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Magical Twin. Chapter 1

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???? Magical Twins????
We are migical

(We were paid to protect him; he is a minister’s son)????????

A interesting Korean story

By: Adelegan Ilerioluwa TT. Ilerioluwa????????
© Hilex’s Stories
Hilex’s Library

????Chapter one(1)????
Eve’s POV????????

Good morning”. I squealed into Eloise’s ear,
She was refusing to wake up

I think I have an idea

I went to the bathroom, mixed water and soap then I carried it and went back to our room
I poured it on Eloise

Aigo! She shouted and jumped up from the bed

“My eyes!” She shouted and ran to the bathroom
That serves her right????

Wanna know who I am?

Well, my name is Evie Cassavela, I’m twenty years old. I graduated from high School last year so did my twin but we are yet to go to college for some personal reasons

i ‘m not fearless unlike my sister
Trust me when I say this; she’s a trouble maker

I have a twin sister, Eloise Cassavela, she’s stubborn and troublesome and she sleeps a lot

Boys are always after her, I wonder why

A big secret about us????
We have magics and I bet only we know about it not even our parents before they died????

Its a secret no one else must know about except us or else…we might loose our lives

How do we have magics? That’s a question I ask myself everyday

We are identical and magical; we are good at judo and we love fighting and one more thing;we speak exactly the same way
Our dream was to be a bodyguard

We live in Korea and we live with our uncle
Our uncle loves us dearly but his wife is an animal in a human flesh

Eloise hates her but I fear her
Like I said, I fear aunt while Eloise is fearless

“Why did you do that? I almost lost my sight”. Eloise said and came out of the bathroom
“Sorry twin kiddo”. I said and picked up a scissors
I cut off her hair

” Ha! Evie!” She screamed and looked at herself in the mirror

I ran out of the room only to bump into my wicked aunt

“Omo! Are you blind?!” She shouted
“Sorry aunt”. I apologized and bowed countless times

“Oh shit!” She exclaimed and threw some clothes at me

“Wash those clothes for me, I want it washed with your bare hands not the washing machine”. She said and walked away

Not again!

I grumbled and went to the balcony
I fear my aunt and his son, Xiever
She’s wicked

I can never forget the day she placed a hot knife on me

It was an everlasting Scar
I should get to work

Aunt has two spoilt kids; a boy and a girl
Xavier and Nicole

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Xavier is twenty just like I and
my twin sister while Nicole is seventeen
Xavier had once raped me when no one was around

He had threatened to kill me if I tell anyone
I know him very well, he is a devil!

No one knows about it even Eloise knows nothing about it and I promise to avenge

I heard someone whistling
Here he comes again…
He appeared in my front licking his lips and staring at me seductively

I concentrated on the clothes I was washing
At times, I wish I could use my magics to deal with him but I can’t
I don’t want to die

Hey sexy”. He said

I ignored him and continued washing the clothes
” I’m talking to you”. He shouted

“Xavier, haven’t you done enough? What else do you want?” I asked and cleaned my hands

“What if I have a sweet taste of your body”. He said

” You know you did it once and now you want to do it again..everyone is at home and I wouldn’t hesitate to tell them what you did to me”. I said between clenched teeth

To my surprise, he laughed then he said

“And you think they will believe you?”
“Yes! Cause I’ve got evidence, you disvirgined me…..”

” Then prepare to die!”. He shouted cuting me off
Who is gonna die? Someone asked

Eloise’s POV????????
Evie was using years outside, where did she run to? I asked myself

I packed my hair and disposed the ones she cut out of it

I wore my slippers and went in search of her.
on my way, I met my wicked aunt

“Good morning”. I greeted her and walked away
I hate her with passion, I don’t know why Evie fears her

The day I will beat her up is loading

I got to the kitchen, I drank some water then I heard what caught my attention

I peeped through the window, I saw Xiavier, that spoilt and arrogant son of a bitch and Evie
Then he said” Be prepared to die

What the f*ck!
How dare him threaten my sister?!
I walked to the balcony
“Who’s gonna die?” I asked

“We were just acting a film”. Evie said

“Oh really? When did you two start to be friends without telling me”. I asked and crossed my arms

“What business of yours is it to interrupt us”. Xiavier said

Oh seriously?
“Are you really talking to me?” I asked and pointed to my chest

“Yes, what are gonna do about it?” He asked and moved closer to me

I stepped back
I saw a broken bottle

I picked it up and stabbed him

Eloise! Evie shouted
Shhh! I said and grabbed her hands
“Where do you think you two are going? After you stabbed my brother”. Spoilt Nicole said

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Oh shut up Nicole! Evie shouted at her
Omah!(mother) she shouted on top of her voice
Aunt rushed down
“Oh my gosh, Xiever!” Aunt shouted and rushed to him

Go and get an anbulance….palee(hurry). She said to Nicole who ran to the sitting room

Evie was shivering but I stood still
The worst she could do was to chase us out of my uncle’s house

Evie’s POV????????
“You deliquents!”. Aunt shrieked and slapped us
“You are just like your parents! Bad! All of you are bad!” She shouted

“Just pray nothing happens to my son or else……you will have yourselves to blame”. She said and paced up and down the hospital hallway

Uncle ran in and seeing us, he hugged us first

“Are you two okay?” He asked and we nodded

“Lucas! These chimps harmed my son!” Aunt shouted
” Calm down, he will be fine.” Uncle assured her then faces us
Have you eaten?”. He asked
“No”. We answered simultaneously

“Victoria?? Why haven’t you given them their food?”

“Oh shut up Lucas, those…those little devils”

” Miss, you are in a hospital, you don’t have to raise your voice”. A doctor said

“Doctor, how is my son doing?” Aunt asked
“He’s fine, in fact…you can take him home now”. He said

“I told you he’d be fine, just calm down”. Uncle said.
He slipped some cash into our hands and pecked us before going

I think he was going back to work
Bye uncle. We squealed

“Shut your mouth deliquents, you deserve to be in juvenile prison you juvenile klumps!” Aunt shouted(????)

Whatever. Eloise rolled her eyes

At home
Our aunt slapped us again then she went to our room and threw our things outside

I wanted to apologise but Eloise stopped me
“Let her chase us away, Uncle will look for us”. She whispered to me

“Get your flirty self out of my house now!” She shouted
Without hesitation, Eloise stood up and packed her things
I carried mine also
We stormed out of the house
We boarded a cab


We paid the cabby and went to a restaurant
Wondering where we got money from?
Remember Uncle slipped some cash into our hands

We ate our favorite and after that, we got out of the restaurant

We saw the popular Minister’s son being attacked by some assassin’s

His bodyguards where killed remaining him and a lady
Eloise and I looked at ourselves

Beak’s POV ???? (minister’s son)
Give us everything you have! Their leader shouted at us

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Beak, give them their money please. Madia panicked
I gave them the briefcase in my car, Min ho was in the car splitting gibberish because he was drunk

“Confirmed”. One of them said
“Now you are going to die”. Their leader said and pulled the trigger in my direction but…..I didn’t die nither Madia
I saw some two set of girls fighting with them
Just two girls handled them like this, I haven’t seen their faces

I carried Madia and hid her at the back of the car

You are safe”. I said and kissed her hair then I went back to the scene

“Go to hell” The two girls said and gave the leader a punch

He passed out
They turned to me in a fighting style

Oh.. one of them muttered
“Wait….are you guys two, you look the same”.
“We are identical”. One of them said then they turned to leave

“Wait!”. I stopped them and they turned to me
“Can I know your names?” I asked
“I’m Eloise
I’m Evie”. They said simultaneously

How do I know them, they are just too much alike

They sound similarly

I pointed to one
You are Evie? I asked
No, I’m Eloise. She answered rudely

Damn it!
Whatever. I muttered

What you guys did was wow! Impressive! I said

Madia walked out of where I kept her
Beak, who are they? She asked rudely
The two moved closer to her in a fighting style

Wow wow wow

Sorry about that

Who are they?, Madia asked again
” They saved us!”. I answered her

“Wait! Are they one or two?” She asked looking at them
“I’m Eloise and I’m Evie”. They both said simultaneously
I’m confused? Madia said

Can we go now? They asked again
Yes…no”. I answered

“Why?” They asked simultaneously again
“Yes, why”. Madia asked
“Emmmm, with their skills, I think they….they will be good to protect my brother here in the car”. I said

“Oh really, I think that’s good”. Madia added
“So, are interested?” I asked them
They looked at themselves and smiled….they giggled for a while
“We”ll think about it”. They said
“Oh, don’t think about it, make sure he’s save”. Madia said and pointed to Min ho in the car, drunk

“Okay”. They said simultaneously again
I brought out my card and gave it to one of them

Seems cheerful and one doesn’t talk too much or rather;

But, the are just too identical…I can’t even identify them

They will need a tag
“What’s your name again?” I asked
I’m Evelyn and I am Evie”
Can you two please stop talking simultaneously?!!