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Heiress. Episode 7

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❣️My Heiress❣️

[Oh! The heir is cruel]

Written by ????️ Chrisney

(Adewale Christian)????

Episode 7????

(Young ,dumb and broke)

DOWNLOAD ,YOUNG,DUMB,AND BROKE BY SINGER KHALID or listen to Chloe’s cover below video ????????????..

❣️ Chloe’s pov ❣️

I’ll be singing ,young, dumb and broke by KHALID .

I said , As zayne eyes widened and all the class sat comfortably ,eager to hear me and zayne held the microphone???? , if my voice pleases him He’ll use the mic ,And if not I’ll be killed without evidence…

????️????Young dumb and broke ????????️

So you’re still thinking of me????

Just like I know you should ????

I can not give you everything, you
know I wish I could ????

I’m so high at the moment????

I’m so caught up in this????

Yeah, we’re just young, dumb and
broke ????

But we still got love to give
While we’re young dumb
Young, young???? dumb and broke
Young dumb
Young, young dumb and broke
Young dumb????????
Young, young dumb and broke
Young dumb broke high school kids????????

Yadadadadadad ada
Young dumb broke high school kids????????

( The class was so mind blown while the piano was doing the yadadadadada
Yadadadadada????????, I was afraid cause he didn’t join the young dumb ,young dumb dumb and broke )

Verse 2 ????????

We have so much in common????

We argue all the time ????

You always say I’m wrong ????

I’m pretty sure I’m right????

What’s fun about commitment?????

When we have our life to live????????

Yeah, we’re just young dumb and broke????????????
But we still got love to give
While we’re young dumb
Young, young dumb and broke
Young dumb
Young, young dumb and broke
Young dumb
Young, young dumb and broke
Young dumb broke high school kids
Yadadadadadad ada
Young dumb broke high school kids
Jump then we think, leave it all in the
game of love????????????

( Wow ????????, he joined the Chorus ????????,thank God , thank my voice ,thank my courage ,thank you zayne ????, while the whole class were clapping and zayne crying as he sang along )

Verse 3 ????????
Run into sin, do it all in the name of fun
I’m so high at the moment????????????????

I’m so caught up in this????????????????????

Yeah, we’re just young, dumb and
But we still got love to give
While we’re young dumb
Young, young dumb and broke
Young dumb
Young, young dumb and broke
Young dumb
Young, young dumb and broke
Young dumb broke high school kids????????❣️????????

Yadadadadadad ada
Young dumb broke high school kids
Young ,dumb ,broke high school kids ????????????????????????????????????…

We ended the song , while zayne fell on the floor with a loud scream,???????? “ivvvvyyyyy????????????,with tears full all his eyes ,and some of the class tearing up ????????and Felix and some guys quickly carried him out of the class ….

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While the class came to shake my hand ,while some gave me a warm hug ..
Congratulations !!???????? .

Many of the guys shook my hands and I walked to the only empty sit remaining in the class ….


???? Zayne’s pov ????
OMG !!, She sang one of ivy’s best songs , I sings this song with ivy when she was still alive , ????????Chloe sang exactly like ivy , is she ivy ? , She can’t be ivy..

I do not have any reason not to Join the chorus ????,when she sings she looks beautiful ,Like ivy ,her voice was exact ivy’s ????????,she makes me remember memories of ivy ,her image keep flashing through my head , is she still a YOUNG ,DUMB AND BROKE 13 years old girl or ADULT,CLEVER AND RICH 20 years old girl ?

It’s all my fault I was also Young,dumb and broke back then , I shouldn’t have made the foes Know about her I was dumb, I should have married her then ,but I was young , I should have flown out ✈️????out of the country with her ,but I was Young ,dumb and broke ????????????????????????????…
Ivy forgive me ,it’s all my fault ????…

I’ll take proper revenge for your death , I’ll punish all the culprits ,wait and watch ..

I cried bitterly as Felix sat beside me in the restroom ,
“Felix!, What do you think about Chloe ? ”

I asked him while I laid on the sick bed .

“Actually ,I noticed something about her ,she does everything like ivy , her smiles , posture ,looks,and how she sings ,and also her voice it’s very nice like that of ivy ”

Felix said ,

She can never be my ivy ????.

“Zayne you have to take care of yourself , forget about ivy ,it’s a bygone ,let it go ,and move on .

“Do you dare tell me it’s a bygone ?, I still feel her absence in my heart ,I love her so much, and more than my life ,she meant everything to me ????”

“She can’t die that easily ,I Know she’s somewhere right now ,and under some obstacles that won’t allow her see me ????”

I said bitterly.

“It’s time to go home ”

Felix said.


???? Chloe’s pov????
It’s time to go to work , I can’t believe I didn’t learn anything ???? ,in my first day of school , my today is too weird I pray it won’t be same in his house , he will kill me with no evidence , he’s dreadful and cruel ????️.

I walked out quickly ,as I sighted Charly waving at me in a far distance ,
“Chloe !!, Chloe!!,chloe!”
She shouted my name countinuosly to call my attention ”
She ran to me out of sufficient breath , breathing heavily , ..

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“Ooooh,you have to take care ”

I said to her .

“How is your day Chloe?”

She asked with a smile .

“Too weird and stressful ”

I replied .

“Yours ?”

“Same as yours”
She replied.


My phone rang continuously.

???? Hello
???? Who’s over?
????It’s me ella
????Ohh miss Ella, ohh sorry Ella.
???? Whatever, you have to come and pick me up faster , before zayne comes here ,if not he’s gonna use your inaccuracy as evidence to sack you.
????Ohhh !, Thanks so much Ella ,I’ll pick you right away .
????You should have followed the car ,but he won’t allow a female in , and he might injure you , so you have to take a cab here and he ‘ll meet you with me already ,then carry us both.
????Ok I’ll do that right away..

Call ended????????.
“Charly,I’ll talk you later ..

I said as I waved her good bye..

❤️At work❤️

After ,zayne managably carried us both home , I walked in to Ella’s room to change to home dress I brought..

“Ohhh ,There are many vacant rooms in our house here , and each room ,contains , a bed , 3 cushion chairs , television , table , a closet , and a shelf , and a mirror ..
Check through to find the one you like and change there , rest there when you’re tired ,sleep there when it’s late to go home ,just own it , as my tutor ,and baby sitter..

Ella said

“Nevermind Ella”
I replied .

“You have to do that now and stop changing in my room ”

She treathens just to make find a room..

“It’s okay , I won’t change in your room again ????”

I said .

“Now find a room ,that what my mom told me to tell you ,and if you still insists that I’m lieing , then I’m gonna tell Mom you avoiding her order”…
She treathened ,.
“Ohhh ,I’ll do that right now.

“I climbed up stairs , to the rooms passage , as I saw plenty of rooms door , just like an hotel rooms ..

I opened them one by one ,and got engrossed with it’s beauty ,and it’s hard to choose the one I like , Because they are all beautiful ,until I came across a room very beautiful room , the most beautiful one to be precise , the door was opened down , I stepped in and a very sweet fragrance entered my nose ,as I close my eyes , while memory of a girl and boy keep flashing through my head ….

⬅️Flash back ⬅️
7 years ago ⬅️

Girl – is this your room ?????.

Boy – yes it is .

Girl – I love the sweet fragrance coming out of it .

Boy – what does it smells like ?????.
(he asked smilling at the little girl )

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Girl – it’s smells like a frozen flower .

Boy – huh! What does a frozen flower smells ?.

(Boy asked with a worried face )

Girl – now close yours eyes , and take a deep breath in .

Boy – no , i mean does frozen Flowers smells like that?

Girl – yes it does , or you need an experiment ?

(little girl asked )

Boy – we’ll later , let’s go in now..

???? Flash back ended ????

❤️Huh! , Whose memory is this , .

Lemme leave that first…

The room is very beautiful ,well arranged
And the largest room ,
closet was opened , who owns this room?.
I walked gently to the closet a beautiful sets of long jacket was hung on the lines , until a doll pop up , on it was different colors of buttos with texts on it , shoes , tie , caps, glasses , long sleeves , sweaters , trousers , short , underwears, Snickers , ..
Ohh it’s a technical closet I pressed on shoes , and it spun continuously and stopped , I was amazed when I saw thousands of expensive well polished leather shoes of different colors .

I pressed necklace it spun ,and brought plenty of necklaces and bracelets ,anklets earrings which are only in ones ,it should be twos, I guess it for male,male uses earring in ones ..

Until I saw a shadow figure which reflects in the room..

I quickly returned the closet to it’s position which is ,jacket ,and I entered inside the closet , and hid inside one of the jacket .

As the person entered , I don’t know who it was , because the jacket has covered up my face .

“Who’s that ”

I heard the voice …

???? Zayne’s pov????
I walked out of the music room dedicated for me and ivy only , after singing to remembrance of Ivy …

“Ohhh no ,my door is left unlocked”

I lamented

And walked in,I closed the door to myself , I senses someone’s presence in my room , yes I’m that kind of lonely person , some one trespassed,, until my closet makes some noises …

“Who’s there ?”

I shouted,but got no response..

“Who dares trespasses my room?”

“Still no response ”

I took my gun for self defense…

I stretched it forward and taking a step forward …

“If you don’t come out now ,I’ll shoot you ”

I treathened ,

“I’ve committed a sin worthy of death,please pardon me ”

Huh!?,this girl again ??

“I’m going to kill you this time ,and tell my mom ,you trespassed in my room ,not Knowing it was you ,and mistook you for an intruder ….

“Zayne !!, Please I’ll do anything you ask for don’t kill me please ”

“What!, How Dare you call me by name ??”

“Infact you are dead already …


“OMG!!, I shot her , I watches as she fell down lifelessly…..