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Girl In The Boys Dormitory. Episode 3&4

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Girls In The Boys Dormitory

Episode 3
It was written on top of the door boldy
***omooo am dead, am i going to live with lions? i asked myself but i had no option than to enter so i entered and to my suprise, there were these 5 giant men in the room
ME:***no wonder the voice i heard was so deep***
some were lying on their bed which i guess they were sleeping but the remaining two were eating and as soon as they saw me, they shouted at me.
***Hey!!! be on your knees***
i quickly obeyed and knelt down. They begun to asked a lot of questions which i did not even know which answer to give them. The Dorm Prefect finally showed me a bed and asked one of seniors to take care of me but the other one broke in and said they don’t need any junior in their dorm so i should get out but the dorm prefect said “But Zogaroo, you know i have been trying not to bring a junior here but all the beds are occupied and i had no option than to bring him here so please kindly let him remain here and i promise not to bring any Junior here again”

It is there i got to know one of them is called
** Zogaroo** wow it must be his nickname but the name really resembles him because if you take a critical look at him you will say he was left with only 5% to be in the zoo.
Too much hair from his chest down.
Zogaroo still did not understand that i should stay there but the other one said he should understand and let me stay.
All this while i was praying inside that they should not understand because at the first sight i was afraid of them but it seems this time my prayers were not answered.
He agreed and asked of my name.
Zogaroo: What is your name?
Me: Am Jake
Zogaroo: Jake Monkey or Jake gorilla?
Me:***look at him, me and you who resembles gorilla?***am Jake Omar.
Zogaroo: hmmn, what is your mission here?
Me: am here to study.
Zogaroo: which course are you coming to offer?
Me: Visual Arts.
Zogaroo: oh nice, am also a visual art student.
The Dorm prefect left and the three juniors who brought in my things were about to leave too when suddenly the other Senior called them back.
Senior: hey!! what were you waiting for? after bringing in the things.

***One of the juniors smiled***
Senior: ooh so do i look so funny?

They did not give any answer to his question, just then the senior became furious and asked them to hold the bed one by one, he removed a belt from one trousers hanging there and gave them ten lashes each.
By this time i was still kneeling there shivering.

He came to me and asked me to open my trunk and chopbox which i did.
He took a look of my things and smiled.

Senior: I think we have a provision store here, oh that is very nice of you, you are finally welcome.

Me: thank you.
Zogaroo: Jake!
Me: sir
Zogaroo: Am not your sir, just respond “yes” ok.
Me: thank you.
Zogaroo: In here, you are the only junior here and i think it’s going to remain like this till we complete. You will see a lot of things in this room. Just then the other senior broke in** “I think you should wait and let all of us be around so that we tell him the rules of the lions den.

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Zogaroo: ok. Then that will be after prep because the syrine will soon cry for dinning time.
The other senior responded: “yea”.

Zogaroo then released me to go and relax on my bed but i should wake up whenever the syrine cries. So i climbed my bed and started thinking of how life in the lions den will be.

By 40 minutes time the syrine cried and i got down from the bed, by this time the other seniors that was asleep has woken up and it was a lot of questions coming up from them demanding instant answers which i tried ny best to answer them in my own way. One of the seniors then said they should allow me to go else i will be late for dinning so i was allowed to go.

I went out from the lions den and in the main dorm, they were all gone remaining few people who were rushing to go too. I followed one of the form one boys who were going to the dinning.

We were a bit late, almost all the students have seated remaining the dinning hall prefects and some other few people roaming about trying to find their seat. I was stranded because i did not know to where to sit and it seem all eyes were on me which i hated so much just then, the DHP called me and took me to a certain table.

I sat down, they were all looking at me, the ladies were 5 in number and the juniors on the table were 3 in number, it wasn’t difficult to detect a junior at all because we the form one students were wearing red check.

By 30 minute time dinning was over and we went to prep. Is in the preping hall i met a guy called Richard who also happens to be in the same house (Okese house) with me but he was in room 1 and i was in room 4 cubicle.

We had a little chat and he told me his experience in the school since came to the school few days ago.
He talked a lot about the school, some were very interesting but the part that made me worried is how the seniors treat them at the dorm side. It is there he told me that he pity me a lot because of the room i was taking to, infact he said a lot about those seniors am in the same room with.

To him, they are the most bad boys and very notorious in the school.

I started thinking of how to behave myself before them so not to put myself into trouble. He gave me one of his books to look in, it was a geography book and as a visual art student i will not be studying geography but in order not to sit there idle, i just opened the book and was flipping from page to page looking at the pictures in.

At exactly 9:00 pm, the syrine cried and prep was over and everybody was moving to the dorm side. We got to the dorm side and a senior stoped all the form one students at the entrance of the dorm and said he is going to give “kenkey” role call, i did not understand and asked.

Me: What is the meaning of what the senior is talking about?
Richard: That is what they have been doing whenever we are served “kenkey” in the dinning hall. You are to bring your “kenkey” from the dinning hall and put it in the bucket there and enter or you give them one Sardin.
Me: But am new here and i did not know.
Richard: That should not be your answer when it reaches your turn because they don’t accept excuses.
Me: So what? if i did not get any of what they want.
Me: My advice to you is simple, obey it or you are doomed. If you don’t have the “kenkey” then borrow a sardine from any of us.
Me: I have sardines but is in my chopbox inside, if only he will allow me go inside, i will get it for him.
Richard: He might consider that excuse.

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It reached our turn, Richard gave him his “kenkey” and was allowed to enter, it was now my turn, the senior was shouting at me to hurry up and put in my “kenkey”
Senior: Where is your “kenkey”.
Me: Please, i just came today.
Senior: And so?
Me: I did not know there is something like this.
Senior: ***Very angry *** am going to flog you untill you urinate, fool!.
Me: Please, the sardines are inside if you will only allow me to enter.
Senior: **Very furious this time** foolish boy, turn your back, you will never forget this day, you think i have time for you?
Me: ***sad mood***
Just as i was about to turn, i saw Richard coming out with a sardine.
Richard: Please take this and allow him to go.
Senior: You are lucky.
I was allowed to enter.

Me: Richard, thank you very much, infact you have saved me.
Richard: oh no worries, is my presure.

I entered inside and what i saw shocked me.

Episode 4*

I entered inside and what I saw shocked me. ***What is this?
One of the seniors was seriously romancing with a very beautiful girl inside the Lions Den.

After shouting “Jesus” I was expecting them to stop or even turn to look at me but it seem they weren’t in this world.
The senior was wearing only boxer shorts and you could see how his front has raised to a horizontal position and he was s—–g the girl protruding b00bs crazily as if his life depends on it with his left hand smulching the girls h—y spot and the girl who was left with only panties was m0aning ssssssh, mmmnh, oooh,awash etc, she was just making funny sounds.

By this time I was just watching and was totally lost in thought because the girl was fantastically beautiful, looking at her body curves, the smooth skin, her lips, her b00bs, etc I was feeling like pushing the senior aside and jumping on her.

As I was standing there watching the scene the girl turned to see me standing and pushed the senior back, the senior then turned to see me standing. Is there that I came to my senses and realise my front too was in a horizontal position forgetting the heaviness of the khaki trousers. The girl looked down my front and smiled.
The senior turned and removed a trousers hanging on the wall.
I was afraid of what is going to happen to me so I tried going out and the senior shouted at me.
Senior: Hey!!! Stupid boy, where do you think you are going? Comeback here before I bounce on you, fool.
I turned around to face him.
Senior: come on be on your knees. *I knelt down*
Senior: so you know how to go out but you chose to stand there and watch us? Ooh! Nice.
Me: *stammering* I’m, I’m sorry sir.
Senior: shut up!!! When did I become your sir? You did not even knock before entering.
Me: *silent*

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Just then there was a knock on the door. KoKoko
Senior: Who is that?
Is me Kingso.Responded outside
Senior: Come in.
He entered and asked
Kingso: What’s up Zygote?
*Oh so his name is Zyote?***asking myself inside without expecting an answer from anyone.
Zygote: charle this foolish boy just spoiled my day la.
Kingso: Aww. How?
Zygote: Me and Benita was having a nice time and he banked in without knockin *cuts in***
Kingso: What!!!? Entering the Den without knocking? *Opened his eyes wide**
Is there I realize am in a serious trouble.
Zygote: What baffles me is he got the gut to stand there and watch us when we did not know he is in.
Zygote: What!!!? *Stood up**
Came close to me.
Zygote: Is all that he is saying true? *Asking me**
Me: Yes but I shouted. the name “Jesus” when I entered but I think they did not hear me.

Zygote and Benita started laughing loudly but Kingso refused to laugh.

Kingso: You hypocrite, do you know Jesus? Why then did your d–k become soo hard?
Kingso: Sure!?
Zygote : Ah! Kingso paa how can I lie? Ask Benita.
Kingso: Hahahaa I like this boy. You are too bold.
Me: *smiling* ** just then Kingso gave me a heavy slap.
I shouted ajeei, !!!
Kingso: Whom are you smiling at? Do you think we are jokers here?, if you know what is coming to happen to you, you wouldn’t be fooling yourself.
Me:Please senior i’m sorry
Zygote: shut up!!
Benita: Please take it easy with him.
Just then we heard a knock on the door again.
Kingso: who is that?
Is me Zogaroo* was the response from outside.
Zygote: Enter man.
Zogaroo came in.
Zogaroo: Sup my boy?
Referring to me and i did not know whether to respond or not.
Zogaroo: Why? Are you not responding nigga? Kneeling down is just Normal here o so take it cool ok.
He dropped his small bag on the bed.
Kingso: But there is a problem with this his kneeling.
Zogaroo: soon? You just came today and you are already in trouble? What did he do?
Two other seniors knocked on the door and joined us.
Zygote narrated all that happened again to them.
And they concluded that am going to receive fifty lashes without settlement or twenty- five lashes with a settlement so I should choose one.
I chose twenty-five with a settlement because there is no way I can receive fifty lashes even the twenty- five is just that I have no option.

Kingso then called one of the seniors who just entered by name” Abortion” to give it to me but Zogaroo cut in.
Zogaroo: But before that let him know the rules of the room.
Abortion: Yes, because after am done with him he will not get what it takes to pay attention to listen to the rules.
They then asked me to get myself a book and a pen and write down the rules as they mention them one by one.

I listed them down and it was time to receive the lashes.

I was asked to get hold of a bed and I did.
Abortion gave it to me and I shouted and he said whenever I make a little noise he will start afresh.