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Magical Twin. Chapter 5

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????Magical Twins????
We are magical☀
(We were paid to protect him; he’s a minister’s son)????????
Hilex’s Library
Written by Adelegan T.T Ilerioluwa

????Episode Five????
????Eloise’s POV????
Evie?! Evie?! Where are you?! I shouted as I searched everywhere, I was not even bothered about Beak


Can you forget about your sister and let’s find my brother? Minho said and I scoffed

Have you gone nuts?! It’s my sister I’m talking about here…..
And my brother! He yelled
He paid you to protect me so do your job and find him! He yelled

Idiot! I said and resumed searching for Evie

Hey! I found Beak! Min shouted and I turned
Beak was okay but Evie was not with him.

What about Evie? I asked
We were together, suddenly I couldn’t find her beside me. He said and I gripped his shirt

What do you mean?! Where is my sister?! I yelled as tears streamed down my cheeks

Take it easy I don’t know where she is. He said and I left him
I cleaned away my tears and began to walk away, just going
I passed through a corner then I heard someone casting some spell

I went back and it was Evie
Evie! I called and hugged her tightly
Are you okay? You scared me. I said in the hug

We unlocked

You were worried? She asked and continued

Worried you say? I was! I said and gave her a knock
Why? I asked referring to the spell
I want to get magical book, I left it in the car. She said and finally, she got it

Please don’t leave me again. I said and cleaned my eyes

Oh my gosh! You were crying? She asked surprised
You deserve a punishment, let’s go. I said and took her hands, Beak and Min were still waiting for us

Glad you found her, you would have killed my brother. Min said
What did you do to Beak? Evie asked
Never mind. I replied
We ordered for another vehicle and that’s why we are still here. Min said

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So, you would have left with us? Evie asked
Yeah pots.
I told you not to call us that again. I said angrily
What’re you gonna do about it, beat me? He said confidently

I don’t have your time. I muttered and walked to Beak

I’m sorry I overreacted the other time. I said and he smiled
I understand. He replied and I nodded
I was feeling cold, I searched for my jacket but couldn’t find it. Gosh! I shouldn’t have taken it off
Evie was not using hers as well
I walked over to a stage and sat down, she came to me and also sat beside me holding the magical book

I’m cold. She said

Same here. I replied

Minho’s POV
I couldn’t help but stare at Eloise body lustfully, her and her sister are both beautiful but I don’t know why I kinda have a feeling like I’m attached to Eloise but she’s mean and rude????

I hate it when people disrespect me
I think I should be able to identify them without the tags
Eloise packs her hair while Evie doesn’t pack hers

Gosh! Eloise is so beautiful. She wasn’t using her jacket and she was cold
I took off mine and walked to her
Not like I like her???? just doing it for christ????

Have it. I said and stretched it to her
She looked at me

She collected it and gave it to Evie and she used it
What the f*ck?! I gave it to you not her! I half yelled

She needs it more that I do. She replied calmly, I huffed and left angrily then Beak walked to her and gave her his own jacket, she collected it and wore it and they even fell into talking

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Beak can I see you for a sec?! I requested

Sure bro. He replied and came to me

Do you like Eloise? I asked and tried to hide my jealousy, he chuckled

I don’t know be I think I…. We were interrupted by the screechs of vehicles
Let’s go. He said and we entered with the twins

Hey min. Evie said but I ignored her

Beak’s POV
Welcome sir. The new maids I and Min hired said as we walked in

You got a new maid already? Evie asked and I nodded
She sounds too cold and gentle

I walked to my room and took a brief shower
I remembered what Eloise said to me when I told her she was beautiful

“You are handsome.” She replied
I smiled and dried my hair, I opened my closet and wore a nice cloth
I was about to go downstairs then my phone rang, it was my mum
I picked it

Hello mummy. I said but got no reply, all I heard was yelling and someone crying
That yell sounds like dad

Mum?! I called then the call ended

What could be happening? I asked myself and climbed downstairs hurriedly and as usual Eloise and Minho were fighting

Don’t you ever push my sister! She yelled

She was in my way! He yelled back at her

Shut up! Shut your fucking mouth! She yelled again
Guys! I shouted and they stopped

Bro. I called calmly referring to Min
Dude. He replied
What what what! He yelled at me

Okay, we have a situation! I shouted

What situation?! He yelled

Mum! I shouted and he was calm immediately

Mum?! He asked incredulously
Would you please excuse us for some minutes? I asked Eloise and Evie politely and they left

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What do you mean mum? He asked
She called me and I could hear was someone yelling which sounded like dad, someone was also crying. I replied

I’ll call her. He said and brought out his phone, he dialed her number and after a while he said

Switched off.

Don’t you think we should go and see her? I suggested and he nodded

I called Evie and Eloise and they came downstairs
No drama please. I said and he nodded
We walked out of the house

Eloise’s POV
The driver drove quietly, no one spoke even Minho
He looks worried and I could sense he was lost in thinking about something, I think he loves his mother so much
Too bad I don’t have one

Are you okay? I was forced to ask and he scoffed

I’m fine. He replied simply and I looked straight
It took hours before we got to our destination
I wonder why it has to be this night.
We drove into a big mansion
Wow! I and Evie exclaimed at the same time as we stepped out, they got out hurriedly and rushed inside
We walked in and saw a woman drinking

Mum! Min said and collected it from her
She started crying, they helped her up and sat her on a couch
What happened to you? He asked

Minho’s POV
What happened to you, you got me worried and why are you drinking? I asked and she sniffed

Your dad. She said
Dad? What happened to him? Beak asked

He told me he has another family
Another family? Apart from us? I and Beak asled simultenously

I don’t know them and he wants us….. to..

What mum? I asked

Your dad wants a divorce. She said and my eyes widened in bemusement

A divorce?