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Crush Girl. Chapter 2

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Crush Girl.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 2


I sat on my seat in the class slowly, Annie and Grace who probably went to buy something came to me.

They are my friends and our seats were close to each other.

“Mary!” They called, on a norms, I would have stood and hugged them but I just raised my head up to them pathetically.

“I’m sorry, everything will be alright!” Grace said and hugged me from the sit I sat.

They sat beside me, Annia was by my left while Grace sat by the right.

“If I were in your shoes, I’ll be sad too but you need to cheer you, you will soon deliver and look like you have never been pregnant.” Annie said

“Really? everyone knows I’m pregnant already, the stigma would always be on me. It hurts me badly…” I let out and bite ny lips painfully.

I had already cried during my first days of being rãped. I cried like I would die and my aunt also makes matter worst.

“Good morning students!” The female mathematics teacher walked in and sat on the teachers seat that was at the right corner before the class.

Her eyes was fixed on the desk for few minutes, probably examining the topics she was to teach, she raised it towards the class just to survey the students present, her face met with me and she noticed my belly immediately

I hurriedly lowered my head in shame.

“Mary, on your feet!” She commanded and the class set their attentions on me.

I breathed out and stood, there were scoffs from student and the teacher bursted into a mocking laughter too.

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“Your boyfriend forget to pull out?” She asked in mockery and the laughter amidst the students increased.

“She forgot to use a pill after S+–X.” Anotherr female student added and everyone scoffed hardly.

Again, there were no tears left, I’m already in a shameful state and I’ll just accept all that would come by way.

“This is hilarious, come forward!”The teacher ordered and I obeyed.

I stood before the class of students, my big belly were big and made me looked ugly.

” I’m disappointed in you, such a shameless lady that you are, you have brought disgrace to your entire family.” the woman said and shook her head grossly.

I perceived a presence of two people walked in and I turned, it was Arthur and his female bodyguard.

The teacher quickly stood from her chair with respect and greeted; “Good morning, Arthur.”

Arthur ignored her greetings and set his gaze at me.

“Are you asking her questions?” Arthur’s bodyguard asked the teacher, she was referring to me.

“No….I….I was only counselling her.” The teacher answered.

“You are counselling her by bringing her to the front of every student, you were counselling her and everyone was laughing, no wonder your blind mother still works as a slave with the Gü family.” Arthur’s bodguard said and all the class bursted into a mocking laughter at the teacher.

“She has a blind mother!

” Wtff! her mother is a slave!

“She doesn’t deserve to teach us

” Let them fire her already, daughter of a slave

Those were the words of many angry students, Arthurs bodyguard had just exposed her biggest secrete to the students.

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Arthurs bodyguard then walked to the female teacher and said; *Don’t ever call her out and disgrace her again.”

The teacher nodded respectfully, he then walked to Arthur who was just standing and staring.

Arthur whispered into the ear of his female bodyguard and she nodded.

“With immediate effect, you are fired from Kins high.” His bidguard declared.

“Pleass forgive me, that’s what I use to take care of my families, they are all depending on me….please, I’ll never try such again. ” the female teacher pleaded.

The female bodyguard ignored the teacher and brought out her IPAD, she dialed something there and in few seconds, two security men arrived.

They escorted the woman out.

The female bodyguard then walked to me; “Arthur told me to tell you to be courageous, he prayed that you will deliver safely. I’ll lead you to your seat.” She said and led me to where my seat was.

The class was extremely astonished, even me was extremely shocked at all that was happening.

She smiled at me and walked back to Arthur. They both walked out.

“How is that possible?”Grace, sitting beside me asked.

” I don’t understand too, Arthur just fired a staff because of you, Mary…what’s going on?”Annie questioned.

“I’m as confused as you guys.”


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