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Forbidden Love. Episode 4 and 5

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Forbidden Love
Episode 4

I excused myself and picked the call right in front of uncle Sam. He just kept staring at me with a very straight face. I couldn’t really tell if he was angry or not. I mean, it’s just a phone call right. “Hello?” I said when I picked the call. “How are you meso? I just called to say hi” senior Daniel replied. “I am fine senior Daniel.” I said. “No, no, no. You don’t need to call me senior Daniel. Just call me Daniel. I am your school father now.” H said. “Okay, I’m sorry Daniel. I won’t call you by senior Daniel again.” I replied. “That’s much better, my baby” he said. “My baby?” I questioned myself in my mind. “What are you doing? i hope i’m not disrupting anything.” senior Daniel said. “I’m actually busy with my uncle”, “Oh!!! so sorry. Then I’ll call you later. Just call me when you’re free” He said and I replied with an okay before we ended the call. Dropping the phone back on the table, uncle Sam finally spoke up. “Who was that? your boyfriend abi? you’ve started dating ehn?” “No uncle Sam, He’s not my boyfriend oo, I don’t have any boyfriend. He is just my school father.” I replied. “You don’t know that’s how it all starts. Don’t pay attention to them oo. You don’t know I’m the one that’ll marry you.” He said with a smile. I just laughed because it was not the first time he was saying it and he reminded me of my dad. My dad would always say that to me when he’s trying to tell me to forget boys and not have boyfriends.

When we were almost done with our meal, uncle Sam cleared his throat and told me he wanted to tell me something. “my princess, do you know I like you. I love you so much. In fact, my love for you cannot be found in this world” “Unc..” I was about to call him uncle Sam before I remembered he didn’t like it. “Sam, (it still sounded weird for me to call him that but I did anyway), I love you too, we all love you. You are a very nice man. Even my friends tell me especially after you bought things for them the day you took all of us out.” I said. He just smiled when I stopped talking and replied, “No, Meso, I don’t mean that. I…….don’t worry” I couldn’t understand what was going on or what he was trying to say, but he just smiled. We finished our meal and waited for some time before we left the restaurant. When we got into the car, uncle Sam didn’t start the engine immediately. He looked up at me and leaned in closer to me. I thought he was trying to grab something from my side of the car, but he pecked me on my cheeks instead and whispered, “I love you”. There was something different in his voice especially the way he said he loved me. it didn’t really sound like the uncle Sam I knew. He sounded more like a different man. I was just eleven, almost twelve so I didn’t really suspect anything. He was just my uncle afterall. He later started the engine, asking me where I wanted to go so I told him I want to go to the movies and so we left the scene. When we got to the movies, he bought me popcorn and a Pepsi and got the same for himself. It wasn’t time for the movie we picked to watch and so we went to check out some other things. The movie theatre was in a big shopping mall, so we decided to go site seeing and possibly buy something for Esther.

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An hour later, we were back to the movie theatre. We took our seats on the third row, right in the middle. During the movie, uncle Sam kept on glancing at me. I just smiled whenever I caught him stare. I was enjoying the movie, so I paid little attention to what he said or did. I laughed almost every single minute and couldn’t control myself even uncle Sam noticed how much I was enjoying the movie. Two hours later, we were done and we left the cinema. Uncle Sam told me he wanted to get something from his house and so drove there immediately. When we got into his house, he asked if I was hungry. I laughed and asked him if he wanted to kill me with food so he got the message that I wasn’t hungry. He dropped his keys on the table and asked me to follow him to his bedroom. I didn’t see anything wrong with it because he was my uncle so I followed him. We got into his room and he went to his closest immediately. I guess he wanted to grab something. I just went for the bed. I was about to sit on the bed when he said I should check in the drawers beside his bed for a blue paper. I was guessing it was an important docvment so I reached for the drawers and opened the first one. I didn’t see any blue paper so I decided to check the other two drawers below the first one. When I opened the second one, my eyes automatically became big. I saw a drawer filled with what looked like condom, although they were all still in its pack, I didn’t stop at staring. I decided to touch one and I realized it did feel like what they had brought to class one time during our integrated science period. My teacher had shown us a condom when she was teaching on a topic under reproduction. She made everyone get a feel of what it looked like. She didn’t encourage anyone to use it. Especially because we were still young so she wouldn’t expect anyone to be having s£x but she told us that, it was one of the ways people prevented STDs or getting pregnant. To my guess, I concluded it was a condom. I turned back to see if uncle Sam noticed what I had seen, and just about that same moment I turned back, he turned as well. He looked down to the drawer and realized what I saw. My heart started pounding like I just saw the devil.

Forbidden Love
Episode 5

I fidgeted when he looked back at me because it just felt awkward. He moved forward towards me and finally spoke up.

Stammering and squeezing his face in disgust he said, “They…they share th…that at my work pla…place so that we could give all these people who need it”

I said “okay” and swallowed the remaining saliva in my mouth until it was as dry as a dead dingo’s donger. Something about his statement didn’t sound okay, but I didn’t object. I immediately opened the last drawer and saw the blue paper he had asked me to grab. Standing up, I said “I found the paper” in order to break the silence even though he knew that already.

Uncle Sam’s POV

“How could I have been so stupid to send her to those drawers,” I said in my mind when Meso handed me the paper I had asked her to fetch for me. I was so sure Meso would look at me as a different person and always suspect. I was so angry and upset at my stupidity, but I made sure I maintained myself in order for Meso not to suspect anything. We later left the bedroom for the car. I was to take Meso home because it was already getting late. I didn’t want her parents to start calling and getting worried because we left since 12:00pm in the afternoon.

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“Meso, I hope you had a nice time,” I said when we got into the car. She looked so beautiful and I couldn’t just resist staring at her. Puberty was really in her favour because everyday she kept looking more beautiful. I wanted to have her in my arms and my arms alone. My heart ached every time I realized she was just my niece. Am I wrong for thinking this way? I asked myself that question everyday.

“Yes!!! it was fun hanging out with you Sam. I really enjoyed myself.” Meso replied with enthusiasm bringing me back to life from my deep thoughts.

“I’m glad you did” I said smiling and winked at her. I drove her home and in less than an hour, we were at the house. I could hear Esther already jumping and screaming in happiness.

“Uncle Sam!!! Uncle Sam!!!” she yelled my name as she ran to hug me.

“My baby, how are you?” I said to her.

“I’m fine uncle Sam, I missed you guys. You left me all alone in the house.” she said.

I comforted her and gave her what Meso picked for her at the mall. She was excited when she saw her gift and that gave me peace of mind. At least, she wouldn’t have to whine again. I kissed their foreheads and bade them goodbye before leaving for my house.

Meso’s POV

I sighed as I jumped into the bath to take a shower. I had a lot of fun with uncle Sam. I couldn’t believe the day had finally come to an end. I closed my eyes and allowed myself feel the warmth of the shower drops that fell on my skin. I was really enjoying the shower until I remembered senior Daniel called earlier and told me to call back when I was free. In less than twenty minutes, I was out of the shower. I wore my nighties and cuddled up in bed. Picking up my phone, I realized I had a missed call and it was from senior Daniel. I didn’t know he called because I didn’t even hear it ring, but I decided to call back so I dialled his number and waited patiently for him to pick up. It was already past nine in the evening, I wasn’t sure if it was okay to call back at that time but I continued anyway since he called first. When he picked up the call, he asked how I was, sounding so excited. I told him I was fine and apologized for missing his call the first time he called. He said it was okay and we kept on talking on random things. We talked for about thirty minutes until senior Daniel asked If I had a boyfriend. I squeezed my face in confusion and tried to understand why everyone had to ask me if I have a boyfriend. I was about to reply when I heard my mum call my name.

“Please senior, can we talk tomorrow? My mum is calling me.” I said standing up from the bed.

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He said,”okay” and I ended the call before going to answer my mum.

When I got to the sitting room where my mum sat, I walked up to her and greeted her before asking her why I was called. She said she just wanted to see me since I went for an outing. She asked me about my outing, if I had a good time or not. She was fond of doing that everytime we were taken out for an excursion by my school or outing by uncle Sam, so it was normal when she asked. I told her about everything we did, from the lunch we had in sweet sensation to the movie we watched at the theatre, but I didn’t mention what I had seen in uncle Sam’s second drawer. I wasn’t really close to my mum, but I shared a few things with her. After a few minutes, I hugged her goodnight and went to bed.

It was a very beautiful day when I woke up the next day, it was a Saturday. Although Saturday was one of my dreadful days because that day was a thorough cleaning day. It took all our might and strength to fully clean the house. My parents were always so particular about cleaning, we would be asked to clean from the corners of the walls in the house to the part that demarcates the house from the street. When I said my morning prayers, as usual, I went straight to my phone to see if I had any message. I didn’t get any so I dropped the phone on the table in my room. Esther was still sleeping beside my bed. We had two beds in the room so I arranged mine and left Esther still sleeping.

My mum made me do more chores since I got to secondary school. She said I was growing up and I needed to learn how to do the chores even when Frank doesn’t do it so I swept the whole house both inside and outside the house. Frank’s job was to take the bins out, watch the gutters right outside the house and wash the cars. After a few hours of working and sweating, we rounded up and went to take a shower. Esther had already taken her bath so later on, I joined her on the dining table to have brunch because on Saturdays, none of us barely had breakfast due to the cleaning. Later that same day, I was struck with menstrual pain.

I rolled and rolled on the bed with my sister petting me and saying sorry. I cried because I was in pain. My mum just gave me a cup of unsweetened tea and some drugs. I even got calls from senior Daniel, uncle Sam and Anabelle, one of my friends but I didn’t pick any of their calls because I was in so much pain. I couldn’t understand why girls/women had to go through such pain. I slept off after a few hours even with the excruciating pain. I made sure I forced myself to sleep because I just couldn’t take it anymore. I woke up after a while and felt much better so I was able to reply my missed calls and messages.

While chatting with senior Daniel, he asked me to answer the question I had asked earlier and so I told him I didn’t have a boyfriend. He asked if he could call me but I told him I wasn’t in the mood to talk so he didn’t call. Instead, he said he would talk to me the next day and ended his message with, “Goodnight, my baby.”