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Heiress. Episode 6

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❣️My Heiress ????

[Oh! The heir is cruel]

Written by????️ Chrisney (Adewale Christian)????

????Episode 6????

(The familiar heir)

Chloe’s pov ❣️
The administrator later cancelled the letter and gave a false response to zayne about Charly already expelled…

” I’m in Ballard???? department ”

Charly said as we walked happily out of the office.

“Wow! Nice one , it’s a well paid job for entertainment, sports and many more It’s also well paid ,suits you well you have a very nice physique ????.

I complemented .

“Yes????, will you mind we been best friends ? ”

She asked .

“Haha????, we’re already friends why you asking again “.

I said .

“I think it’s the proper norm ”
She replied..

“I’ll be going to my class now “.

She said as she bade me farewell …

“I entered the elevator , because my class is in the 4th floor ..

I allighted , and walked to my class door step , scared of what would happen this time …

“What do I call me surname again ?”..

I thought to my self ..

“Lounge Chloe ?”

Suit me ,I felt better ..as I entered in .

All eyes were on me , they were all well sitted and arranged ,I looked at the auditorium , the teacher was standing , propably just finished the lesson and about to leave that’s when I entered….

” What you?”

He asked with a disgusting look ..

‘im a new student in this department sire”.

He looked at me and laughed historically …while the class laughed as well…

What’s so funny …

“Which you success “.

He said and left …

“Hey bitch !!”

Zayne called again as the classes all looked at me …

“Do you think we’re gonna accept a dullard, female , bitch ,dung in this class ?
you don’t have any quality to be here “…

He said aggressivly..

“Then what I’m I going to do ?”.

“How dares you asked me stupid questions ?, Now you’re gonna take that marker now , go to the board , list and draw all Korean instruments list the inventors each, and the years they were invented…

“What he actually asked me to , LIST , DRAW , NAME INVENTORS ,

” Or you’re gonna get out of this class right away,and never come close to this school gate ..

Your time starts now..

“No . 1 Hangul by pi hyu jae , year ermm __em err ..

No.2 jamboree by jang myung ,year of the rooster..

No. 3 flute by Kim Yoon ….

“Shut the crap !!!”

He cuts me off .

“You think I’m that dumb like you , who doesn’t know the question and answers I gave you?”

“Now you have to get your fuck out here ”

He said .

“Pls ????????????”

I said kneeling and begging ,as he instructed two guys to carry me out they came closer and carried me up ,,,

“Wow she’s so lucky,

“iohhu she met him in a good mood”

“Woww , she’s a lucky girl ”

I heard different whispers ,gossip and more from the students saying I was lucky he didn’t do the worse..

The two guys were carrying me out..

As I cried bitterly my sister’s money is gonna waste here , what should I do …

I looked around the class there was a rehearsal hut …

“I CAN SING ????????”

i shouted !.as the whole class looked at me like a public figure.

“You said what ?!”

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Zayne asked .

I said I can sing ,you can offer me that text .

“You will sing a song and if you could make me sing along with you a chorus ,which can never ,ever be possible ,the only person that can make me sing along with her because of her lovely voice is gone already ,and if you fail to do that ill feed you a poison myself,and I’ll leave no evidence of your death behind ”

He said , and I was so frigthenend ..

While the class were all laughing at me that I can never complete that task …

???????? Riele’s pov????????

I walked out from the office with my dad , while I entered the car with my dad

“dad, I’m gonna enroll for music in this school ”

I said ,I’ve been planning that too”

My dad said as the driver ignited the car engine and drove out of the school’s gate .


????At Home????

I walked to my room threw my hand bag onto the bed , off my dress, and walked to the bathroom to freshen up ..

“Hello Miss ,the minister ,wants to see you ”

A call entered my room telephone ..

I wore a small bum – short ,and a short singlet ,my hair packed down as I walked downstairs to the sitting room …

Where my dad and mom were sitting comfortably….

“Yay !!, This is the long awaited now! , I killed my childhood friend louis and his only daughter ivary louis , to accomplish my 30 year’s plans , it’s not yet done ,this is just the middle”.

“Huh!! Dad ???? you mean the plan you have been battling with ,over 30 years now , you just reached the middle ,,,I guess it will take extra 30 years to complete it ??”

I replied my dad ..

“You don’t have to talk when am talking Riele!”

My dad slammed back ..

“I’m sorry sir ”

He’s a man with secrecy , and scrict , always indoor thinking about formal issue ,never for once a social man ,he’s never for once busyless he is always busy ,which makes not used with my dad alot ,but my mom only, now that I’m mature ,I know he has been executing his plans over 30 years ago which makes him so busy all his life ..

“You’ll be living in Ronald’s house now , you must catch up zayne’s eyes , make him love you , trust you ,and give you all he owns ,,with only that ,you’ll be able to accomplish the great mission given to you now”..

My dad explained ..

“Dad ,you Know he’s very heartbroken ,and hates females alot I don’t think he’ll like me “.
I said ..

“Shut up!!, I think he’s been your lover from the beginning , I killed his lover and it’s benefits us two ,can you still remember ??.

⬅️⬅️Flash back 7 years ago ⬅️⬅️
Riele’s pov ❣️
I was exited my dad spent the very first weekend with me ,taking out ,he drove to a very beautiful mansion , we allighted , and we walked in ,while my dad exchanged plesantries with a man , propably the owner of the house by his side a very handsome 15 years old boy , that’s his son , he’s very cute ,I like him so much at that instant ….

“Zayne take ,minister ruby’s daughter in and make her feel comfortable ”

The man said .

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” Okay dad , he said with a smile and held my wrist and led me inside lovingly..

While my dad entered with the minister ,

????With zayne ????

“I’m zayne Ronald ,nice meeting you angel”
He said…
“Wow that’s a very nice name zayne ???? , I’m “Ruby Riele” by name ,nice meeting you ????”
I replied ..

Do you love swing , yes I said ..

He carried me on the swing since he’s 2 years older than me ,and also taller and stronger ..
As he sat with me , while the swing moves as his servants serves us chilled drink , we smiles at other , and he played songs for me , he also carried me through all corner and crannies of the house..
Were he hides ,when necessary , where he hides some stuff his parents and gurdians should see..
Where his black out ,is when he wants to go out of the compound from his gurdians consent ..and lot more ,he’s so so so much fun to be with , I love him so much ,very very much at the instant , I hope I’ll marry him , and I know he’ll love as well ,since he’s showered me love and affections today , I don’t thinks he have any girlfriend now …

He’s a genius ,gentle , cute ,loving , smart and handsome guy I’ve ever met …

OMG i love him so much…

When we were playing basketball , a car entered our compound in the car was a girl of same age and height with me and a man who’s is dad ,as they allighted from the car , to my greatest shock , zayne ran to the girl and gave her a warm hug and carried her inside and left me outside like he never knew me , ????????, who is that witch girl, I quickly ran inside with zayne , as he was about to enter a room he told me earlier was for someone special when he was showing me around the houses ..
So you mean ,this is the only person that can enter that house ? ????..

He’s having a girlfriend already , as I was about to follow them in he pushed me out ,

“are you deaf this room is only for someone special to me ? Then get the fuck out here ”

he said with a very annoying face as the girl was looking at him with a very pleading look that tells him to allow me in …

“Zaivy , let her please ”
She said to him .

“She can’t come in you Know this place is only special for us two ,even my dad ,mom and brother haven’t stepped in here ?? …

He said to her ,.

“Now get your fuck from here “..

He said as he slammed the door behind my face with her ..

I knelt down to crying ..

I hate her so much she snatched my love ????????????, she’s a witch ,????????, a wicked being , she’s casted a spell on him ,which made him hates me already ????????I must kill her ????????..I screamed loudly while crying..

“Watch your manners riele”

I heard my dad voice ,and saw zayne’s dad ,my dad ,and the girl’s dad ..

“Goodday sires ” I greeted them all ..

“You’re welcome.
“What causes your cries ?”

Zayne dad asked ..

“Nothing Minister , we’ll be leaving ,take care sire”

My dad answered instead as he holds my hands and we walked out ,and my dad entered the car and he ignited the car’s engine and we drove home .

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????At home????
“Riele, what caused you lose your manners the other time and been the first time I take you out ?”
My dad yelled angrily ..

“Dad that wrecthed ,stupid ,witch girl casted a spell on zayne who loved me first , zayne left me immediatly ,and also pushed me on to the floor , I hate her ,help me kill her , kill her dad ,kill there whole family ,and let zayne love me back ”

I said to my dad ..

“So you wants me to kill her and her family ? ”

My dad asked .

“Yes do that my for me ????”

I replied .

“I hope you’ll remember this day , and do whatever I ask you in the future ,if I accomplish your mission? ”

My dad asked..

” I will dad , just kill her and her dad for me ????????…

↩️⤵️Flash back ended ⤴️⤵️

???? Present life????

“Do you still remember that , I killed her and her father just for him to love you , now is the time for you to catch her eyes no matter what “.

My dad said ..

” You should have allowed her to stay by his side since those years ”

My mom said ..

” The boy was still hurt and held on to the pain , and also people will become suspicious of me , and he might hurt my Riele cause of heartbreak , now is the time ,he’s mature enough to hold his feeling and move on,and perfect time my Riele with catch his eyes”

My dad gave his reasons to my mom …

“Now you have to pack some of your stuffs ,since you’ll be living in his home ….

????At Ronald Institute????

???? Zayne’s pov ????

“You’re gonna sing a song , and if you can make me join chorus with you and sing along with you , that can never be possible , that only the person that can do that is dead already , if you can , I’ll allow you in this class , if you can not , I’ll kill you without living a single evidence”..

I threatened her ,the only person that can make me sing along with her is, ivory ????,I call her ivy ????in short ..
I love her so much ????.

This wretched girl making me remember sad memories , now sing ….

❣️ Chloe’s pov ❣️
He instructed, as I walked to the piano ,..
” Quack !! ,To the rehearsal hut not the piano ..
I walked to the hut while one guy walked to the piano..
I placed the headphone on ..

While the whole class bursted into a laughter ..

“Are you going to start the song without telling the keyboardist the song you are going to sing??..

Zayne shouted ..

” I’m sorry ”
I apologized .

“Sorry for your self , because I’m gonna kill you by the time you’re trying through singing your trash ”

Because you re hopeless to me now , your music in accordance is too weird…

He said …

” I’ll be singing ,YOUNG ,DUMB AND BROKE by KHALID…

Hello ChriStorians⚜️????, I need 100 comments and 100 shares to continue next episode …

I hope ,Chloe won’t sing rubbish , cause her music inaccordance tells us more of rubbish she’ll sing ????????????????…..

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