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Heiress. Episode 10

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????My Heiress????

[????Oh! The heir is cruel ❣️]

???? Written by Chrisney????

Adewale Christian ????

???? Episode 10 ????

????Flash back ????

???? 7 years ago ????

(Previously on Episode 9)

???????? Riele’s pov ????????

Ohhh that’s horrible , I mean get rid of her , not kill her ”

I said .

“It’s same thing here , killing her is the only way to get rid of her and her dad as well ,and it’s not possible to kill her unless we take her dad down…

My dad explained .

“I hope it won’t ruin our reputations ,for people will say we only the one rival they’ve got , we might propably have hurted her”

I advised.

Daughter don’t worry I’m gonna take care of it all ..

???? Flash back ends ????

My dad took the phone and arranged well skilled assassins..

That was all I knowed , until I was told ivy is dead that’s what have caused huge wound in his heart and I’m gonna sure heal that get rid of any obstacles …

????Chloe’s pov????

I entered the class after much time ive wasted stopping cabs , I opened the class door I guess someone is on the auditorium as I didn’t Bother to look up , I just walked to my sit and noticed the all class eyes were all on me ..

And a little scenario happened between zayne and Riele and she walked out of the class .

“And why are you sitting near me ? ”

Zayne asked with a smirk ,

“I took this sit since yesterday ,since there was not sit anymote , I just have to use it ”

I explained ..

And didn’t uter anymore words …


It was breaking , I walked out and mistakenly bumped into a guy on the school field.

” Ohhh sorry ”

I pleaded ..

“Chloe ? ”

He asked ,

Then i looked up it was Kingsley the guy who saved me from being raped .

“Hey Kingsley ????”

“Chloe how are you ? ”

“I’m good you ?”

“Same here just want to go for a practice ”

He said ..

“The king – sley ”

I teased as I broke his name ..


He laughed .

“I hope you’ve got a queensley ”

I teased again..

“Huh! you’re funny right , you remembered me of someone ”

He said ,

“Huh!, Who could that be ”

I asked .

“Actually ,my late sister ,she always teased like you just did now , I hope you’ve gotten your queensley ????, I’m sad she gave up the ghost with my dad, ”

He remembered the his late ones as he cried along ,

“Ohhh!! I think I’ve brought a sad memories that could hurt you , I’m so sorry please ,may there soul rest in perfect peace , go get some rest ”

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I patted his back as some memories flashed through my head ..

???? Memories ????????️????️????️????️????????????????????????????????????????????????
“Why are you crying brother ? ”
The little girl asked his brother as he cries bitterly holding his dead pet..

“Bruno just passed away ”

The boy said.

“Aigo! What happened to it ?”

The little girl asked .

“I don’t know either ”

The boy replied ..

The little girl asked .

As the boys sat on the floor an starts to cry gently.

And the little girl patted his back to
Comfort him.

Memory ended

“Ohhh , who’s memories are all this , it flashes into white and black anytime Im near some certain people, I patted his back , and also the little girl in the memory patted his brother’ s back what could be going on…
“Hey Chloe !”

Charly called from distance..

We exchanged plesantries ,and we went to the school cafeteria…

???? Kingsley’s pov ????

Chloe just reminds me of my lil sister ivy .

As I remembered the last day I saw my dear sister and dad.


???? 7 years ago ????

????Kingsley’s pov????

I was already prepared for the trip for summer camp , which my mom will be escorting me , as I waved to my sister and dad ,
“Don’t be a dick there , it won’t make your dick longer ”

Ivy teased ,

“Don’t have a boyfriend , be daddy’s concubine???? ”

I teased back..

“Be momma”s boyfriend brat ”

She replied as we all laughed and the driver ignited the car engine , and we moved ..

1 hours later ????

We are about to reach the airport when my mom got a call ..

Our neighbor mrs banner called .

????”Hello Mrs Louis , don’t come back home today again please , if you’re on your way back home , stay where ever you’re..

She said with a very coarse and trembling tone .

????What has happened ?

Mom asked ,

???? Assassins just broke into your compound right now they killed all the staffs and mr ermm Mr ..

She cracked as she speaks

????Mr what ? Talk to me .

My mom asked with a very face already ..

????Mr Louis ????????????

She broked out ..

“Mister what ? Mister what ”

My mom asked as her phone fell off her hand and she fainted..

“Turn to the hospital , I shouted to the driver”

Huh!! It can’t be like this ,my dad is dead ??????????????”

I cried bitterly ..

“What has happened to my lil sister ? Ivy , is she dead as well ?

Did they kill her as well ?.

We reached the hospital ..

They attended to my mom ,

When she wakes up , she cried uncontrollably …

I patted her , as my heart races and I prayed nothing happened to her ????????..

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The next day we drove to our house ..

We got there ..

The health agencies are already there , polices were all patrolling , as they packed my dad’s dead body ..

My mom walked to him and cried uncontrollably telling my dad to wake up ,but the forces were all holding her not to touch the body ..

” Leave me alone , I’m going to die as well , my husband must wake up she cried as they held her ,and she fought back and cried heavily..

“I wanted to enter the house but stopped me I fought as well they also prevented me from Entering ..

“Where is ivy ????, Where is my ivy????????????”

Where is she?? ”

They closed our compound’s door ,and the ambulance took all the workers dead body and my dad’s as well..

“This world is cruellllll????????, I cried out , as I stood frozen and I feels the world turned upside down , I couldn’t breath again , it feels like the earth’s breath seized ,all people running Helter scatter went in a slow motioned to me and I lost conciousness ….

????Flash back ends ????

Back to reality ????️….

???????? Riele’s pov????????

I need backups soon as possible , I’ll make hell for her that bitch..

I saw three girls chatting ,
“Hello girls ”

I greeted .

“Hi , I’m riele ruby”

I introduced ,

“Wow , you’re The heiress ??”

They asked ,

“Yeah I’m ”

I replied ..

“We’re are so sorry for not recognizing you ”

They apologized.l,

“How may we help you ”

They asked ,

“Just wanna be friends with you ?”

I proposed ,

“Wow that’s a nice one “.

“I’m Mira “, “I’m Coca”, ” I’m Anna ” they all introduced ..

“Can we catch some funs?”
I asked .

As we all ran to God knows where …

????Chloe’s pov????

We school closed , and I boarded a cab since the heir don’t give me a lift anymore.

I reached the mansion , I was surprised they’d arrived home already as they all entered .

I quickly hide my self to the security’s quarter ,to prevent zayne from seeing me ,he already said he’s gonna kill me if I show my face to him again ,

“Hope nothing Chloe?”

The security man asked ,

“Hooh! Nothing actually , jus wanna surprise Ella ”

I lied ,

They all entered and I entered , zayne is a type of person who doesn’t stay in the sitting room and arround the house , he only stay in his room and an unknown room Ella told me , so he won’t see my face since he doesn’t walk about …

I opened the door ,to my shock I saw Brent cut his finger with a very sharp knife as the blood goshes out ,he was peeling off an orange ..

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The blood was goshiing out uncontrollably , I quickly dropped my bag , and I removed a metholated spirit and a cotton wool ..

I walked to him , he smirked at me at first , I didn’t mind his face , and I used the cotton wool to clean the surface , and I used the spirit to wipe it off ..


he screamed,

“Sorry, it won’t hurt that this ”

I petted with a broad smile ,

???? Brent’s pov????

We reached home..

I gave the a worker my bag and to take inside , and asked for fruits as they brought chilled oranges , he wanted to peel them but I asked him to leave them ..

I took it while I was peeling them I had a cut ..

Coincidentally Chloe entered ,she was shocked to see blood gushes out of my hands..

She quickly cleaned the off with some first aids ..

I wanted to push her away , but I couldn’t because my body couldn’t stand to push her away , I was so driven crazy by her fragrance I couldn’t stop staring at her ,I don’t know she was this beautiful , beautiful with a golden heart , moreover she looks just like ivy , o m g I found a girl like ivy ..

“I’m done”

She said .

I stared intensely at her Jade blued eye , her sexy Roxy lips I couldn’t resist anymore
I gave her very tight hug with my broad chest , as my heart beats really fast and my body sent an electrical grnnnnn down my spin , I got an HARD – ON ???? already , I have never ever been hard mere hugging a woman in my life , but she just made me did , I hoped she doesn’t feel my hard di**k, she almost suffocated in my tight muscular broad chest , as she let out a grin and I realeased her ..

“What was that for ? ”

She asked ,

“For coming to my aids ”

I replied ,

“That was rrr ermm , nevermind ”

She said ,

“She’d wanted to say rude ”

As she cut it off..

“But what’s that down there ?”

She said as she pointed to my very hard erected dick that bulged out from my trouser ,

“Ohhh !!! , That’s nothing , ohh my phone , no a remote ”
I lied .

“They are all in your pocket ?”.

She asked .

“I have to go now”

I said as I climbed the stairs .

“As bumped into Ella ”

Ella laughed her ass out ,

So she’s been watching while since ,

I ran upstairs straight to my room and locked my door behind me ..

Ohhh what an embarrassment big daddy ???? got me into …

Hello guys ????, how was this episode , Chloe annoyed big daddy ???? ????????????…