head to him and examined his reactions.

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“Do you hate me now cause of what I said?” I asked.

“It’s not worth hating you. I already love you and no revelation from the past is changing that?” He assured
and I nodded

I still did not understand why he was silent after I told him.

“Tell me the name of the man, I’ll find him and teach him a lesson he will never forget in his little time left?” Scot said.

That was when I realized that his anger was not at me but at the man that caused me trauma

I told him the name of the man and his address.

“Okay, I’ll give you the news, rest very well on my chêst. I’m sorry for your past, I’ll make the rest of your days a beautiful one.” He assured as he played with my hair.