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Girls In The Boys Dormitory. Episode 26-28

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Girls In The Boys Dormitory

Episode 26*
Richard: What is going on there? why are they still outside?
Is there I remembered i did not return the keys after I went for my order book in the morning.
Me: Eeei Rich am dead!!
Richard: What?
Me: The dorm keys are with me.
Richard: You don’t mean it, how can it be with you?
*with a worried look*
Me: I left my order book in the dorm and went for the keys for it.
Richard: Oh Christ do something.
We started running towards them.

All the seniors including the lions den squad were forced to stay behind doors for almost 30 minutes.
I handled the keys to the dorm prefect and he refused to collect it.
Dorm P.: What?
Me: *Trembling* please the keys.
Dorm P: For what? are you not the dorm prefect now?
Please I forgot that the keys are with me.
Dorm P: Oh so you first forgot your order book or whatever and I gave you the keys and you also forgot that the keys are with you?, keeping us outside for almost 30 minutes now while other houses are enjoying their siesta.?
Then one senior shouted at the dorm P.
Senior:Hey! K. Kristo, will you stop all these nonsense and open the door for us? We don’t care about the mistake you did and how it happens, all we need is to get inside and we will not blame this boy but you.

Then K. Kristo (the dorm prefect) angrily collected the keys and opened the dorm for them and everyone entered remaining me alone outside wondering what will happen to me next, Richard later came out and encouraged me to enter for he is sure I will be forgiven, so I entered . I knocked on the lions den and they ordered me in, i greeted them and they responded as if I have done nothing wrong, I dropped my bag and was still standing there expecting them to ask me why I locked them behind and it seem no one was ready to ask me anything and this gave me a lot of headache.
I then climbed my bed without even removing my shoes nor my uniform and lied on my bed thinking of what will come out of it.
I started talking in my mind.
*Oh God, why all these problems? ,why is it that when I get myself out from a problem then I jump into another problem?, I first left my order book and wanted to avoid that problem by coming for it not knowing it was a trap, I got out from that problem and forgot to return the keys which has landed me into another problem, why? in fact I always hear the saying that” two troubles, one God but it seem mine is many troubles one God*.

Then I heard a knock on the door and Kingso asked.
Kingso: Who is there?
is me K. Kristo. *responded from outside*
Then my heart jumped inside me after hearing the name.
Zygote: Are you coming for your meat?
K. Kristo: Sure, bring him out. *still waiting outside*
Abortion tapped me and said am needed outside.
Adonko: See you, you always refuse to do whatever we ask you to do if not that we could have save you from this problem.
I moved out and saw K. Kristo standing there with an angry look.
K. Kristo: Follow me.
I followed him ,thinking he is taking me to where he sleeps but I was wrong.
He took me to another house. I mean a different house.
we entered inside the main dorm after he knocked and he was asked to enter, he progressed to a small room inside that dorm (cubicle) and knocked on the door and there was a delay in responding so just us we were waiting for them to respond I lifted my head up and saw this inscription
*”GAZA FAMILY”* then I nearly vomited my heart out because according to what I heard earlier about this group of people in the school, if it is true then am finally dead.

I was told Gaza family is the oldest and notorious occult group in the school, they are very powerful because they have some leaders in the country that was part of the group during their school days in the school and still belongs to the family.
I was told they do all kinds of things in the school and the housemasters are even afraid of them, they own an apartment in town that they use to meet there with the past students that belonged to the group during their days in school, it is believed most beautiful girls too belongs to this group and they take them to their apartment in town and sleeps with them the way they want.

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Now, back to reality, they finally opened the door and asked us to come in, K. Kristo entered and I tried to follow when one senior shouted at me.
Senior: Hey stop!!!
I moved back quickly
Senior: Remove your footwear before you enter and I turned back and now realise K. Kristo left his slippers behind before entering.
So I removed my shoes and he now ordered me in.

Episode 27*
Senior: Hey stop!!!
I moved back quickly
Senior: Remove your footwear before you enter and I turned back and now realise K. Kristo left his slippers behind before entering.
So I removed my shoes and he now ordered me in.

i stood there and looked around the walls first and there was some kind of strange images I can not explain drown on the walls,
I now tried to recognize faces in there and was surprise to see four girls seated among those in there. Some of the girls were left with only blazers and panties and others were wearing night_ T’s, onething that baffles me most was that a senior was busily s—–g one of the girls b00bs on one of the beds, even in our presence and the girl was making some light m0ans dancing to the music he was playing.
Even with all this, non of them not even K. Kristo was suprise at it at all and they all seem to see it as normall.
I was asked to have a seat and I sat on one of the chop boxes and the room went silent for some few minutes, I was tempted to watch those acting p–n in our presence and I saw how the senior continued to s–k the girls b00bs and she continued to m0an ” aww, you are too sweet baby, sssh,ooh yes etc” the m0ans increased when the senior finally landed his hand on her p—y and begun to massage it gently.

My innocent d–k forgot all the problems I was carrying by then and foolishly started nodding to the rhythm inside my khaki trousers, I was lost in thought until I heard a shout.
Hey! what are you looking at? ,is that the reason you were brought here? *by a senior*
I turned back and felt ashamed of myself.

One senior who was busily smoking on top of a bed since we entered finally passed it to one senior and jumps down and asked.
Senior: Sup K. Kristo?
K. Kristo: Cool o bro.
Senior: We never saw you here again ever since you nearly f—-d that girl to her early grave.
i turned to look at K. Kristo because I never expected him to involve himself to that kind of dirty acts.
Senior: Hey, boy what are you suprise at?, You have not f—-d before?
K. Kristo: Am suprise he seem not to be worried about what is going to happen to him here.
Senior: Oh so you brought him for torture? I thought you want to seek admission for him o.
And I was like *what admission is he talking about?*
K. Kristo: Oh no, he is the cause of why we were still outside when we were supposed to have our siesta.
Senior: How?
K. Kristo: He asked for the keys to come for something he left inside and I had mercy on him and directed him to Serlom to go for the keys and after coming for what he claims he left, he decided to keep the keys in his pocket and even refused to bring it when school was over, I sent for boys to look for him in the school but he was nowhere to be found and he later appeared at his own time ,that’s why I thought it wise to bring him here since here will be the most appropriate place to torture him.
Senior: Oh you have a nice mission.
This is a nice case, *another senior responded*
I started praying in my head.
*Almighty God, please save me from the hands of these demons, please do something God, I have no anyone to run to except you,please help me*.

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These was the kind of prayers I was praying until a senior asked me to stand up and I stood up.

He asked me to hold the bed and I got hold of it, he gave me 20 lashes at my back with a bamboo stick and passed it to another senior to continue and when he came close to me, he saw tears scrolling down my chicks and he stood there and said I have made him sad so he can’t continue with the beatings but he still has a different punishment for me, he opened a chop box and fetched some “gari” and added sugar into it, he asked me to follow him outside which I did,
this senior took me to the sunny area and mixed the already mixed “gari” with sugar with a lot of sand and promised to release me after I finish separating each of the mixed items,so I was left in the sun alone and the sun was scorching on me very hard yet I had no option than to remain in it and turn the impossible into possible.

I remained in it until it was time for dining yet I was not released and most of the students has finished taking their bath and was heading to the school, Richard who was sad on what I was passing through came and consoled me and left for dining.

About 20 minutes time after everyone has left to dining, the senior now came out to release me and I headed to preps since dining was over without a book or a pen.

I reached the school campus and saw most students still roaming about on the campus and I ignored them and was heading straight to our prepping hall when Sandra came across me.

Sandra: Hey Jake, where were you?
I explained everything to her.
Sandra: So you could not go for dining?
Me: Yeah, but don’t worry am ok.
Sandra: No, lets go to the canteen.
Me: Thank you Sandra but I think am ok.
Sandra: But am not ok, just escort me there.
I had no option than to follow her to the canteen
but just as we made a little steps, the syrine cried for preps hours and we have to run fast to our various prepping halls but Sandra still pushed 20 cedis note into my palm that I should use it to buy food after preps.

After preps, I got into the lions den and to my suprise, Tracy, her school daughter (Shantel) , Agi and the dens squad was already in the den.

Episode 28*
After preps, I got into the lions den and to my surprise, Tracy, her school daughter (Shantel), Agi and the dens squad was already in the den.

I greeted them and non of them responded so I by passed them and removed my footwear and when I made an attempt to climb the bed;
Abortion: Hey! will you comeback here before I kick you like a ball?!!!
I returned to them and they were all looking at me for sometime before Zygote begun to talk.
Zygote: Jake, what happened today?
Me: *I was first confused because a lot happened throughout the day* Actually, I forgot my order book so I went for the keys and forgot to return them.
Adonko: That is not what we want to hear about.
Zygote: I mean, what happened between you and Shantel today?
Me: *confused*, Me and Shantel?
Kingso: No, me and Shantel, talk and stop the pretense.!!
Me: But it wasn’t between me and Shantel? it was between her and Sandra.
Shantel: *pointing at me with an angry mood* Are you not the one who got hold of my hand and she got the chance to slap me!?
Me: No is not me. *I was tempted to mention Richard’s name that he was the one but I quickly realised they will call for him so I decided to face the risk*
Zogaroo: Jake the question now is did anyone got hold of her hand or not.
Me: *I was silent for sometime* But it wasn’t an intention to let Sandra slap her but to just separate the fight.
Tracy: So you chose to hold Shantel hand? why didn’t you got hold of your so called girlfriends hand?
Abortion: Jake, no one plays with a lions baby and goes freely, we are going to punish you on three charges now and each contains ten lashes.
Agi: Is your own fault, you have chosen what you want.
Kingso: Now your first charge is cheating your girlfriend (Shantel)
second is holding her hand for her colleague to slap her.
Third is attempting to deny what you know you actually did. Now Abortion the executioner is your time.

Abortion: Hold the bed
I got hold of the bed and he lashed me very well, after he is done with me, tears was scrolling down my chin and Tracy started laughing at me.
Tracy: I thought you are a full grown man o.
I did not mind her and passed to climb my bed.
Adonko: Hey, where are you going? we are not done with you yet.
I returned to them and they now asked Shantel to retaliate the slap Sandra gave her and she foolishly came to slap me and I retaliated her in a very hard way and she screamed.
Zygote: What!? *eyes wide open*
Zogaroo: Jake!!!
Kingso stood up and commanded me to hold the bed again and I boldly refused this time around.
Me: If anyone touches me again then he better kill me right now or else I will reveal every secret I know in this school right now.!!
*with a very serious look*
He stood there face to face with me and turned to look at the other seniors and I saw Zogaroo giving him a sign to stop and he turned back and said I will never be happy in the dorm again for what I have done.

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I turned back and climbed my bed and no one dared to stopped me again.
They continued to discuss on me and later moved to some other issues until later I heard some m0ans and some funny sounds on some of the beds but my d–k refused to dance to their music this time because the anger and the pain in me was beyond description.

I woke up even before the syrine cried and was happy not seeing Shantel on my bed.

We prepared for school some hours later but in around 11 am time I had a message that I was needed at the disciplinary committee. *(The Evil forest)*, my heart jumped and I became very frightened and I started praying in my heart.

I got there and I saw Sandra, Richard, Shantel and the other two girls that followed her to the canteen yesterday.