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Heiress. Episode 2

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❣️My Heiress ????

[Oh! The heir is cruel]

Written by????️ Chrisney (Adewale Christian)????

????Episode 2 ????

(The familiar heir)

❣️Chloe’s pov❣️

At the front of the big mansion, there was a job opportunity ,home teacher needed ,,oh my days ! Finally I found a job I knocked at the gate but I wasn’t opened I knock ! Knocked and knocked still there was no any reply , until I sighted a button , I just press onto it , it made a very high pitched whistle ,,soon it was opened , it was a security guard who opened the door ..

“How may I help you ?” He asked nicely with a broad smile..

“Huh! , I saw a banner out…”

“Ooh wait a minute !!”

He didn’t allow me to speak he already knew I was seeking for a job and called inside the house ,,

I guess the owner of the house is very rich the house is very big wide and tiled floor …

“You can come in now !” The security guard said ,using the waving gesture..

I smiled at him as I stepped in , I was surprised when i saw many securities guard and workers dresses up in uniforms ,,,ooooh my days this is a celebrity house !! Only celebrities and government house has securities guard and workers ,,..

I couldn’t see a female , they were all guys , 6 guy wore an dirt protector,has they scrub the big compound tiles the tiles glitters , I could see 4 chefs holding trays of dishes ,they were all covered with a Kings food bronze cover , they were also guys as they wore the normal uniforms and put on an ampron also a long white cap , they were holding a lot of food like there are lot of guest in the house ,, “sir ! Please who owns those foods? ” I asked the security guard..

“Oh! It’s the heir dish ” he replied with a wide smile ..

“So one person owns , this whole food and carried by 4 people?? ”

I asked surprising

“Yes !” he retorted ..

” He must be so pompous ,how can he sits and eats the food four people eat without him making attempt of helping them?”
I asked angrily…

“Hey you girl ,you better watch what you say , that’s there job ,if you don’t take care you would be killed by him without nobody knowing ”
He cautioned with his face squeezed ..

“His he a murderer ?? ” I asked with my eyeballs wide open , ..

” Please don’t ask me any further questions ,or else I will be sacked within a seconds,go inside the ma’am is waiting for you” he instructed. …

“Okay sir!!” I said politely as I stepped gently on the tiles in the compound like my leg Could break the tiles …

I walked to the gorgeous house door and it opened authomatically for me …wow awesome , I stepped gently inside ..

“O My Day ????????‍♀️!!” I shouted you can’t believe the house was pure white ,like I was in the sky …the demacations which was to be wall ,, it was all glasses the cushion chairs were all white and neat , the televisions and everything in the house the house is just like heaven ..

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Adorable photos hunged on the wall , the floor was designed like I’m on top of beautiful river I could see fishes swimming in the floor ..they I saw it was a screen I was stepping on …OMG !! It was adorable and cute I just felt like staying there forever ..

The house light was pure white…
I was staring adorable until I met my self in another place ..

Aghh!! I shouted with fright ,, ” don’t be frigthenend sis” I heard a gentle little voice at my back .

“I change the house theme when I saw you were lost in admirations “…

The little beautiful girl said …

” The house changed in to a real wall painted with pink the floor screen changed into a rug ,,the screen didn’t change it just relect a rug ,,just like a phone wall paper , the house is full of technology …

” Ohh !! Little angel ,I’m sorry if I had shouted and disturbed you ” I apologized to her with a smilling face ????..

” Oooh you mean I looks like an angel ? ????”

she asked surprisingly ..

“Ofcourse!!, That’s how you looks like ” I said to her …

“Ooooh,my days ,I looks like an angel, I looks like an angel ”

She sings continuously as she danced to it’s tone ..

I smiled at her…

” But Zayne’s always says I looks like a fish ????”

She said angrily to a person called zayne who’s not presently in our midst…

” Who dares say such to our little angel ??” I asked as she quickly covered my mouth , because I squated low when I was talking to her to maintain her height …

“Why do you cover my mouth ?, Little angel ”

I asked in surprise ,

“he loathes girls alot he might kill you ,if he hears you speak ruthlessly to him , you have to be careful”

“Is he a k…..”
She covered my mouth again ..
When I was about asking her a question ..

” You looks pretty !!❤️”
She quickly change the topic and said with a wide smile to me..

” Thanks for your commendations , little angel ” I appreciated …

” I can see you two are getting along as fast as I thought ”
I heard a femine motherly voice ,, it was the ma’am of the house as she said with a broad smile….

“Good day ma’am!”
I quickly greeted her with a slight bow, “good day !”

She said as she sat comfortably on a soft beautiful 1 sitter chusion chair designed like a broad flower ,,as she gentle shiffted a small table to her side and a worker,he’s also a guy,poured a chilled wine in two glass cups..

The wine probably worths thousands of dollars..

Because it looks pure and honorable..


She said as she offered me one of the served cup..

I collected politely,as she sips hers..
I did same ..

“What’s your name ?”

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She asked ,

“I’m Chloe❣️!”
I replied , “what a nice name ,moreover you looks nice and beautiful”
She commended..

“Thanks !”

“Your surname?”
She asked , “hummm!!,
I was scratching my head , that I didn’t Know my surname ..
I forgot due to my memory loss, if I tell her she won’t employ me , because i might be a dullard due to my memory loss ,that I won’t k ow what to teach her daughter..
I jus have to fake a name , Nicholas,? Scot ,? River ?, Louis?, Yeah “Louis Chloe” sounds nice…

” I’m Louis Chloe ”

“Choughing !!”

She stupored anx coughed ashe was sipping the wine,after she heard my surname…

” Do you by any chance,..”
She said with a curious face and stopped ..

“Don’t worry” she corrected…

“I’ll be traveling , tommorow , and I seriously needed a home teacher ,companion, for my daughter ”

She said officially,

“I’m listening ma’am”
I eargely said …

What you’ll do is , early in the morning..you’ll come over by 6 . o clock AM, dress up for her arrange her back, the home workers will bring her food feed her , they’ll also give you her lunchpack , then take her to school by 8: o clock ,you might as well be a high school student , you’ll be following , Brent,zayne and Felix ‘s car they will drive you to her school , they’ll drop you off ,and they will go to there school , then you’ll drop my daughter inside her class , then you are free from. The morning work you can go to your school”

Later in the afternoon by 3 o .clock , you’ll come back to this house Brent & co will have brought her home ..then you’ll be her guardian in her assignments,play with her , let her be happy and you can leave at anytime she fell asleep in the night , you might as well sleep with her , if it’s late already before she fell asleep ..
You might be worried I only mentioned teacher and it’s beyond teacher now, but seeing how you are nice to her ,,I decided to make you babysit her ,..

Because all employees I employed for her drops the job , because the house has been a hell for them , because of my son zayne he detests female with altmost passion , don’t be scared I’ll warn him never to lay a finger on you and I’ll pay you awesomely…Every months I return ..$200,000 dollars”

She listed ,,”OMG 200 thousands of dollars ????”
I shouted with surprise ,

“That’s too much of money ”

I said with my eyes wide opened …

She laughed , never mind ,you’ll be resuming work tommorow ..
she said…

Brent’s pov ❣️
Step mom is about, to employ another girl for Ella , is she out of her mind?? After she’d employed almost 12 girls and they all left this house ,uncompletely , some will leave with one eyes injured , some with screwed leg, some fell sick..
They must be an patient because of zayne ,my step brother ,, I was an Heir Presumptive 22 years ago , when zayne wasn’t given birth to …

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Because I was the concubine’s son , after zayne was born I lost my title , because I was still just HEIR PRESUMPTIVE.

And since then he became the heir to my dad’s properties ,, since then my dad never have time for me , he showered his love on his son zayne , my mom who is also to give me time loved zayne more than she does to me her only son ..

Only my step mom gave me attention and loved me passionately ,and shows me attention…

Zayne got everything he wants since childhood , The title ,Love , parents attention , he has access to all my dad’s documents ,whenever I tried to read his books which he shares with zayne , he’ll shun me and send me out painfully..

The only girl I loved ????Ivy????, he wants him also , I gave up everything just to get ivy he didn’t also realease her for me ,I’ve lived silently with jealousy , until she was assassinated , I was angry that I blamed him , Because of his wealth and position …

They killed the innocent girl and her dad….

I blamed him that if he had give up on the girl for me I’ll have protected her ..
Because I had no huge wealth , I wasn’t the heir , that no one will be after her life ,we will live and marry quietly.. without endagering her life …
Since then zayne has became a beast that hates female , just to remain ???? Ivy ???? in his heart ..

I Know ivy will be mine in the next world ????????…

I’ll protect her, I’ll will have the wealth , the protection she might have wanted ????????…
I remembered to myself as I cried to her remembrace and I entered my room….

Zayne’s pov

I walked out my room after Felix texted me dinner is ready , Felix is my best friend we does everything together ,he’s my companion and also we sings in the same record label own by me moreover we attends the same high school owned by my dad …

Our house is 3 story building , furnished with technology and expensive materials….

I lived in the second floor , I walked to the dinning table as I saw my sister ,Ella talking to an unknown ,, downstairs..
I didn’t pay any attention to them I noticed the person tried to abuse me my sister covered his mouth ..
I acted like I never knew .. I didn’t actually see the person untill some minutes later , she stood , she was a female ..

Ooooh which female still dares come to this house after she has seen how brutal I’ve been to all females that has worked in our house ,,..

And because of that all our 34 workers are all male..

She even dares to insult me …

She won’t leave here unharmed,

I carried a batton ready to hit her head ..

I ran downstairs , hurled it hard ………..