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Girl In The Boys Dormitory. Episode 8-10

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*By: Papa Jay*

*Episode 8*
Someone switched on the light and I was shocked because I was not expecting anyone to be awake, I turned fast to see Benita starring at me with a broad smile then I quickly turned fast to face the wall trying hard to prevent her from seeing my er£cted manhood but she boldly said “don’t worry, I have seen it already” in a low tone. She then switched off the light and went to join her boyfriend (King Zygote) who was asleep after having marathon s£x with her.
I stood there for some minutes thinking of the meaning of what she just did.

I met Richard Yeboah infront of the main gate of the dormitory and he said he has finished bathing already since he waited for me for so long but I did not come out but he has fetched water for me already so I should follow him for it. I followed him towards the bathhouse, he showed me the water just close to the entrance of the bathhouse, as I took the water and entered the bathhouse, surprisingly there was plenty girls totally n@ked already in the bathhouse so I dropped the bucket of water and turned to run out as they approach me but I slipped and fell, I stood up to run but it seem my legs was too weak and I could not run, I tried all I could to escape from these girls who was chasing me but unfortunately for me I was grabbed by Benita and all the girls came around and started kissing every part of my body,I was enjoying every part of their foolish act though but my conscience did not allow me to give up so I continued to struggle to get myself out from them but their romances weakened me the more so I finally gave up, Benita pulled down my boxers leaving my er£cted d–k to stand at “akimpe” position, she grabbed it and rubbed it to and fro and said to the other girls I could not recognized their faces that she will first take the ride since she made every plan to make it successfull, they pulled me down and I was helpless by this time and every shout I make seem not to be becoming out, just as Benita was about to sit on my er£cted d–k, I heard a shout “Jake don’t do it” i turned to see Sandra, the girl I met at the assembly hall standing there full of tears then I did not know where I gained that strength from, I pushed Benita and the other girls aside, grabbed my boxer shorts and run to Sandra who was also running towards me so just as we get close to each other and was about to embrace, I woke up only to realize it was a dream.

My heart continued to beat as fast as possible meanwhile my innocent d–k was still hard. I looked down from the top of my bed and it seem everyone was asleep including Benita so I waited a little while for my d–k to calm down then I took a torch under my pillow and read the Bible for about ten minutes then i prayed silently about the nightmare I just had before I slept again.

The school syrine finally cried after a little sleep so I quickly woke up, refusing to switch on the light since I heard some funny sounds down there which indicate there was some s£xual intercourse going on there again.
I went out of the *Lions Den* and went to
Richard’s bed to wake him up but he wasn’t there so I turned to go out only to see him approaching.
Richard: Yoo Jake. What’s up?
Me: Cool bro. Hope you slept well too.
Richard: Oh by His grace.
Me: We thank God then.
Richard: yeah.
Me: Want we go and sweep fast so not to be late again?
Richard: What late are you talking about?
Me: Class ofcourse?
Richard: So the heat in the hell is soo hot that it had made you to forget that today is Saturday?
Me: Ah! Waa look. Very funny. So what are we going to do now.?
Richard: you know there is struggling for water in this school so let’s start washing from now and before the seniors will wake up and delay us from getting water, we are done with our washing already.
Me: oh nice idea.

So we did the washing as fast as we could and we were able to finish even before our other colleagues form one students came out to start cleaning the compound which we joined them to clean.

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At exactly, five o’clock there was an entertainment and we all headed to the assembly hall, that day, there was a rap and dancing competition.
We entered the assembly hall very early just because we wanted to get the front seat so that we shall not midst anything on the stage and also to run from the seniors at the dorm side.
People kept coming through different gate of the assembly hall as the time approached. I continued to turn around with the intention of seeing Sandra but to no avail. About ten minutes time, Richard tapped me on my lap.
Richard: See, is it not the girl you met here yesterday? I quickly turned to see Sandra approaching us.
Me: Sandra!.

Episode 9*
Me: Sandra!
She turned to me and smiled then walked straight to us as if she was also looking for US.
Fortunately, I intentionally dropped a handkerchief on an empty seat bedside me and always lied to anyone who tried sitting on it that the seat has been already occupied by a senior so when Sandra arrived her seat was already there despite that the hall was almost full. She first greeted us.
Sandra: Goodevening,
Me and Richard: Fine evening.
Richard: How are you?
Sandra: By His grace and you?
Richard: We are doing well too
Sandra: We thank God
Me: Yeah.
Sandra: Thank you very much for reserving a seat for me.
Me: You are welcome.
Richard: But why are you late?
Sandra: My school mum asked me to help her do something in the dormitory.
Richard: Oh ok.
Me: Please may I asked, which cause you coming to offer?
Sandra: Science.
Me: Future doctor.
Sandra: Hahaha , does offering science mean automatically you have to become a doctor?
Me: But that is what we all believe in?
Sandra: What of you and your friend?
Me: Am here to offer visual arts while Richard is to offer Business.
Sandra: Then you must be good in arts, I will give you my picture so that you draw me.
Me: I don’t even need your picture before I can draw you.
Sandra: Then you are talented.
Me: Yeah, that is what they have been saying.
Sandra: Oh nice, am happy to meet you.
Me: Me too.
Richard: What of me Sandra?
Sandra: Oh am happy to meet you too.
We all bust into laughter.
Finally, the program was about to start and we were about to witness our first entertainment. The MC announced that any form one student who knows how to sing, dance, etc should come forward and some students did not even wait for him to finish the announcement before they were there.
He therefore led them took the stage one by one and of course some were really good at their field.

The program that lasted for about two hours finally came to an end, so from there we are to go to the dormitory and bring our plates, cup and cutlery sets for dining and from there we match straight to preps so
me and Richard has to run fast to the dormitory and bring out the necessary things before any senior could join us inside to disturb us.
I reached the *Lions Den* I knocked on the door and no one responded but it was not locked, I stood there for some minutes and decided to enter.

I entered and to my amazement Benita and co was still inside the dormitory. Immediately I entered Benita stood up from a bed she was sitting on and came to me, she tried hugging me but I swerved her then she dragged me back and Sweetbells came and grabbed my manhood and screamed at a low tone” walaai, Beni you said it, this guy is heavily loaded” by this time I was feeling uncomfortable and was also afraid that the crazy seniors might come in .
Jezzy: Leave the innocent boy alone, he is not happy with this kind of things .
Tracy: The way you are praising this guy will force me to taste his thing o.
Ago: Eei you.
Benita left me then I pulled myself back to free myself from Sweetbells who was still holding my d–k.
I jumped on my bed and they were all starring at me as if they have seen a different creature from another planet.
I gathered all I needed and dropped them inside my small bag then away.

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I went out and Richard was already waiting for me.
Richard: You have kept long, why?
Me: Forget, lets go.
I wanted to tell Richard what is going on in the dormitory but something prompted me to wait a little because I don’t know how secretive he is so I decided to study him before I share my secret with him but he could see that am worried about something but whenever he ask, I will say there is nothing wrong with me.

We moved to the front of the dining hall entrance and we were all waiting for the dining bell to ring for us to get inside.
By this time I was looking left and right with the expectation of seeing Sandra but she was no where to be found so i asked Richard.
Me: Rich have you eyed Sandra?
Richard: No o. Jake are you in love with her.
Me: Oh not that ,is just that I just like her.
Richard: See, let me tell you, if you are in love with her make sure you propose to her before tomorrow and stop that joke that I just like her. You have to act fast before someone overtake you, for now you are not in competition with anyone but immediately someone goes before you,she will decide to put both of you on scale and carry you to see who is the best man for her, that is where they normally say give me time to think of it. So my brother Sandra is a beautiful girl and every indication shows that she has not been in a serious relationship before so if you love her just go straight to the point. The way she acts even shows that she is just waiting for you.
Me: I think you are right but how did you know all this relationship matters?
Richard: Is a responsibility of every man to know so if you don’t know start learning from today.
Me: Hmmm is not easy o man. You know my problem, I have never proposed to a lady in my life before.
Richard: And there is nothing I could do to help you. You have to face her yourself to show her how bold you are as a man.
Me: Ok. I will try.
Within minutes of our discussion someone taped on my shoulder, I turned only to see Sandra smiling at me and my heart started to beat as fast as possible. Richard worsened the case when he excused us.
I looked straight into her eyes and started stammering.
Me: Sandra, I, I, I want to tell you something.
Sandra: Ok am listening.
Me: *Silent* for some minutes.
Sandra: Jake what is it that you can’t tell me? Just tell me.
Me: *Took a deep breath* ok let’s make it later.
Sandra: *Frowned face* No is either you tell me now or I will never talk to you again.
Me: Sandra, I ,I love you.

Episode 10*
Me: Sandra I, I love you.
I looked down with the expectation of hearing a responds from Sandra but I was disappointed after almost a minute that I did not hear anything from her, I looked up and to my surprise Sandra face was full of tears and I felt very sorry for making her shed tears.

Me: Oh, please Sandra I was only joking ok, Please forgive me, I will never repeat it again ok. Please, please Sandra.
She was still silent and gazing at me.
Then to my amazement Sandra embraced me. By this time I too went silent but enjoying her protruding b00bs that was pearsing through my chest. If you want to know her b00bs were very firm and standing.

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As I was enjoying and at the sametime thinking of what the responds could be, my innocent d–k started growing horns so to avoid myself from been embarrassed I adjusted myself from her a little then ask her,
Me: Sandra are you ok.
Sandra: *nodded*
Me: But why are you crying? Is it because of what I said?
Sandra: Yes, no man has ever said this to me, you are the first person and you are the only one I love so is just tears of joy but what made me shed tears is because from the day I met you, you have been on my mind and I can’t even concentrate a minute without thinking of you but I didn’t want to appear cheap before you by approaching you that I love you.
Sandra was talking too much so I have to cut in to stop her.
Me: Is ok Sandra, I too have been thinking of you the same way you have been thinking of me. The truth is am totally in love with you and you are also the first girl I have ever proposed to.

Sandra: Meaning you too is a vir-gin?
Me: You don’t need to be told.
Sandra: Meaning my dream is true.
As she said this my heart jump because I remembered my nightmare too.
Me: Which dream are you talking about?
Sandra: I had a dream last night and in the dream, I was with you then five girls I could not recognized their faces came from no where then tried to drag you away from me, you were trying hard to free yourself from them but you fell down, you called me to help you out of which I got hold of your hand and started pulling you but what can one man strength do to five men? But as I gave up the fight, an oldman wearing all white who was watching us from a small distance asked me to come and give you a kiss for if they first kiss you , they have taken the man of my life away from me which means I will never enjoy marriage from any man neither will you enjoy marriage from any woman.
Me: So what did you do after hearing this?
Sandra: I quickly ran and gave you the deepest kiss ever.
Me: *smiled, very happy this time* So what happened after the kiss?
Sandra: When I was kissing you, I closed my eyes firmly so I opened my eyes only to see the five girls lying there. Me: What? *with a surprise look* then this kiss should come to pass one-day.
Sandra: Am even thinking , thinking, thinking. *stammering*
Me: Thinking of what? Please.
Sandra: Before that have you ever kissed before?
Me: No o. Whom am I going to kiss?
Sandra: *Smiled* if you truly love me then we have to have our first kiss now.
Me: No but that can’t be possible, see there are many people around, what If they see us in this kind of act? Don’t you think we will be punished? We can even be sacked?
Sandra: Forget sacking, no one can dare sack us. Not even the education minister.
Me: Sandra! Do you know what you are talking about?
Sandra: I bet you. Don’t be afraid, I just don’t want to lose.

I thought of the dream I also had then finally agreed on her request so we went to the back of the assembly hall block then Sandra gave me a very deep kiss.
We were locked up in the kiss until we heard the shout of someone.

My heart jumped then i turned back quickly.