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Girls In The Boys Dormitory. Episode 29- Season 1-finale

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Girls In The Boys Dormitory

Episode 29*
I got there and I saw Sandra, Richard, Shantel and the other two girls that followed her to the canteen yesterday.

It did not take time when the Protocol prefect came out to call Sandra into the Evil Forest (Disciplinary Committee hall) and I continued to look at faces trying hard to know what is going to happen next.
After about ten minutes Sandra came out and Shantel was called in so i got close to Sandra and she took me and Rich aside.
Sandra: Is not anything you should be worrying about, is about yesterday’s case, I was asked what happened and I explained everything to them and they further asked if there is any issue between me and her and I said no and some other questions which I answered them perfectly.
Richard: I think they want to punish her and her crew for their misconduct.
Me: She needs to be punished severely.

Few minutes time Shantel came out looking moody and one of her crew asked her what happened there and she refused to answer.
We stood there waiting for what will happen next when the Protocol prefect came out and called me in.

Me: Goodmorning.
Fine morning *they responded*
I scanned around and they were about five people in there and they are Mr. Atsu (Ogbodade the senior house master), Miss Nana Konadu (head of English department), Shadrack Stone (The boys prefect) , Nana Ama Koleku Kiki (The girls prefect) and Godfred Mahama (the protocol prefect).

I stood there facing them for some time before Ogbodade asked.
Ogbodade: Mr. Jake, can you please tell us your mission here this morning?
Me: Thank you sir, I had a message that am needed here so I came in response to the information I had.
Nana Konadu: Ok, what happened yesterday afternoon between you and Shantel?
I narrated exactly all that went on.
Boys Prefect: According to Shantel, she had an exchange with Sandra when you stood up from a chair and got hold of her hand and that gave Sandra the chance to slap her in the face so she also got provoke and thought of something she could do to pay you back and that is why she turned down your set table ,
how true is this Jake?
Me: Thank you very much, before I proceed to answer you, I wish you should have asked her what actually was their exchange about.
But anyway that is never the truth of the whole story, I never got hold of her hand, and anyone who touched her did so after she and her crew came to turn down the table with no tangible reason and they did not just hold her because they wanted to give Sandra the chance to slap her or beat her but to separate the fight.
Nana Konadu: Mr. Jake what is the relationship between you and Sandra?
Me: She is my friend.
Kiki: You mean your girlfriend?
I remained silent for some seconds before I responded.
Me: Yes.
Mahama: Are you friends from home or you only met here?
Me: We met here.
Mahama: What is the relationship between you and Shantel too?
Me: Please there is no any relationship between us.
Mahama: You mean you don’t know her?
Me: Yes.
Mahama: Have you ever come across her anywhere in the campus?
Me: I have been seeing her but I have never made any attempt to talk to her.
Ogbodade: Thank you very much Jake, you can go now.
Me: Thank you sir.

I left the Evil Forest and Sandra and Richard quickly drew me aside and begun to ask what transpired there and I told them all that they asked me and Sandra was overwhelmed that I said exactly what she said.

They later called Richard and the other two girls in to interrogate them and now released us to go back to our various classes.

Around 1:30 pm time, a bell rang for assembly and everyone was surprised and was eager to know why that bell was ranged because that bell never rang unless there is a breaking news and indeed there was a breaking news.

So few minutes later the assembly was totally full with everyone was seated and all the staff too were present.
The hall remained silent until the headmaster (Stephen Gyamfi) appeared and there was some murmuring until a teacher commanded us to keep quiet.

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The room remained silent as the Master Gyamfi came to the pulpit.
He greeted us and we responded and he proceeded to call Shantel and her crew to come out.
Master Gyamfi: These girls you are seeing here misbehaved yesterday and for that matter they are going to be punished for that so from tomorrow they are going on two weeks internal suspension meaning they will be working within the school premises.

He left the stage after he narrated all they did without wasting time.

Episode 30*
He left the stage after he narrated all they did without wasting time.

It was Friday and Friday night is a f—–g night in the den so I was now thinking whether Shantel will follow her school mother to the dorm.
I later met the protocol prefect (Godfred Mahama) after school.
Me: Sup senior.
Mahama: Am fine , how are you?
Me: Am fine too.
Mahama: We thank God.
Me: yeah. err senior you nearly nailed me with your questions today o.
Mahama: Sure?
Me: Yeah, you really pushed me to the wall.
Mahama: It even looks like you guys were considered because you are first year students and we have not heard any bad news from any of you except this one.
Me: So supposing we were seniors we would’ve faced crazy questions than this?.
Mahama: Why do you think the students refers to the hall as an evil forest? it only takes a miracle to win a case there. It is an evil forest because no one will ever wish to be called there.
Me: We thank God then.
Mahama: Yeah, but I will advise you to be very careful about those girls else they will put you into trouble and it will be very bad for you to be called the second time into the evil forest.
Me: Thank you senior. But senior how did you come to conclusion your judgement? I mean how did you know it was Shantel and her crews fault?
Mahama: That was very easy, they foolishly said different thing to a question while you guys perfectly said the same thing to each question.
Me: Hahaha, they could not survive with their lies.
Mahama: Yeah, so I will meet you later.
Me: Ok, thank you senior.
Mahama: You are welcome.

After preps, I went into the den and was expecting the dens girls but the case was different.
I was in the dorm with Kingso, Abortion and Adonko when Zygote ran in and said.
Zygote: charle, there is a problem o.
Kingso: Problem? ,I hope is not about us.
Zygote: Any problem not about us is not a problem man?.
Adonko: Then what is the problem? just tell us!
Zygote called them to a corner and told them something I could not hear from my bed.
They stood there looking at each other for sometime until Kingso said .
Kingso: lets go.

They all followed Zygote and they went out.
I wanted to know what that problem really was but whom should I asked.
i waited for their return for a long time but they never returned so sleep took me over.
I woke up the next morning and realize no girl was in the den meanwhile the dens squads was looking somehow, I can’t really explain what was going on within them but the problem was I could not ask any of them what happened when they went out.

I forgot them and went out to help clean the compound, so after we were done with our normal duties, I came back to the den and realize they were having a meeting when I broke in forgotten to knock and they quickly quit whatever they were discussing and remained silent until I picked my clothes and went out, they quickly closed the door behind me and I was surprise because for the first time, they have hidden something from me, what could that be? and they couldn’t even make an attempt to punish me for not knocking? I could not believe it because they always say am part of them and has never hidden anything from me but what makes this their secret different? *i asked myself all these questions*

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I thought of it for a long time and decided to forget everything and think of myself.

Around 5pm we prepared and went for entertainment but I realized the dens squad never came to the entertainment.
I met Sandra there and broke the news to her , Richard and Sirina and they were all happy about the way the good Lord is fighting for us.
Sandra: Shantel has gotten her share already and I believe is their turn.
Richard: God is good.
Sirina: All the time.
We continued to chat on other issues until entertainment was over.

On Monday around 1pm time, we were all assembled and the house master (Ogbodade ) and other house masters and all the teachers asked everyone to help them search around the school because there was some kind of bad smell all over the campus.
We all participated in the search but to no avail.

The next day the smell became worse and we continued with the search but could not see what was causing that kind of scent in the school until Wednesday when Ogbodade, some seniors and the school labourers furthered their search outside the walls of the school when it became unbearable and everything showed it wasn’t from within the school.

Grand finale of season one(episode 31)*

It was first break and most of the students refused to come out or even go near the bush canteen to buy food because of the smell in all over the campus.
Nevertheless some of us could not stay inside because we were eager to see the faces of our loved ones so we have to go out and meet them.
I was sitting on a bench with Richard, Sandra and Sirina under a tree having some fun when we saw Ogbodade and his search crew stormed into the school from the entrance.
He looked very worried and at the sometime very serious, they were moving faster with their walk towards the administration block and refused to talk to anyone .

Everyone made a move to know what was the cause but all of us stopped at the entrance of the administration block when they all got inside to meet the headmaster.

We kept waiting but unfortunately for us the syrne cried for break over and we had no option than to go inside our classrooms.
There was noises almost in every class because almost all the teachers was called to the administration now and as you know those hearsay, hearsay students moving around with what they think will be on the front page of the day, spreading rumours.

I was just quiet seated on my chair when Nana Esi came to sit on her seat and I asked her what she heard after going out to gather information on the issue.
Me: Esi!
Esi: *turned back* sup?
Me: What did hear from your research of what is going on in the school?
Esi: Haha Papa Jay, who even told you I was on a research?
Me: Ok but what do you think is going on?
Esi: According to what I heard, they said some seniors have defecated behind the walls of the school and was caught in the acts during their search, so this is the cause of the smell in the school so a bell will soon be ringed for assembly for them to call out those seniors for proper sanctioning.

Nana Esi did not even end when the bell truly rang for assembly and we all ran faster into the assembly hall with an anticipation to know the true cause of the smell .
The entire hall remained silent for sometime until Ogbodade came on stage.
Ogbodade: Please keep quiet as we wait for the headmaster Mr. Stephen Gyamfi.
The headmaster entered inside the hall with a very worried and sad look written on his face.
He stood there for sometime without talking, I turned around every corner and noticed almost all the teachers in the school was present which was unusual, some was moving around in the row while some was standing at the entrances, it doesn’t matter wherever any of them was standing you could see sadness written on their faces.

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Now, the headmaster cleared his throat and asked us to keep quiet and learn him our ears.
The room was now totally silent like a cemetery.
Master Gyamfi: Am very, very sad this afternoon.
I hope you will all agree with me that the school have been engoved with bad smell recently.
Yes sir!!!. *We all responded*
Master Gyamfi: It is due to this that Mr. Atsu and some other members of the school embarked on their search to find out the cause of this scent and unfortunately for us, *he paused for some seconds and removed a handkerchief to clean the tears coming out from eyes*
Is there we started thinking there is more into the issue than we thought.
*He continued*
Master Gyamfi: So they crossed the borders of the school with their search and to their amazement, they found a dead body behind the walls of the school.
*Everyone was frightened and the hall was full of noise as everyone was murmuring*
Ogbodade commanded us to keep quiet and Master Gyamfi continued.
master Gyamfi: So they came to inform me and we all went out to the scene and realized it is one of the oldest and hardworking security guard
*Mr. Akurugu*
Awww!!! *We all hailed*

master: So we did not touch it.
But we have reported the matter to the police and is likely the police men and some other journalist will arrive soon that is why we want to call you to order because is likely these journalists will try to interrogate some of you and a little mistake on how you will address this case can turn the school upside down so am warning all of you to remain in your dormitories .
Non of you should say anything when they approach you, just allow it to the school authorities and we will know how to handle it.
The headmaster left and we were all dismissed from there to go to our dormitories.

After 5minutes from the assembly we heard the cry of an ambulance and within a minutes the police men arrived, they were led to the scene by the headmaster, Ogbodade and his search crew.
Again, we saw some cars entering the school with their logos designed nicely on each of the cars and i could say they were the media houses because of their logos ,some of the media that came there were; GTV/GBC, Citi fm, Peace fm, Joy tv. etc.

They were directed to the scene and some few minutes later we heard the police took the body away according to what we heard because we were not allowed to go close to the scene.
Indeed the journalists started chasing us in the dorm side for interrogation and non of us was ready to put himself into trouble until Ogbodade called the school prefect for them and they ask him several questions which he answered them with cautiousness.

That evening, we were not allowed to go for preps so we came to dorm after dining.
The dorm prefect announced in our dorm that our housemaster (Mr. Akoto) want to meet us in room one main dorm so we all went to meet him.

Mr. Akoto: Goodevening.
Goodevening sir!! *we responded.*
Mr. Akoto: I hope you all know what happened
Yes sir !! *we responded again.*
Mr. Akoto: Ok, according to report, the police officer said Mr. Akurugu didn’t die by his natural death but he was murdered by some unknown assailants since a knife tapes was found in his body, the knife was found few metres away from the corpse and they have picked it for further investigation.

Since that day, the den girls never came to the den again, Shantel never disturbed me or Sandra again, I was free in the school now with my lover Sandra, me and Richard became very close friends and Richard too was doing well with his girlfriend Sirina.
To me the game in the den was over.


*The return of the den girls*

*who killed Akurugu?*
This and many questions remains unanswered for now.