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Girls In The Boys Dormitory. Episode 24&25

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Girls In The Boys Dormitory

Episode 24*
I opened the den door without knocking with the thought that no one is in by now but how wrong I was.

I entered inside the den only to see Benita and Jezy with a piece of cloth around each chest and started smiling at me.
Benita: Hahaha, Jezy your plan has really worked, I never believed he will comeback as you were claiming.
Jezy: Why want he come back, didn’t you see how Ogbodade was so serious about their order book issue?
Me: Does it mean you people took my order book from my bag?
Benita: *smiling in a stylishly* who else were you thinking could do this?
Jezy: Come on Jake, we did not meant to hurt you, we will give it back to you.
Benita: But before that we only want one thing from you.
Me: What? *with a frowned face*
Jezy: Your d–k.
Me: What!!!?
Benita: ssshh. *with her finger on her lips*
Jezy: Why are you surprised about this Jake? ,is it the first time we are asking you this?
Benita: *approaching* Come on stop pretending, I know how you always feels whenever I touch you.

I moved back and Benita pushed me against the wall when I attempted to go out and Jezy quickly by passed us and locked the door.
I became furious and attempted fighting them., Benita: See, if you don’t stop this nonsense am going to tear your order book into pieces right now, why are you so difficult!?
I was calm now after hearing that and they all quickly removed the cloth around their chest leaving them totally n@ked except their panties and I was even more confused .
Me: Ok, ok I understand now but can you show me the order book first ?
And Jezy lifted the mattress on one of the bed and brought it out.
Jezy: Here is it and we don’t need it for anything and we promise to give it to you after you have satisfied us.
Benita: You see, if I were you I will do it fast before they reaches my class.
Jezy: May be you don’t know the reason why they are requesting for your order book today, see the tailor delayed in estimating the cost of your school uniforms so they could not add it to your admission fees so they are now going to let you order it so that it will be added to your next term fees and if this exercise by pass you, it means you will not get your uniform and other valuable items of the school till next academic year.

All this while, Jezy arms was around my neck and spearsing my chest with her round er£cted b00bs and as you know, body no be firewood so my body temperature raised above 37 degrees Celsius and I could hear the sound of my blood running through my veins, my innocent d–k has nothing to do than to stand at attention position, Benita realizing how weak I was by then got hold of my hand and dragged me to one of the beds and I played stubborn by refusing to lie down and they got nothing lose, so they started working on me crazily, come and see two lips kissing one lips at the same time, in fact they kissed me from head to toe, all you could hear by then was the sound of their kisses, teta_teta, pipa_pipa.
Benita knelt down and I felt her unlocking my belt and Jezy too unbuttoned my shirt and threw it somewhere and jumped to grab me so crazily and now my brothers and sisters, it was n@ked body against n@ked body and I hope you don’t need me to tell you how the friction was, oh Christ, I was out of coverage area.

In fact these girls has that kind of skin, very very smooth skin.
Jezy continued with the kissing and Benita was still struggling with my belt since that belt hook wasn’t like the normal ones, you have to just press a button on it and it will open by itself so she continued struggling with it until she mistakenly press on the button and it opened.
Benita quickly pulled my khaki trousers down living my boxer shorts with my er£cted d–k raising it up and she grabbed it aggressively alongside the boxer shorts and moved to and fro and Jezy too begun s—–g my n!poles, guys the sensation was too much for me so my whole body started to vibrate like Nokia 3310, they finally pushed me in the bed since I was so weak that I could not stand again, they continued to work on me until I heard Benita asked.
Benita: Who is that?
Jezy: How will I know?
Then the voice called again “Jake!”
I now heard the voice.
He continued to call as we heard the footsteps approaching “Jake!! are you there? ”
I now remembered that I came to the dorm with a boy who also came for his order book.
Benita: *frightened* Jake who is calling?
I could not respond nor reply Benita because of how weak I was.
Jezy , who was afraid this time quickly threw my trousers and shirt to me and they helped me to dress fast and opened the door for me quickly and shut it after I have got out of the den.

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I now got into the main dorm and heard his footsteps approaching so I outsmarted him by intentionally throwing my pen under one of the main dorm beds and knelt down pretending to be looking for it before he could even open the door.
I did this to prevent him from seeing my er£cted d–k that has raised my khaki trousers and also to give it a little time to calm down.
Boy: Jake, so you are here?
Me: Yes o.
Boy: And what are you doing under the bed?
Me: My pen has felt under it o.
Boy: *knelt down to help* ah! How could you? I have been waiting for you outside for a long time.
He found the pen and I thanked God in my heart because my manhood was now back to it normal state.

Just as we stood up in an attempt to go out, we heard someone quickly closed the dens door and I guessed it was the crazy girls trying to find out who spoiled their day, so I rushed out and asked the boy to come out so that I could close the door but it seem this boy was too curious.
Boy: *with a surprised look* Did you hear that? who is there Jake?

Episode 25*
Boy: *with a surprised look* Did you hear that? who is there Jake?
Me: How will I know?
Boy: Lets find out man.
Me: Boy, this is not necessary, we have already delayed a lot of time and I don’t want waste my time on this.

This boy continued to move closer to the door and I was afraid he might try entering.
He stood there for sometime and raised his head up and saw the inscription written there boldly ” *The Lions Den*” then I said ;
Me: You see, you dare touch the door.
I never know he was a coward type, he quickly jumped outside after he heard another sound inside the den.
Me: hahaha, oh my God.
Boy: *frightened* why are you laughing?, didn’t you hear that again? *with eyes wide open*
Me: I thought you wanted to see what is inside there.
Boy: Does anyone sleeps in that small room?
Me: Yeah, why do you ask.?
Boy: I sense something in that room.
Me: And what is that?
Boy: The room is a demonic room.
Me: aww who told you all this?
Boy: I don’t need to be told, if all your senses are functioning perfectly, you see things others don’t see.
Me: I hear you o Mr senses.
Boy: This made me believe what my friend told me about some strange happenings in their school.
Me: What did he say? and which school are you talking about?
Boy: Is a long story, lets make it next time when we meet.
Me: ok, but I can’t remember you o , but it seem you know me considering the way you are mentioning my name.
Boy: Hahaha, and how does those who don’t know you mention your name?
Me: I mean you know my name but I don’t know you.
Boy: So you mean you can’t remember me?
Me: Yeah ,have we come across each other anywhere?
Boy: Sure, am Robben, am the one you and your friend shared one bucket of water with the last time that I could not get water.
Me: Oh ok, and since then I have not seen you again.

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All this while we were already on our way towards the school after locking the dormitory.
We parted ways to our various classes after reaching the school and I was so lucky there was no teacher in my class so I went straight to my chair.
I tapped on a lady in front of my table to asked her whether they have reached our class already and when she turned back, I was stunned by her astonished beauty.
I kept staring at her forgetting what I wanted to ask her.
Girl: Hello
Me: *stammering* ha, ha, hi
Girl: I hope everything is ok.
Me: Oh yeah, I just wanted to ask you whether they have come for the order booklet already.
Girl: Oh no, you don’t need to worry ok.
Me: Oh ok, thanks
Girl: you are welcome
The girl seem friendly and that encouraged me to ask of her name.
Me: Please May I know your name?
Girl: Am Nana Esi and you?
Me: Am Jake.
Esi: Oh nice to meet you Jake.
Me: Nice to meet you too.

During break time, I went out to meet Richard and we headed towards the bush canteen (Bush canteen is a place where various foods are been sold and you can choose to eat from there aside the food served in the dinning depending on your pocket ).
We saw Sandra and Sirina there and they came to us.
Sirina: what’s up?
Me: Cool, I hope you are all fine
Sandra: yeah.
Richard: Sandra I even forgot to ask you again o.
Sandra: What?
Richard: What did those sisters do to you after having that grudge with them?
Sandra: You mean Sister Tracy and Agi?
Richard: yeah
Sandra: What can they do to me. I first informed my school mother about everything and she got furious about it and she also informed the sisters in the dorm and they all applauded me for my bold decision against them and pledged to support me all the time so when they sent for me later in the night, they did not allow me to go so the next day I was passing by their dormitory when one of them grabbed me and asked me to follow her, so I followed her inside and is there I realized they are five sisters plus that girl in the cubicle .
Me: Shantel?
Sandra: yeah
Richard: so what did they do to you?
Sandra: They asked the form one girl to command me to kneel down and she commanded me to kneel down as directed.
Richard: And you knelt down?
Sandra: who? you don’t need to ask, I stood there like a deaf refusing to obey any of their instructions and they had nothing to do than to release me.
Richard: you have really done well, I think they will not try anything stupid next time.

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Just as we were standing there chatting, a girl working at the canteen came to us and said please it is set and Sandra asked us to follow her and she led us to a table fully set with jollof rice and chicken.
Sandra: Ok here is launch for us.
Me: You mean you bought all this? *with a surprise look*

Sandra: Aww what is all this? You just have your seat and lets enjoy.
We all sat down and before we could realized, Shantel and two other form one girls has turned the whole table and the food upside down.
Shantel: You stupid girl, what did I tell you last time?
Sandra got furious and gave Shantel a very hot slap and she tried to retaliate and Richard got hold of her hand behind and the women in the canteen came to separate them and started questioning what the matter is all about.
We did not even know what to say so as we were still with the women trying to explain to them what happened, we saw Sandra and Ogbodade ( the senior house master) coming and I got frightened.
Richard: Man Sandra has gone too far. *to my ear*
Me: Yes o man.
Ogbodade: What happened here?
Sandra explained whatever went on there to Ogbodade and he asked Shantel whether it is true and she and other two girls just stood there refusing to talk.
So Ogbodade brought out his pen and paper and wrote their names and said they will hear from him and went back to the school.

Sandra requested that same amount of food that was turned down by Shantel and her crew which amounted to 100 Ghana cedis and I begun to worry.
Me: Sandra, I think you are spending too much, you can’t spend 100 cedis just a day.
Richard: Sandra why can’t you make it next time.
Sandra: No, I don’t want her to feel like she has spoiled our day.
So we enjoyed the food and moved to our classes when break was over.

When it was about 15 minutes to closing, the class teacher came in to announce that we will elect our class prefects the next day and Esi turned to look at me and smiled, I wanted to ask her why but I ignored.

Finally school was over ,
I went out and Saw Richard and Sandra coming, we were already full so we did not border to go for dining so we went back to my class and discussed how our first day in class looked like in our various classes, later we talked about what went on during break time and before we know, we have spent almost 30 minutes there so we decided to go to the dorm since it was already siesta time.
As we got close to our dorm, we saw all the people in our dorm still outside with their bags still hanging on them and they were all looking at us.
Richard: What is going on there? Why are they still outside?
Is there I remembered I did not return the keys after I went for my order book in the morning

Me: Eeei Rich am dead!!
Richard: Why?