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Heiress. Episode 4

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❣️My Heiress ????

[Oh! The heir is cruel]

Written by????️ Chrisney (Adewale Christian)????

????Episode 4❣️ ????


(The familiar heir)

❣️ Chloe’s pov❣️

The alarm I setted before I slept earlier last night ,rang continuously as I jumped up from my bed and fell on the ground I was little bit crazy ????while my eyew was moving in a clockwise direction ..

“Hmmm,too early though”
I said as I stretched my body to gain the day stress…

I quickly walked to the bathroom ,took my bath on the telephone shower????‍♀️.

I finished bathing,it’s already 5:57 in the morning, I rubbed little lotion on my mesmerizing soft skin..

I wore my ????, and my short plittened pink skirt which reached above my kneels.
With my pure white long fitted long sleeve I tucked in.and used my pink Micky mouse tie ????.

The uniform looks cute and beautiful on me , I combed my long beautiful hair ???? into a pony tail and spray pink hair dyer ,my hair milk colored hair turned pink.

which I had it of many colours and I uses it to match out fits , my favorite color was blue though ,but I had match the uniform color..

I applied little powder on my face and little lip gloss.

I looks so beautiful that it’s difficult to find my match ????.

I carried my bag which my books was neatly arranged , and I used my bangles ,which *zaivy* was beautifully customized with gold on it, I really loved the zaivy product so much , it’s better than those Gucci , vasace and co.
Because I was designed with gold …

I don’t know how I got it ,but Nicki told me I bought it myself earlier before I had a memory loss,I hates to talk about my memory loss to anyone ,they’ll think I’m a dullard like my memory loss????,so I kept it a secret ever since…


I walked out of my room , and closed the door ,I quickly made little tea .

“Miss you woke up eary today ” Nicki said as she streched her body after she came out of her room ..

I’ll be starting a new job ????and my new high school ..
I said to her ..

I quickly ,ran out as Nicki followed me she was my servant so she had to follow me to school and she’ll go back home and prepare to go to her school..

“No , don’t follow me ,I’m not a baby anymore , you have to go back inside and prepare for school” I said ..

“I have to protect you anywhere your’re going , I was sent an errand yesterday that was why I didn’t help you deliver the cloth miss Rosa sent you,it’s not my fault don’t be annoyed I have to follow you so you will have a safe trip ” she said apogetically..

” No ,I’ll be going to work first ,you just have to go back , or else I’ll tell the whole word about my self” I threatened her , don’t actually know what I’ll tell anyone about myself , sis rosa and her ‘ve been warning me not to tell anyone about myself , that we could only live without telling anyone about ourself ..

We’ve been living in hiding , I ask questions why , but I’ll never get a answer ,all they tell me is that dad and mum said that ,with there very last breath on earth that , ” live in hiding ” ..

I just have to obey my parents ,I’ve kept to the rules ever since ,if anyone asked me who I was my answer was always “CHLOE”.

My mates will laugh at me and call me an orphan..

I’ve lived a life without knowing our my parents looks before they passed out, I felt the pain so much…


Nicki gave up and entered as I took a cab ,to the estate I walked to the biggest mansion , and I pressed on the gate button ,the gate keeper opened the gate with a broad smile as always …

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We exchanged pleasantries ,and with many of the workers with uniforms on in the compound…
Securities stood guard on the posts…

I gentle walked inside the main house , as I ran into a man ,while my head hits his broad chest , and a very sweet and and nice scent of fragrance that drove me to cloud nine suffocated my nose that I quickly looked up and lots of memory flashed through my head..

????????7 years ago ????????
Flash back⏮️

Little girl (13 years old girl) : ( bumped into a 15 years boy ,as she tries to walked into her house ,and the boy quickly drew her closer to himself) Who are you ?.

15 years old boy : shhh! , (He said with a “shut up gesture ” ????..

13 years old girl : screamed help me, it’s a thieve..

15 years old boy :(drew her closer to his chest as he almost suffocate her )…

????????Back to present ????????

I opened my face after a memory of someone that I saw ,and looked up and saw a ,Charming ,Cute ,Jade blue eye , pink lips , blonde darken hair ,he looks little bit muscular built tall guy, I was in his embrace as he staired into my eyes up to 1mins and 30 seconds and more while I’ve closed my eyes seeing stupid memory ,, he pushed me away rudely after many times of stairing that I fell on the floor ..

” Who are you? , And how dare you hits your dirty dung you called head in my chest ??”

He bombarded me with questions and very angry look ..

“I’m so sorry , we just slightly bumped into other , it was an accident” I apologized with a smilling face ..

“And you still dares to smile , how dumb are you ?, You didn’t even answer my question ” he said with a deadly and angry looks as the guards rushed to arrest me ,..

“I’m the home teacher that was just employed for the little miss here ”
I quickly answered after the guards are about to handcuff me ..


???? Zayne’s pov????
I finished bathing,and my attendants dressed me up,I comforted ivy soul,with frangrance ,I worship her daily to keep her memory still fresh in my mind,,.
Ive never for once smiled since 7 years ago, because ..

???? It hurts me Everytime I see you realised how much missed you????

As I ended the song I used to sing for her everyday …

I walked down stairs , after Felix texted me he’s in the car already , we three are uses same car a multi-million car , which I ,Brent ,Felix ,and now Ella to school , we had many cars like ,massarati, bigatti, Lamborghini ,and so on .. but I prefers to use one for school…


I opened the outdoor and bumped into a person ,indeed an angel in form of a human , gorgeous, neatly dressed well packed hair ,and smooth mesmerizing skin ,o m g , she was about to fall ,as I immidiately grabbed her closer she closed her eyes , maybe enjoying how I held her or somehow…

O gosh, this trash of a girl made me sinned to ivy ,she didn’t open her eyes ,I immidiately pushed her away as she fell with her butt and her head hits the floor…

“Who are you and how dare you hits that your dung you called head on my chest ” I shouted at her..

“I’m so sorry ,it was just an accident”
She said with a smilling face which makes her more beautiful, gosh !! OMG what’s she trying to do , making me commend her??, Is she mad?

“And you still dares to smile , how dumb are you ?, You didn’t even answer my question ” I said with a deadly look.

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And guards are about to lock her up before she speaks up.

“I’m the new home teacher ,for the little miss here” she said.

“You ain’t even thankful ,you saw my face,and you made attempt to seduce me ?”

“Lock her up”

I commanded the securities,

“I’m sorry mister !! , Please mister, that will be my first and the last mistake ” she pleaded with a teary face which I counts as smiles and laughter , she haven’t realised yet ,how heartless i’m ..

“You must not touch the girl or else I sue and disowned you”

I quickly remembered what my mum said ..

So my mum is gonna disown me because of this lowly thing?..

Ivy,I hope you are seeing this , I’m sorry I’m gonna kill her as soon as possible …

“Guard!, Realease her ” I got conditions from my mom and sinned against ivy , and will be sued because of this lowly thing ?.

Why must she work here?.

????Felix message entered.
???? I’m in the car already , come now “as I walked briskly while my attendants followed me..

Brent’s pov ????

After I finished my meal, Felix already texted me the car is ready, I walked to the car , I saw a bright beauty which slowly passed my front , she’s Very most beautiful girl ,I’ve ever met in my life .

” Hey quack!” I called her , “who are you ? , She answered been the new home teacher of yesterday , “you are actually gonna leave this house uncompleted ????..

“I walked into this house completed why will I not come out uncompleted?”
She asked ,
“How dares you still ask me a question? You lowly rabbit..moreover , you’re putting on “Stars high school ” uniform are you a star?.

“I’m sorry I’ve to take the little miss ”

She said ,and walked away rudely ,

” She haven’t known my bad side already ,not until she’s dead, I’m gonna throw her in the furnace, her beautiful face will burn off …

Chloe’s pov ❣️
My first day in this work is too weird , can’t believe he actually pushed me away , how can a cute handsome guy like him is so cruel?..
“Ohh! Little Miss, you’re dressed up already I’m so sorry I was a little bit late”
I apologized as the little miss stepped out with two attendants holding her back pack and lunch pack..

” Chloe????, welcome, Don’t call me miss again my name is Ella ”

She corrected..

“Ohh!!,I’m so sorry Ella ”

I apologized ..

“Nevermind ,take me to school”
She said as I carried her gently ..

While of of the attenndats helped me with my bag ,I walked to the car ,where three handsome cute guys with the guy, I bumped into , they were busy with there phone
, While the guy I bumped into was listening to cool music with his earphone …

“who is he ?” I whispered into Ella’s ear .

“He’s Zayne ,he detests female so much ,you have to be very careful”

She whispered back to my hears..

I carried Ella to myself, and try to enter the car , and someone threw a banana peel on my head from the car ,it was zayne …
“You won’t apologize for what you did? ”

I got no reply , obviously he didn’t hear what I said because of the earphone, as the two boys laughed ..

He was so expressionsless he felt no guilty as he concentrated on what he was doing ,I dropped Ella in the car , as I step into the car , it was just like a room , I could see a bedroom at back of the car , a sacred place speacially for privacy , a special place for dinning, at the last back for toilet and bathroom I guess..

The guys were sitting a place which looks exactly like a sitting room …

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The car engine was ignitted by the driver, until , I found I was walking around the car admiring it like a student during his / her maltrick day ,after I got back into my right senses …

They were all looking at me with expressionsless faces , while Ella was smiling at me ….

I had already surveyed the whole place while I wasn’t in my senses ..

I quickly walked to Ella sit, and sat beside her was a very soft comzy cushion ….

The curtains was drawn and the car moved ,it looks exactly like I was in my room , while the car didn’t make any sense of moving , but it was actually moving , I felt comfortable while the light was on it looks beautiful and I dozed off ????????????????….

Zayne’s pov ❣️

I felt uncomfortable, seeing a bitch walking around the car like a lost puppy ,but I actually pretended I didn’t see her ,she is still under mom mercy , I’m gonna look for genue evidence and reason to sack her ..
After she had admired the car ,it’s obvious she haven’t entered a car like this before , she’s a lowly bitch…

After much if comforts produced by the car comzy cushion, nice air conditioning, faint light that brights the drakness in the car..

She felt comfortable and dozed off as she laid down on the cushion, reveailing her sexy laps ,due to her short skirt..OMG she’s making me sin against ivy ????, I have to get rid of her very soon …
Oo I got an idea..

I took out my phone and snapped her while she sleeps on duty….

I’m gonna show Mom what she did..

We reached ,Ella school ,Ella stood up…

I was about to throw ,the glass cup of coffee on the table on her while Ella quickly stopped me…

” She might had gone through a hard time , pls drop me off and let her take some rest”.

“Ella with a good heart ” I said as I carried her to her class …

I walked back to the car ,she was Still sleeping..

While Felix and Brent was busy there phone..

Felix is actually a phone buddy …he’s a silent and intelligent type , who is always busy with his phone…

I ordered the driver to drive us to a deep far away place she would n’t know…

After , I ordered two of the attendants at front seat as they carried her out a dumped her at bush side… She woke up and was shouting and begging ,she doesn’t know where she was ….

And we drove away ,and left her behind she will find her way….

Chloe’s pov ❣️

????????, What caused me to sleep so carelessly ,they dumped me already this place is silent and unknown to me ????????…

I saw seven , bandits ,some with tattoos and shirtless coming toward me…

“Who are you ”
Bandit A asked , he might be there boss .

“I’m Chloe ” I said as he smiled devilshly…

He pushed me to the floor , and and starts caressing my body ,the other bandits stod guard and made a barricade as they back us …

He touched my lap I gave him a very hot slap of his life …the remaining bandits wants to start beating me as he stopped them and they stood back to there posts…

” Allow me to penetrate slowly or I’ll give it to you badly and it will hurt you alot…

Two of the bandits ,held my legs , as he unhooked his belt , and took off his trousers…

He was about to rape me ,and I shouted and screamed to call attention …

“If you shout out ur throat ,this place is a place where no one passes ”
He said …

As he removed out his already erected cock….


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