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Falling for my biology teacher. Episode 5

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dangerous romance
high school romance
Author SINDY.K

Why does it feel so good.I love this man here and it is wrong.but it feels so
right.he put me down and I stood on my feet.
“You know what we are doing it’s wrong.” He said and looked away.
I could see the guilt in his eyes.
“I know Aaron,I know that we are breaking the rules but what is the fun in life we don’t break the rules.” I held his hand and looked at his face.
Aaron is a man of stature.his well built body can make drool and drop saliva to.
“Aaron I love you,you know that.”I placed my hand on his chest.
“I know Kira but this is so wrong but it feels good.” He held my hand and move it to his heart.
I felt how his heart race.
“Do you see what you do to me huh can you feel it.” He caressed my cheeks and it feels so good.
“I can feel it.” It came as a whisper.
“I can’t do this.” He said.
And I felt everything stop my breath my heartbeat,everything stopped like that it froze like in frozen.
“What are you saying Aaron,you can’t do this to us.” I said with tears in my eyes.
“How will we explain ourselves when they ask huh.” He said.
“We don’t owe anybody any explanation,we don’t live for them.” I smiled faintly.
“It’s dangerous if we start now,it will be harder for us to break,to stop this.” He said sadly.

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“Who said I want this to stop,I don’t and I won’t.let’s live every moment I love you Aaron I can’t even describe my love for you.” Tears poured out.
“It’s okay Kari don’t cry,I don’t like it to see you in tears.” He pulled me into a hug and brushed my back.
“Shhhh don’t cry.” He whispered in my ear his warm breath hit my ear sending those amazing sensations.
I lifted my head up.
”Aaron please don’t deny this,our chance of being together the chance of being happy.” I smiled at him.
Yesterday after she left my office I couldn’t stand to see her sad.I saw her how Moody she was.
I can’t stay away from this girl,she drives me crazy.And I can’t hurt her like i did with others no i can’t.
But there’s Shina who always keeps an eye on me.I know that she loves me but I can’t date her.I fvckes up big time.
I don’t want Kira to be heart broken.if she finds out about my past.
I text her yesterday and I was happy that I was able to lighten her face.
Those pink lips of hers and her innocent pure face,always in my front.I almost had an accident because I see her everywhere I go.
My love for her didn’t start this year since she was fifteen.And I made sure that I stay away from her.
Since it come known to me that I have feelings to her,I rejected teaching in her class for past two years.
This year I had to do it.or else they will suspect something.I don’t want any investigation that will bring back my past to life.
And now this beautiful girl wants to starts something dangerous.teenagers they don’t think about tomorrow today comes first.
She doesn’t care about the consequences of our action.her love for me is pure I know that.
“Kira it’s just impossible I can’t risk my job.”I said.
And she stared at me with hurt in her eyes.
“Why does every put me as a second option job job job always comes first.” She yelled.
“Keep it low.” I said to her.
“Don’t tell me to calm,I don’t want that I hate the fact that your second option too.” She yelled louder.
Kira will get me in trouble.she kept on ranting I had to shut her up before anyone hears.
I kissed her to shut her up.she tried to push me.but I held her both hands.And broke the kiss.
“You’re not my second option.” I step towards her and she took few steps back.
Anger was visible in my dare she think that she is my second option that hurts.her back hit the wall.
“You think this is a game Kira.” I said angrily.
I got too close to her she tried to push me.but I pinned both of her hands to the wall.

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“You joke with my love for you.” She said.
She is good at making one angry.her words hurt.
“I know I am a second option to you.” She said.
“You may see me as a whore or slut,the girl who wants to fvck her biology teacher.” Tears rolled down her cheeks.
And i was awed by her words.she thinks this way about me.
“Maybe you’re right we are just not good tog__ .” I didn’t wait for her to finish the hurtful sentence I shut her with a deep kiss.
I know that this was her first time kissing I don’t want ruin the moments.And she heart leaped with joy.
“Kira don’t say those words again.” I bit her lower lip.
She screamed and her yes flicks open.almost crying.
“That hurts.” She m0aned.
“For saying those shitty words Kari,and I’m sorry.” I kissed her harder.
She broke the kiss.
“I love you Aaron Wilson.” She hugged me and I wrapped my arms around her small tiny waist.


Something fishy is going on here it has been twenty minutes since Kira has been gone.
Is there anything going on between Sir Aaron and that Kira.I must find out.
Sir Aaron is mine only mine if I can’t have him then no one will and that slutty Kim will go to hell.

I will kill anyone who gets in my way.I don’t care who it is.Aaron is mine only mine.
Kira walked in and I stared at her.She is neat.And nothing seems wrong but her eyes look teary.

Did Sir Aaron beat her,if he did then that’s awesome.I don’t care if he yelled at her or long as he made her cry.
What is it swollen ,her…

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Author SINDY. K

What do you think Tinashe saw?
This romance is sweet and dangerous
I want my own Aaron.