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Magical Twin. Chapter 2

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????Magical Twins????
We are magical☀
(We were paid to protect him; He’s a minister’s son)????????

By: Adelegan TT. Ilerioluwa????????

A interesting Korean story

???? Chapter Two(2)????
Eloise’s POV
He got into his car with the churlish lady and drove off

He told us his name; Beak

“He has a beautiful name”. I said to Evie

“Yeah but didn’t you see the guy in the car?”. She asked and I scoffed
“You mean that drunk ass?”. I asked
“I saw him, so drunk…i think he’s the one we gonna protect”. I said and she smiled

“Why are you smiling?” I asked

“I like him already, he has a cute doddy face”. She answered, smiling

“Evie, are you serious?” I asked
“Yeah but…..”. She stopped talking and looks down
She continued. “What if he doesn’t like me?”.

“Aww, kiddo….just get him out of your mind”. I said and ruffled her hair. She laughed

Let’s go board a cab and we’ll spend the night at a hotel”. I said and she nodded
I waved my hands to stop a cab
We carried our luggages inside and we entered as well

Uncle gave us a lot of money
I love my twin sister so much and I will do anything for her

Even if she asks for my soul, I’m gonna give it to her

We have magics but no one knows about it… not even our parents before they lost their lives
We use it secretly

Our uncle has been taking care of us since we were nine years
He loves us so much even than his wife and kids
We love him as well

We got to our destination; Madison’s Hotel
We logded in
We took our bath

“I wonder how uncle would feel right now”. Evie said

“Don’t worry, he’s gonna be fine”. I replied
She brought out a magical book, she loves reading it. To keep myself busy, I brought out the card Beak gave me

I read the location, where we were supposed to meet and it happened to be…..

“Madison’s Hotel?!” I shouted

“What’s that? You startled me”. Evie said

“Check this out, Beak told us to meet him here by 8:00”. I said and she gasped

“That’s great, we won’t have to spend anymore money”. She said we smiled at ourselves

I yawned
“Good night”. I said and laid on the bed

Beak’s POV????
I couldn’t stop thinking of those twins as I drove home

I think I like one of them already but I don’t know her name

They’re gonna need a tag if they are really going to work for us

“Are we home”. Min ho asked still drunk
“Just shut up, you are drunk..no wonder enemies are always after you”. I said and turned left

“Leave him alone Beak”. Madia said

Want an introduction?
My name is Beak Kim, the second and the last son of the popular and well know Minister of health in Seoul
Min ho is my elder brother, our parents gave birth to the two of us only

Min ho currently isn’t save cause people are after his life
They are different from the people who attacked us earlier but I was surprised those two girls really hit them
They were amazing!
Wondering who Madia is?
Well, she’s Minho’s childhood friend.
They are very close and they are always walking together

We got home, my mum was already outside waiting for us
I got out of the car, she pulled me.into a hug, tight one.

We unlocked from the hug
“Are you okay?” She asked touching my.hair
“Yes mum, why are you not asleep”. I asked
“Why should I? I haven’t seen my boys and you expect me to sleep?”. I asked

“We are fine”. I said
“Err…where are your securities?”. She asked noticing we they weren’t with us
“We were attacked.” I said and she gasped
“Where’s Min ho? Did they hurt you? Are you okay?”. She asked and turned me around
“Min ho is in the car drunk”. I said
“Oh my goodness”. She said and walked to the door
She opened the door to the back seat
“Mum,is that you?”. He said
“Shut up, Beak come over and let’s take him to his room”. She said
Reluctantly, I went to the car, we took him out and dragged him to his room
He was splitting gibberish
He loves drinking and I don’t know why. Always drinking himself to stupor

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Dad was not around, he travelled to Seoul
Mum forced us to come home, we are going back to college tomorrow

We took him to his room, Madia had gone to her room

I turned to leave for my room then mum called me
“Beak, we need to talk”. She said

“What again mum?”.I asked
“Are you really asking me that? Min ho’s life is in danger, we don’t know who are after him.” She said
“Alright mum, I found a solution”. I said

“Yes, sit”. I said to her. She took her seat and I explained everything to her concerning the twins

Are you sure they are gonna protect him? She asked and held my hands
“Beak, you know I love you two and I’d not want to loose any of you, are you sure they are going to do it?”. She asked

“Yes mummy”. I replied

She stood from her seat and came to me
“Goodnight sunshine”. She pecked my cheeks and left for her room

My mum loves us so much. She’s always calling us sweet names and pampering us
Madia came out of her room
“Hey Beak”. She said revealing her set of white teeths
“Hi”. I simply said
“Care for a drink?”.
“No thanks”. I said and went to my room

Got a lot of work to do tomorrow

Next morning ????????
Minho’s POV????????
Morning! Someone squealed into my ear
I opened my eyes

“Where am I?”. I asked myself then I realized I was in my room

Guess I was drunk yesterday again.
“Good morning”. I greeted Madia

Always troubling me. She was dressed
I checked the time and realized my time was far spent
I’m gonna be late for college

“I and Beak are waiting for you downstairs”. She said and left my room

I rushed to the bathroom and had the shortest bath of my life

Geez, I’ve never slept this long
I really drank so much last night

I got out of my bathroom and opened my closet
I wore a nice outfit and rushed downstairs

“I’ve been waiting for you”. Beak said
“Sorry”. I replied and drank my tea.

“Where’s mum”. I asked
“She’s in her room”. He said

I walked to her room, I knocked and entered. She was on a call ,she ended the call when she sighted me

Morning darling”. She said
“Morning mum, I’m off to college”. I said

“I’m going to miss you”. She said
She pulled me into a hug, we unlocked from the hug then she said

“Have you spoken to Beak?”. She asked
“Yeah any problem?”. I asked
“Nothing much, just about you”. She replied

Beak’s POV????????
Brother, you are talking long, we still have a lot of places to branch before we go to college! I shouted on top of my voice so that he could hear me

“I’m here dude”. He replied and came downstairs
“Where else are we going apart from College?”. He asked
“We are going to see some securities”. I replied and we walked out
We got into the car
He sat at the back seat while I drove the car or rather, our car

“So, where are we going to?”. He asked on our way out
“Madison’s Hotel”. I said

I explained everything to him
“But, do I really need guards?”. He asked
“Dude! This is about your life, they are after you!”. I shouted at him

“Calm down Beak.” Madia said

We got to the hotel. People bowed as we walked in, our dad owns the hotel and it was named after mum, Madison
I sat at the spot I told them to meet us

“Where are they?” He asked
“They will soon be here” I assured

“Beak, I think we need to go, I can’t stand this. We have been here for good thirty minutes and they are yet to be here?!”. He half yelled.

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“I told you to calm.down, they should be here any minutes”. I said.

” I dislike them.even without seeing them”. He said
“I never really liked those girls, duh”. Madia said and rolled her eyes

” They are girls? What the f*UK!”
I am so so freaking out, they can never be competents
Girls for that matter! He shouted

Evie’s POV????????

I rolled up and down the bed. I opened my eyes

Omo! It’s morning already
I check what time it was and ….

Oh my God

Eloise! I shouted into her ear she didn’t wake up. She was snoring heavily

“Eloise, wake up we are late!” I shouted but she didn’t wake up

” I ran to the bathroom and mixed water and soap

That’s her code
I poured it on her face
Aigo! She exclaimed and jumped up from the bed

“We are late!” I shouted
Omo! Omo! Omo!

We rushed to the bathroom at the same.time, we showered hurriedly. She even splashed some water into my eyes

We got out of the bathroom and wore our clothes
Water was still dripping from our hair, it was scattered

We carried our bags and ran downstairs
We.got to the spot and met the guy drunk yesterday shouting

“Who is he?”. Eloise asked more or less like a sacarsm

“He is the guy we saw in the car yesterday”. I answered

“What the hell, he’s so rude!” She said and we climbed down the stairs

“Oh here they come, the so called fighters”. Madia said and rolled her eyes

“She’s surely not talking to us right?”. Eloise asked

“Please don’t cause trouble”. I begged her
” if she doesn’t cross my lane but I can see she is gradually”. She whispered to me

“So, you are the incompetent securities who delayed me?!” Min ho yelled at us

“You are surely not talking to us, are you?”. Eloise asked calmly

Oh Geez! Yes I’m talking to you and are you one or two?”. He asked angrily

Eloise moved closer to him and I’m sure she’s gonna hit him. I drew her back immediately

” we are sorry for coming late “. I said and bowed countless times

Eloise stood still with her hands crossed
When will she ever change?

“Its alright”. Beak said

“You guys said you were Eloise and Evie, I don’t know you so..can you guys stay separately and tell us your names again so that I can give you your name tags?” Beak asked.

“It’s alright”. Eloise said still glaring at Minho

I’m Eloise. She said
I’m Evie. I said

We were given our name tags so we clipped it to our clothes

“You are going with us to college and you are living with us”. He said

I couldn’t stop staring at Min ho who was pacing up and down angrily

So cute.
I smiled then he saw me

“Hey, why are you looking at me?”. He asked and my heart beat skipped

I couldn’t find a word to say, I was speechless

“She wasn’t looking at you dumbo!”. Eloise said rudely

“What? Did you call me…did you call me a dumbo?” (????)

Eloise’s POV????????
“Yes, I called you a dumbo, what’re you gonna do about it?” I asked

” Oh geez! You are so spoilt!”. He yelled

I was about to say something but then Beak interrupted me
“You guys should stop this, okay?”. He said

” Well, we are gonna need your account number so I can forward your pay to you”. Beak said

We don’t have an account.i replied

Oh, that’s a bad one but it’s nothing to worry about”. He said and smiled at me

Let’s go. He said but then that dumbo stopped us, Min ho

” Are they really going like this, with their hair unkept? He said
Oh, that’s right.

“so, I made preparations for that already”. Beak said and clapped his hands. Two ladies came out of nowhere

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We sat down and they did their stuff
Make ups, duh????

I hate make ups, I love to be natural

We were given our outfit, suits
We changed into them and checked ourselves in a mirror

“Oh mine! Is this me?”Evie asked

“Yes twinne, let’s go and meet them before that dumbo eats us up”. I said referring to Min ho

“Don’t call him that, I think I like him”. Evie said
Whatever.i rolled my eyes .

We got to the reception, I noticed Beak was looking at me, smiling. I smiled back and looked away then I saw Min ho lost in staring at me

Immediately he noticed I was looking at him, he frowned and walked away????

Beak came to me

“You look very beautiful”. He said
“Thanks”. I answered. He gave us two shaded glasses, one for me and the other for Evie

“What this for?” I asked
“It’s part of your dressing”. Beak replied
I used it and….oh my gosh!

“I can’t see anything”. I said and took it off immediately
Evie did the same thing
“You may not use it and keep it”. He said
“We are running out of time, we have to go to college”. He said and we made an attempt to move out of the hotel then Min ho stopped us again

“How sure are you that you can protect and fight for me?”. He asked

“Should we practice?” Evie asked
“Yes, I want to see it”. He said
“Okay then”. I said and moved closer to him
I took his hands and before he knew it, he was on the floor groaning in pains

“Hey, you almost killed me!”. He yelled(????)

“That’s how competent we are”. I said and dusted my hands
“Eloise”. Evie called

Min ho’s POV????????

I hate that girl Eloise , she’s troublesome but I admire one thing in her, her beauty
She’s so beautiful and I pray I don’t go crazy become of her

She’s the complete definition of beauty

We got to college, all eyes was on us, some were murmuring most especially about the girls.

” Min ho wait”. Madia said and came to me
She brought out an handcheif but then Eloise pushed her away, she collected the handcheif from her and dusted my shirt

“It our job not yours”. She said to Madia and walked back to her position

Mehn! That girl is crazy!
Madia stood angrily and went to the lecture room before us.

Beak went to his
I walked into my lecture room then, they followed me

“Is this necessary?”. I asked
“Its our job”. They responded at once
I settled down and jotted what the lecture says, guess I missed a class already

Those girls moved up and down with me
If I go to the right, they will follow me
If I move to the left they will follow me

“Geez! can you please give me a breathing space?!” I shriked

“We are doing our job Min ho”. Eloise said
She has a sharp mouth, always talking


I was pressed, I looked left and right and noticed their attention was not on me

Good! I walked slowly out of the lecture room and went to the toilet

I exhausted my bladder
Aigo! They are killing me

I washed my hands and looked at myself in the mirror, my cute self.

I think I will be perfect for Eloise
I opened the door
Ha! I screamed , it was Evie standing before me, she smiled

” You should have told us you were coming here”. She said calmly

“Whatever”. I said and rolled my eyes
She was alone, where is Eloise?

“Where is Eloise…

“Right at your back!”. She shouted
I was startled, I turned slowly. She was standing before me.

“Wait..how did you get in here?”. I asked
“I was here and I saw everything”. She said

” You saw everything???”. I asked and took my hands to my (you know????)

“Don’t tell me you saw this?” I asked
“yeah, I saw it”. She replied

“Oh goodness! Can’t I unirate in peace???!!”