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Forbidden Love. Episode 3

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Forbidden Love
Episode 3

After I was done with what I was doing, I decided to open the message that I received earlier.

I took my phone and cuddled up in bed before finally opening the message. I hissed when I saw this before it was just one of those mtn messages. I didn’t know why I reacted that way because I wasn’t even expecting a message. I was about to open the snake game on my phone when another message came in. I opened the message and behold it wasn’t from mtn again, it was from a number that I hadn’t seen before so I decided to read it first. It was my senior, I mean my new school father who was just asking how about my well being. He did seem like a pretty nice senior. I smiled and replied his message before saving his number as senior daniel. I decided to take a nap before reading so that I could feel refreshed. My day was really long.
I decided to take a nap before reading…..

A few hours later, I woke up a few minutes before eight o’clock. I still felt like sleeping, but I knew I had to read because tomorrow was my first paper in secondary school. My sister was already done with her exams. She was just in primary four so they always finished exams and school early. Older cousins already told me about secondary school and how I needed to read very well for my exams because it was not the same as primary school even though I used to come out as top of my class. I read until it was twelve o’clock and went to bed because I had to wake up early for school.

A week later, I was done with my exams, I was so happy that finally I could watch my favourite shows that I couldn’t watch during exams. When I got home, I went to take a shower, change into comfortable clothes and went into the sitting room immediately before Frank called me to come take my food. I carried my food and went to sit down on the couch closest to the television.

Thank goodness my sister wasn’t there, we would have had to wrestle for the remote control and couch. While eating and watching my show, my phone rang. When I saw the caller id, I was happy because it was from uncle Sam so I picked it up without hesitation. “My princess, how are you?” he said. I told him I was fine and that I just concluded my exams. He did sound happy for me or maybe for himself. He told he hadn’t called me since because he didn’t want to disturb me and my exams. I smiled and sighed because I just saw him as a nice man. Even though I had a father who cared about me, I felt more comfortable and happier around uncle Sam.

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Not just because, he bought us gifts and all but because he just was always there for us. I could see the love he had for us, I still couldn’t understand why he wasn’t ready to settle down. Before he ended the call, he told me, he was coming to pick me up tomorrow for our outing and so I should get ready before it was 12:00pm. I told him I needed to ask my parents for permission but he said he already asked them for me and they were fine with it and so I agreed. “Goodnight, I love you”, he said and I replied with “Goodnight” but he called my name with a little anger in his tone. “Yes?” I answered with confusion. “You don’t like saying you love me too when I say I love you or don’t you love me?” when he said this, I laughed because I never expected him to say something like that and so I apologized and innocently told him I loved him too before he ended the call with a sigh.

The next day, when I woke up, I did my little house chores before going to take a shower. After that, I went to look for a nice cloth to wear. I brought out a purple blouse that uncle Sam had gotten for me and one of my black jeans. After dressing up, I combed my relaxed hair and decided to leave it down. When I was done, I went to the sitting room to wait for him.

My sister was already feeling so sad that I was being taken out without her so I tried to console her and told her that it would be her turn next time since uncle Sam said so. I gave her my phone to play games to make her feel a little better but not long after, it rang and so I collected it from her and picked the call. It was uncle Sam, he said he would be in my house in five minutes and exactly five minutes later, he was at the door.

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My sister quickly ran to hug him when she heard his voice. She started acting really sad around him and uncle Sam immediately guessed what was wrong so he promised her that it would be her turn next time and he would take just her out, he even promised to buy her something when we go out. Her lips began to curve into a smile and soon enough we all departed in happiness. Uncle Sam was just a natural. He was good at everything, I just couldn’t believe he could be so perfect in everything. We got into the car and drove off.

On our way, he asked where I wanted to go to first and I told him anywhere he was willing to take me as I did not have anywhere in mind yet so he said we would go have lunch first and maybe I’ll be alive by then.

I laughed when he said so because I was actually hungry. I didn’t have breakfast in the morning because I knew uncle Sam would spoil me with food and snacks when we go out. After about one hour of driving and sleeping in traffic, we finally got to sweet sensation, one of my favourite restaurants.

He parked and we both hopped out of the car. When we got into the restaurant, we went straight to order food at the counter. I ordered my usual rice and roasted chicken with plantain and he ordered grilled fish with rice and moi-moi. A meal he enjoyed whenever we ordered food there.

We took our tray of food and went to look for a seat. We found one at the far end of the restaurant, just in a corner and so went to sit there. He smiled when we sat and I smiled back at him in confusion. “I’m glad I’m here alone with you”, he finally said. I just smiled at him, feeling so shy. He even complimented me and called me his beautiful angel.

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My shyness at that moment knew no bounds, but I felt happy and different about the compliment. The way he complimented me left me feeling like a girl, like I was loved and I was at peace. We were having our lunch and gisting, when my phone that was just right beside my tray started ringing. I looked at the caller id and realized it was senior Daniel. Looking back up, I noticed uncle Sam squeezing his face but I wanted to pick the call.