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Heiress. Episode 9

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????My Heiress ????

[❣️Oh! The heir is cruel ]

???? Written by chrisney????

Adewale Christian????

???? Episode 9 ????

????️ (His past) ????️

???? Zayne’s pov ????

I woke up to see the bright morning.

Went straight to the bathroom ,I brushed my teeth and took my bath , It was refreshen as the cold water rushed through my naked body ..

I dressed up in my uniform i used my tie and wore my round – necked long sleeve seweater ,which makes me looks hotter …

I went into my music room where all pictures of ivy was hung on the wall ..

And my different types of music books arranged on the shelf, and instruments well arranged …

I walked to my keyboard to play a song for ivy , as usual …

I sat comfortably on my keyboard stood ,and placed my fingers the keys , with my mind’s all filled with memory of I and ivy ????..

HOW WOULD YOU FEEL /by Ed Sheeran ????

You are the one girl????

And you knows that it’s true
I’m feeling younger
Every time that I’m alone with you????

We were sitting in a parked car
Stealing kisses in the front yard
We got questions we should not ask ????????

How would you feel, if I told you i
loved you? ????????

It’s just something that I want to do????????

I’l be taking my time, spending my life

Falling deeper in love with you
So tell me that you love me too
In the summer, as the lilacs bloom
Love flows deeper than the river

Every moment that I spend with you
We were sat upon our best friend’s roof ????????

I had both of my arms round you
Watching the sunrise replace the
moon ????????

How would you feel, if I told you
loved you? ????????

It’s just something that I want to do it ????????

I’ll be taking my time, spending my life ????????

Falling deeper in love with you????????

So tell me that you love me too
We were sitting in a parked car
Stealing kisses in the front yard????????????

We got questions we shouldn not ask????????

How would you feel, if I told you
loved you?
It’s just something that I want to do
I’Il be taking my time, spending my life????????????

Falling deeper in love with you
So tell me that you love me too????????????

Tell me that you love me too????????????

Tell me that you love me too????????????????


This is how all my morning used to be no one day of smiles, laughter ,or happiness but sadness , I thought songs are for happiness ,good tidings , and love, but it makes me more saddening and madning …


“???? – you gat to come down for your break fast ”

I got a message from Felix as usual ..

I walked to the dining room ,and the food all well prepared on the table , I sat comfortably ..

“Good morning zayne”

Felix greeted .

“Good morning”

“You’ve seen the update right ? , We gat to perform live on stage ,on the president’s daughter birthday”

Felix said .

” And you think I will ?”

I asked ..

” No no no , she got a boyfriend already ,she won’t dare seduce you ”

Felix explained..

“I don’t think I can ”
I replied..

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“This is from the president ,he actually honored and commend us , before he could personally proposes it to us , Sebastian will be mad if he hears you won’t take it”

Felix said .

” Actually , the president got two daughters , the president always pester me to marry his younger daughter , you know he is a good friend with my dad, I don’t want give him a chance to have a conversation with me ”

I replied .

“Huh?! , Who’s the girl , I promise I’m gonna get her off you ”

I was startled when riele hopped into our discussion with a loud voice like a mad dog ..

“I’ve you been eave – dropping ?”

Felix asked her out of shock,

“You don’t bash on people’s discussion like a mad dog????”

I said sarcastically,

“Hahaha , a mad dog?, That’s weird ????????????”

Ella and laughed continuously .

“I just offered and help , neither did I intrude in your disscussion”

Riele defended ,

“Dad always tell me to accept blame than argue , because it makes blames grow multitudely if you don’t, so just accept you intruded like a mad dog ????”

Ella gave a sarcasm speech , while she was speechless ,Felix laughed ,and I was expressionless as usual..


We were in the car , as Riele tries to enter with us,

” I thought you gat a Bugatti Veyron ,are you that broke ,to get free rides to save your car’s petrol?”

I smashed her sarcastically,

While Ella ,Felix and brent won’t stop laughing ,

“Zayne ,your sarcasms might led her to suicide ,will you please stop now ,my ass will fall off from laughter”

“Ella said sarcastically while laughing , as Riele was bad embarrassed and down , she was already putting on a teary face ,

“Ohhh , zayne let’s stop now , she realizes her mistake ,this isn’t a different from bully let her in please ”

Brent pleaded on her behalf..

But she shouldn’t utter a nada till we gets to school ..

I warned

She walked in embarrassed and sat comfortably on the cushion, and we drew the curtains ready to go …

“Ohhh ,we got one person still coming?”
Ella said


I Felix , Riele and Brent echoed coincidentally,

“I think I told her not to utter nada till we reached school ? But she just said “who?” I”

I thought to myself ,

“Don’t tell me we will be waiting for that broke ass ? ”

Brent asked ?

“Yes brother , she’ll be dropping me off ”

Riele complained,

“Don’t worry, I’ll be dropping you off ,and forget about that asshole”

Riele said ,with a smile that doesn’t fits her , she’s beautiful though , but no half match to Chloe’s beauty,

“She’s not an asshole neither is she a broke ass , y’all gat to mind your speech ”

Ella corrected ,

“Little girl leave ,right now ,we’re gonna be late ”

Riele said ,

“Stay in your lane , poke noser !”

Ella said rudely , does Ella hates her that much ? Huh!.

“We ain’t gonna keep waster our time for a common baby sitter we got to go right now ”

Felix said ,

“That’s right , driver ignite the engine ”

I ordered ,

“Wait!!!!, Wait!!!, ”

Chloe shouted from a distance away from the gate ,as she signalled to the driver to wait , after the driver already ignited the engine ,.

She came in the right time , she disgusts me ,and makes me feel like I’m cheating and annoying ivy ,moreover she’s a thief..

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“Ohhh ????, she’s stressed herself running from home , hopping to get to us , I already told her to take a room ,and live her already ,now she’s going through stress cause of me ”

Ella said with a symphathetic look ,

“I think I told her not to show her face to me , she still got the nerve to appear here ?”

I said loudly .

“Huh?! What has she done ?”

Ella asked after she had reached us ..

“She’s a thief , I caught her as she trespasses my room yesterday , trying to still expensive stuffs ,

I explained ,.

“I Know that from Genesis , she’s a thief”

Riele added,

“I did not steal anything ”

Chloe defended

“No, chloe can’t take other people’s belongings”

Ella said,

“From today onwards, you’re not gonna be following this car again ”

Brent commanded .

And the driver drove us away..

???????? Riele’s pov ????????
I was badly embarrassed,from zayne and her sister ..

I have to get on the car with them from the day one , or else I won’t be able to get in the car with them never.


We were about to move when the babysitter girl came , and zayne accused her of been a thief ,Ella tried to defend her but all was in vain.

She looks very beautiful ,more beautiful than i do , will she be my obstacles to zayne ? , I’m gonna do the needful , before she caught Zayne’s eye , no man won’t be moved with her beauty. She disgusts me alot , good thing zayne hates her in the beginning ”

I thought ……

30 minutes later …

We allighted at school ,Brent walked to his department , while I followed zayne and Felix ..

“Why do you keep following us ? ”

Zayne said .

“You Know I’m a musician ? So I’ll be in your department ”

I explained .

“A female isn’t welcomed in ”

Felix retorted,

“Do you know who i’m , I’m the heiress to be ,of the biggest billionaire group and zayne wife to be also
So you have to watch your words”

I replied,

“At least ,you are just crown and not yet crowned”

Felix said with a smirk,

“You’re going to stoop low ,until I’ve done my corronation crap”

I replied the trolls,
While zayne was was expressionless as usual,

We entered the class , I was surprised to see all the students were all males ..

“Hello class”

I walked to the class auditorium ,and talked to the Mic ????, and it called the class attention”

” I should be welcomed here ”

I said ,

“Who are you !!”

The class all asked.

While zayne sat all alone at the last sit with an empty sit beside him ,as he was expressionless as usual..

“I’m ,riele ruby”

I said,

“Huh!, Is she not the heiress?

“That’s the presumptive Heiress ?

“The heiress ??

“I know zayne won’t like her ”

They were all making different comments to each other …

“Someone just said ,I’m a presumptive Heiress? , nope, I’m the heiress ,soon I’ll be corronated”

I bragged ,as the department door opened slowly, and Chloe entered like an angel ,she entered with a slow motioned ,the class glares were all at her including zayne , she was facing the floor till she walked to her sit exactly near zayne .

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“Huh?!, They all gave different expression , I was mad at the moment she doesn’t even have any fear, she ‘s to rude …

“Hey quack !!you can’t even greet anyone and you say like a crap ?”

I blasts her , while the class keep whispering to other in confusion of the scenarios in action at the moment.

“You are the quack here ,

Zayne said .

“I’m not ”

I defended,

“Really ?, If you’re not you would not go to auditorium mearnt for teachers just to brag ”

Zayne cautioned expressionlessly as usual..

“Zayne!, You can’t call your wife to be a quack , she entered without greeting anyone ,and she have the gut to sit near you”

I complained,

“When did I tell you , you’re my wife to be ? I haven’t even proposed to you neither do I have any relationship with you,so stop behaving like a dick”

I walked away from the auditorium with disgrace , I’ve been digraced again..

I thought Zayne’s detests her ,while is he not feeling uncomfortable near her ?.

“I walked out embarrassed”

I entered the elevator ,that Carried me to the last floor , and I walked to the resting room C there are 20 resting room in the last floor I entered and closed the door to myself .

I sat on the bed with my face covere with my palms full of tears ..

Ever since the incident that happened 7 years ago zayne , though my dad take me away from him so he won’t hurt me since the pain is still fresh in his heart …

My dad should have not sent me out of the country ,I should have stayed with him since those years , instead of the pain to limit it kept increasing but he’s not giving me attention…

????Flash back ????

????7 years ago ????

???????? Riele’s pov ????????

I was in my room ,I cried my eyes out , after remembering how zayne pushed me to the floor ,after moments of playing with me , showing me affections , I have loved him , then this witch of a girl came ,he pushed me away like he never knew me ????????…

“Huhhh! Why are you so deep in thought?”

I wasn’t aware of my dad’s appearing cause I was full of thought .

“What’s the matter with you ?, I’ve knocked in your doors several times but all to avail , that’s why I entered you are not aware as well ”

My dad complained ..

“Dad you Know your self what Happened earlier today in minister Ronald’s house”

I said .

“Ohh! About the girl ?”

My dad asked .

“Yes ”

I replied.

“What do you want me to do ? ”

Dad asked .

“Please get rid of her ”

I begged .

“Well it’s a political issue , is either one of you become the heiress it between you two, and you wants to kill her to get what you want right? ”

My dad asked .

“Ohhh that’s horrible , I mean get rid of her ,not kill her ”

I said .

“It’s same thing here , killing her is the only way to get rid of her, and her dad as well , and it not possible to kill her unless we take her dad down …

T B C….