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Heiress. Episode 8

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????My Heiress ????

[❣️Oh! The heir is cruel ]

???? Written by chrisney????

Adewale Christian????

???? Episode 8 ????

????️ (Mercy) ????️

???? Zayne’s pov ????

“How dare you call me by name?”

I shouted at her ,

“Infact you’re dead”


I shot her as she fell unconsciously on the floor , it was actually a taser gun , which is usually used for Intruders, burglars, to make them doze off for 5 hours , before they gain conciousness ….

As she fell ,the gown she wore showes her slim beautiful Tommy ,her sexxy laps ,while her hair messed up , she looks exactly like a baby…

Her lips are very sexy and Roxy pink, her face is ovally in shape just like ivy , she got a pointed noice …..

Her legs her straight and sexxy ,as my eyes traces it to her sexy laps…

Ohhh shit what I’m I looking at ,,this girl I definitely here to seduce me and I must find a way to get her out of this house ….

I carried her laid her on my bed and covered her with my duvet , if I should ,carry her out of my room the footage will capture me holding a girl , before I could reach there quarter in our compound it’ll be all over the social media , while I’ll be the trending topic of Twitter and Tumblr…..

She looks more sexy ,as she sleeps on my bed , ohh! , What’s that ??, Is that a tattoo?, Around her neck was the same exact tattoo ivy got , a butterfly pestering a flower , huh!!…

“Is she ivy , no she can’t be ivy , she might also like the tattoo and feel like drawing hers ,…

“But her oval in shape face is just like ivy , her lips ,her thighs , her everything , why is she the only female I’ve ever met look like ivy ??..

“She’s unique, no one can beat her beauty , but this quack got same exact, ivy is brilliant , Chloe is doll , but they got same voice ,and she sings exactly like ivy ….

Ohh jehova ????, she making me go crazy , yes!!! She’s not ivy , ivy is dead ,while Chloe is alive , ….

“But she’s not dead ,I can still feel her presence ????????????,ivyyyy”

????It’s hurt me every time I see you realise how much I love you????

I sang …


Her phone rang ..

Who could that be .

Huh! Nicki saved as the person’s number , huh! That name sounds familiar who could that be…

???? Hello Miss Chloe ,where are you ,you should be at home now , I told you not to work ,you won’t listen ,now you’re having a stressful day ?”

???? Hello !!!, Hello !!

???? You won’t talk right ??, Miss !! , Miss !! ..

Prrrrrrrrn , I ended the call????…

“Miss ??, Who’s a miss ?, Miss Chloe? , A common baby sitter called a miss ? …

I’ll get to Know all this …

It’s 5: 00 pm already , she’s still sleeping , what the fuck is wrong with me ,I shouldn’t have laid her down on my bed ..

“Hey !!, Hey !!,”

I tapped her slightly on her leg ,

She won’t wake up ,

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Huh! I got an idea….

I went to the freezer , I took a frozen water ,

Yes it’s well frozen , I broke them into pieces ,

Added enough water , and poured them all on her , as she staggered up …


❣️ Chloe’s pov ❣️
A very cold water was poured on my face after long nap ,

“Now get your self outta here”

Zayne ordered

“I’ll , thanks for the “MERCY”

I said to him.

“Mercy? ”

He asked with a devishly smirk.

“I don’t show mercies , dispose yourself , and never show your face to me ever and ever again ”

He said as I was about to ask why ..

“Right now!!!”

He shouted ,I was very scared , as I quickly walked out of the room , and bumped into Brent ”

Ohhh!! Sorry .

I apologized

Brent is having a blond hair ,crystal blued eye , nice mouth jaw and nice muscular physique …

“Hey quack , how dare you bumped into me the second time ? , Who are you actually ???”

“I’m so sorry mister ”

“I don’t wanna see your face again you bitch ,now get out of here ”

He said angrily ,and ordered me to leave..

????????Riele’s pov????????

Bratatatata ????

They call me megathron ????

Just did a telethon ????

I get margela son and I got my jealous on ????

I fuck him like I miss him ????

He just came out of prison ????

Bi***s are talk – in sh**t but they don’t know what I got in ????

My name is Nicki M , I’m not a stinky Benz

I got my nedy apple red I’m Barbie this is Ken ????

I’m was in my Bugatti Veyron driving towards minister Ronald’s home ,cruising with Nicki Minaj’s rap song MEGATHRON , I heard zayne like songs and not rap ,I have to play along I quickly changed it too “all of me” by john legend….

I love songs too ,

I hope we make a perfect couple ..

I hope he welcomes me well like the first day we knew each other , 7 years ago ….

I horned ????????, at minister Ronald’s gate keeper , seconds later the gate keeper opened up , I showed him my appointment …

Since I’ll be living in the home now ,

He quickly let me in ..

“Hey you !! come quickly help me get my stuffs inside right now ”

I signalled to the gate keeper ,after I’ve parked in the compound .

“Ohh sorry , I’m a gate keeper not an helper ”

He answered,

Huh!, Workers system are different here ,in my dad’s house no matter who I call they must reply me , without a complain..

“Are you dumb ? ,Do you Know who I’m ?, O my gosh , this nigga just pissed me off ”

I cursed ,

“Are you deaf? ,Common and bring out my stuffs from the boot and take them in ,or you to be sacked right away ?”

I asked him with a bossy look..

“You don’t employ me , so you can’t sack me miss , so watch what you say ”

“Huuuhuuu, now I know workers are well treated here , that why you can spits trash on nobles , consider yourself sacked already asshole”

I quickly picked up my phone and dialled my dad’s number …

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???? Hello riele

????Hi Dad, I just got pissed off right now in minister Ronald’s home …

???? What Happened to you daughter ?

???? They all treated me like a commoner , to an extent the common gate keeper asked me to watch my words ????..

???? Really??

???? Yes !!, Moreover the securities are also standing to there post , I can’t order any of them to lock him up right away , unlike how I can order anyone else at home …

????Huh!! That’s weird I’m gonna make a move now …

I’ll be waiting for your action …

I opened all my car’s doors and boot , and sat sexiestly on my Veyron’s bonnet ..

With my phone in my hands , until 5 caterer with uniforms holding dishes on trays covered with golden stainless steel like a king ‘s dish as they matches to the main mansion , minister Ronald’s home is a very big house , that there are still some quarters at the very far back of the house , different quarters big enough for a king and that his two wives quarters …

While the big house in the compound is at the front compound where I’ll be staying best to catch zayne eye ….

❣️ Chloe’s pov ????

“Who could that be , she looks so arrogant and bossy , I hate her already ”

Ella said after ,we’ve being watching a lady entered the compound and acting too proud for some minutes ago while Ella shades her of too arrogant ….

I was actually helping Ella with her assignments under an ancient chinese shades for decorated well in the compound for resting and fresh air..

” Chloe!, can you see she is disturbing my education here ,with her loud speaker,I’m gonna warn her right away …

The lady got her car’s doors all opened , her musics on , while it distubs Ella ,where she parked her car wasn’t too far from us ,she could not here whatever we’re saying…

As Ella stood up to her , ohh what’s she up to..

” Hey bossy lady ,can you decrease the volume of your speaker ?”

Ella shouted at her ,

She looked at Ella devilishly ,

“Who the heck are you ?”

She asked ,


I quickly ran to her and grabbed her not to gets to the lady’s nerve and not to be rude .

“Hey bitch ,who are you ? And who is this crap , why don’t you teach her some manners ??..

The lady said ..

“I’m not a crap , you are the crap , my dad is minister ruby ,I should be asking you who the hell you are , you came in this house without any manners barking at all workers like a ghost dog that lost it puppy on earth and left for heaven ..

Ella was so angry as she insulted her ..

“Huh , you’re Zayne’s sister ? , I’m so sorry , so so sorry , I didn’t recognize you …

The lady apologises promptly ..

“I’m Riele,nice meeting you”

She offered ella a handshake .

“I’m Cinderella by name , and this is my home – coach Chloeline ”

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Ella introduces herself and I,

As she shoke hands with ella,

I thought ,I’ll be shaking hands with her ,I stretched my hands but she frowned at me , and didn’t shake my hands..

???????? Riele’s pov ????????

Few minutes later , two helpers came to pack my stuffs in ,after my dad called minister already ..

Who’s this girl ,I thought zayne sacks all female employees what’s she doing in this house ? Why is zayne not getting her out ?.
I trust zayne , she’s too lowly to zayne …

“Wow , been long I visited minister Ronald’s house , it has upgraded with modern facilities ,wow comfortable place to live..

I have to stay in same floor with zayne .

“Which floor is zayne staying ? ”

I asked one of the security .

“Floor 3”

I climbed the stairs ,as the helpers carried my stuffs upward .

I reached floor 3 ,

I could quickly sighted zayne in the dining ,with the 7 caterers staying guard with him to supply all his needs , the mister to detect poison from the food …

“Wow ,he looks so handsome from afar ..

Floor 3 consist of 4 rooms ,which is the last floor in the building ..

He didn’t notice I entered…

Until he finished his meal ..

????Zayne’s pov????

I had just walked out of the dining
room,I was about taking some steps
towards the stairs up to my room
when I noticed a lady entered
I turned and stared intently at the
lady, It was riele
“Hi zee” riele greeted
She was the lady that my father had
introduced to me with her father in his office
“I’m zayne please” I responded
“I thought they are the same, I’m
sorry zayne, how are you? ” riele

“How am I?” I replied
Her presernce alone irritates me, who
did she think she is to be asking of
who I am
“ExCuse me ” I said and stepped up
the stairs
“I’mm gonna be staying Here for a very
long time, I’m gonna be the only
female in this house, I’m not rude,
I’m pretty, it may take time,zee, trust
me, you will like me”

She said loudly
I turned and looked at her
“If i ever like this thing that calls
herself a lady, then l’d never Love
Ivy ” I thought.

I didn’t reply her, I Walked to my
I opened my door and entered
“Who told her she is the only lady in
this house, my dad fixed her here, my
mum fixed Chloe here, two opposite
sex. Gosh! How much I dislike them”
thought as I sank on my bed
I went to the shower to bath, I closed
my eye and let the water run through
my naked body
I remembered ivy again , why did you leave me here on cold earth? , Why can’t I get only you ? , Why don’t you come for me all this while ,why do you ask me to remain on earth and forget you ivy?.

I cried???? bitterly as I off the shower , seeing ivy’s images flashing through my head

I cleaned my towel ,wore my pyjamas ,I hurled heavily on my massive bed and slept off ..